Sofia Vergara Without Makeup


Sofia Margarita Vergara is a very charming lady who was born in Columbia in 1972.This charismatic lady started her career as a model at the young age of 17, in 1989. Later she stepped into Hollywood world and she gained popularity due to her natural acting skills as a serious actress and a comedian. She is also popular for her production, modeling, television hosting, and a successful businesswoman. Because of her multi-tasking and diversified skills in media and business world, she holds a strong and a graceful personality.

At the age of 42 years, she looks a lot younger than her actual age. Sofia Vergara, the Columbian celebrity is also mother of a child but even after the birth of a baby her face, skin and body looks younger and she is fresh and elegant without doubt.

Sofia Vergara appeared very striking in different films, but if we say that she is beautiful only on the big screen, it would be wrong comment because she looks appealing without makeup too. Her fans appreciate her even without makeup. Make up on her face, helps in definition and enhancement of her features. She looked fabulous and much younger than her actual age at the, live shows, red carpet, awards shows and other TV shows.

When it comes to celebrities without makeup, she has been noticed at different places like grocery shops, malls and other public places.  She’s among the rare Hollywood stars that are unafraid and bold enough to go out in the daytime without make-up on. If we talk about her appearance and outlooks, we can say that she is an appealing lady, not very exquisite or stunning type but a presentable and nice-looking woman who looks striking with makeup and hair do by professional artists. She looks classy due to her smart and well maintained figure and her attractive features. Many people who have seen her without makeup comment that she looks same without makeup as she looks in the makeup as there is not much difference.

The reaction and response she gets from her fans on her appearance without make up is that she looks casual, cool and elegant. But if we talk about the followers from all around the world who visits her on pages of Twitter and Facebook and other social media, different comments and views can be seen by them. Some of fans have very positive response regarding her looks without makeup while other says they are confused as she doesn’t look ugly but she looks different without makeup. Some of her fans rates her a normal looking lady with average looks and some of them even says that she looks very ugly without makeup.

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