14 Super Foods For New Mothers

Having the blessing of becoming a mother of a sweet and healthy child cannot be explained. This is something that is sublime that has a meaning set different for every woman that goes through it. Despite every woman going through the same feelings cannot relate to the depth of it from the inside. After going through the tough 9 months of pregnancy with the ups and downs like morning sickness, baby kicking in, everything that goes on to change not only a woman’s physical appearance but also her emotional perception of herself and then the excruciating process of delivering the baby is like a woman goes through more of a rebirth kind of phase. Where her body after giving birth become really weak and prone to a number of weaknesses and deficiencies that a lot of women neglect and not take care of. Olwomen personally has received dozens of messages from the newly mom that what makes hair grow faster after delivery.

Women should be really taking care of their diet right after they go through the delivery as they will be put into the lactation phase soon after and this drains most of the energy from the mother’s body, already. It is good to take care of the diet in terms of not putting on much weight and trying to shed off those extra pounds as soon as possible. But you should not be really into depriving yourself of the good nutrients and getting weak. The post will guide you through how to increase your lactation and also to strengthen your immunity and energy level.

“A woman’s body after giving birth becomes really weak and prone to a number of weaknesses and deficiencies that a lot of women neglect and not take care of.”

14. Getting Garlic

Minced GarlicGalactogogues are basically the foodstuff known to increase your lactating abilities. This one thing is really important for new mothers, as they need to be super charged as well as has enough milk to make the breastfeeding easier. Many new mothers have trouble lactating in the early days because their body is set to change a lot. Garlic is good for mothers as it not only helps in the lactation but also helps the child through the mother’s milk.

  • Ways to consume is never to have them raw, rather consume them in small, moderated quantities.
  • You can go for garlic rice, sauces and dips that include garlic as core ingredient. You can even spice the meat up with some good amount of garlic.
  • It is also said that babies who go through a rough time period where they cry out loud and probably go through colicky pain, then garlic should be your best friend as it prevents gas and any abdomen pain that your child might be going through.

13. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreekseeds...What do new moms really want? They really need some good calcium to make the break milk as rich as possible, also some minerals, vitamins and good nutrients to boost the energy levels. Fenugreek seeds are noted in the history since Biblical times for their essence in nurturing the milk and increasing the flow of breast milk.

  • It is though a little difficult to add fenugreek seeds in the diet but one way is through consuming fenugreek seeds powder right with a quarter teaspoon and then gulping it down with some water.
  • Additionally, you can also add a small amount in your coffee or tea but make sure to keep the quantity moderated.
  • Diosgenin, is the core compound that works to increase the quantity of breast milk.
  • Fenugreek is also a rich source of phytoestrogens that are known to increase the levels of estrogen in the mother’s body.

12. Bring It Back With Milk

A glass of milkYes, this is the odd reality but new mothers as well as pregnant ladies have to be consuming milk in order to get that good calcium that will not only make their babies strong but will also help them lactate and keep them energized at the same time. New mother often complain about excessive joint and muscle pain this is because post delivery their body looses quite a bit of their energy and nutrients.

  • Both pregnant and new mothers should consume one whole and big glass of milk everyday.
  • Do not stop consuming milk after the breastfeeding period. Make milk the avid part of your life.
  • For lactose intolerant females, tip is to consume small portions of milk throughout the day rather than all at once to avoid sickness.

11. Chia Seeds

CHIA SEEDSIt is true that we are actually recommending you all different kinds of seeds but there is a major reason behind it. The reason is that seeds and nuts are comprised of the good fats that do not work on increasing your body fat and weight and even without doing that they give you some intense kind of energy and nutrients to deal with your daily work.

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  • For new mothers chia seeds are healthy, as they are comprised of good fats, fibers, proteins, which are a rich source or antioxidants, calcium magnesium and even manganese.
  • Health experts say that chia seeds can be consumed without even trying hard to ground them before.
  • The recipes that can cater the use of chia seeds can be muffins, breads, cereals, and can be used as a sprinkle dressing on maybe, yogurts or salads.

10. Coconut Oil

Coconutoil...Coconut oil is the favorite form of oil for women who are really health conscious. If you look at a woman and think of her as pretty and young and suddenly you happen to find her age that turns out to be much more than what she appears to be than don’t be surprised if she calls out coconut oil as part of her life time long regime. Coconut oil is composed of monounsaturated fats that work only to provide you with fiber and energy and to boost up your energy.

  • Coconut oil is great as it actually works to lower down your cholesterol levels.
  • Though this is not something that new mothers should be worrying about but this is actually a lifesaver because less cholesterol and fats in the blood means greater blood flow and more energy.
  • Coconut oil is also a good source of energy and provides a good level of immunity, which also includes fighting cancer-causing cells.

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9. Going Green

Green VegetablesNew mothers have to go green even if they like it or not. Greens especially cruciferous vegetables are known to have special impact on the energy levels of mothers who are taking care of newly born kids. These vegetables are a rich source of folic acid, vitamin C, A, are fiber rich and contain bioflavonoids.

  • There is a long list of vegetables that fall in this category and provide similar benefits.
  • Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts and if you think that you do not like a couple of these you can always pick your favorite and can play around to find ways to incorporate the other vegetables in your diet as well.
  • No matter how much you hate it always go green, as these vegetables might seem low on the taste sight but are a rich source of healthy and energizing compounds.
  • Going green is the best option for those ladies and new moms who ask about how to lose belly fat fast.

“Galactogogues are basically the foodstuff known to increase your lactating abilities.”

8. Fish Fat

fish..Yes my ladies and mothers who are way too fond of seafood, you are recommended to consume a handsome amount of good fish fat in your diet. A healthy diet should always include one good day dedicated entirely to the seafood. Because sea foods are rich in the supply of omega 3 rich fatty acids that are great for the brain development, specifically in case of pregnant women. It is one of the foods that burn fat within no matter of time.

  • Healthy brain development is not only a necessity for moms to be, kids that are young enough rather kids throughout their growing age need good fats for great brain development.
  • Moms to be can beat depression and premature delivery just with the use of fish in your diet.
  • You can consume salmon, mackerel, and even tuna in order to boost your energy.

7. Brown Instead Of White

.BROWN INSTEAD OF WHITEYes new moms you need to lose those extra few pounds but it doesn’t mean that you starve and kick back some good energy from your body. You know that you have to cut down on your calories so you should be looking forward to foods that make you feel full and also energize your body.

  • Brown rice is a great alternative to white rice because they will not work on putting extra weight on to your body but rather a small serving of the rice will make you feel far full.
  • Choline the core ingredient in brown rice is responsible for better brain development of the child as it also helps increase the breast milk and whatever the mother consumes is transferred into the child’s body through this very milk.
  • Because the presence of complex carbohydrates, brown rice will also tend to make you feel more full and provide you with a regulated level of blood sugar.

6. Berries

berriesYes, one of the best and super cool foods that is not just rich in antioxidants but is also one of the fiber rich foods. Antioxidants are the super components that will remarkably reduce the level of free radicals and toxins in your body. This will also include correcting any chemical and hormonal imbalances that might have occurred during or post pregnancy.

  • One way to identify good berries is to choose darker berries, as they are the ones that are richest in terms of antioxidants.
  • Berries that you should be looking out for are blueberries, acai, goji, the routine strawberries and the blackberries.
  • Load them up in your whole-wheat muffins or breads or add them in your daily morning bowl of cereal or oatmeal.

5. Healing Honey

honey...New mothers need to know that their body has gone through a lot. It has come through so many emotional, physical, as well as hormonal changes that they can safely say they have become a whole new being. Most people also call it a rebirth for a mother after she has given birth to a child for she needs to go through a lot in order to bring herself back to normal.

  • Honey is a natural healer so for new moms who are going through some intense days they are recommended to consume honey in warm glass of milk that can both relax and soothe their muscles but will also heal their bodies.
  • This is a very natural alternative to sugar that won’t even add on extra weight.
  • This one is the best food to consume for ladies who develop eye bags soon after the delivery.

4. Go Nuts With Nuts

nutsNuts and a handful of nuts is what new others should be going for. These are a great source of healthy snacks that won’t make you put on weight but will give you with that much needed hard energy to go through sleepless nights and tiring days. Monounsaturated fat is the key to stay fit and energized.

  • All kinds of nuts, almonds, walnuts, cashews, and even macademia nuts should be your best friends.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids that are present in a handsome amount in these nuts are also responsible for efficient brain development both for newly born and the fetus.
  • Always look into the matter thoroughly if you have a past history of nut allergies, as this will become more of a negative than of goodness.

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3. Eggs

eggs..Eggs are a rich source of protein and we all are well aware of it. Mothers you are deprived of protein by now and eggs are your savior food. Alongside being protein rich eggs are also good in providing you with iron and folate. This is in fact good because alongside you the baby will also be getting the goodness of this food through the milk.

  • Eggs are a best way to add that color to your daily
  • Sometimes having the pale white bowl of cereal can be quite repelling but with eggs you can do all sorts of stuff that are not only appetizing but are actually healthy.
  • Eggs are proven remedies to lose thigh fat especially for the newly moms.

“Fenugreek is also a rich source of phytoestrogens that are known to increase the levels of estrogen in the mother’s body.”

2. Whole Grains

Whole grains and fortified cerealsEver wonder how to lose stomach fat soon after being a newly mom? Yes you need to work on that body that has just given birth to a complete new human being. We understand that you have gained weight and most of the time you are only depressed about your never changing dress size. But there are only a few changes needed in order for you to start moving back to your original self and size.

  • Start introducing yourself to healthy alternatives. We know you cannot go without breads and rice and even pasta.
  • All we are suggesting is that changing the color of all these carbs from white to brown. Go for brown rice, sugar, wheat and pasta.
  • Not only are they rich in energy but are also fiber-rich and are composed of complex sugars.
  • These foods are also rich in vitamin B.

1. Careful With Meat

meatMeat, this is one thing that you definitely cant go without and we will for sure never recommend you to do that either. For a healthy body everything is equally essential and so you should maintain a very balanced and proper diet in order to boost your immunity and energy levels alongside checking and keeping an eye on your weight issues.

  • Both too much and too less food will make you fat.
  • No diet without meat is going to get you extra skinny.
  • Meat proteins cannot be replaced with any other kind or protein.
  • So balance out your week by adding lean meat, fish, fresh vegetables, fruits, milk and egg in it on regular basis.


  • Staying hydrated is probably one of the most important things that you need to know for avoiding issues while breastfeeding. Keep yourself hydrated all the time.
  • Milk is what will increase your breastfeed, along with garlic, chia seeds and numerous other superfoods.
  • Your baby needs a healthy mom so never indulge into fad diets while you are lactating as this will eventually effect your baby’s health.

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