Sleep Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Well, your sleep patterns are enough to affect your mood. A satisfactory sleep pattern is a sign of a healthy mind and body. With a good sleep cycle you can work more efficiently without any lethargy and laziness. It makes you more active, happening, healthy and on time. Managing time teaches discipline in life and for that you need to equally divide your time for routine things. Out of everything what you need to plan is a proper sleep routine as without it you can’t carry many things as you plan to. Your work and efficacy will have an effect which you would not want. Hence for a better sleep it’s important not to adapt certain habits that can delay your sleep during the night. The sleep delaying habits and the details are written below.

7. No To Caffeine At Night

No to caffeine at night

Hey! Are you a caffeine fan? Do you wish to take caffeine during the cold winter nights? Well, having a hot cup of coffee is what I wish to have when the nights are cold and the fog covers the windows making it tinted enough that the view blurs on the other side. But after having such a cozy experience you need have a good sleep but no you can’t now! So, the cup of coffee you enjoyed has now to be paid off by waking up all night or else sleeping very late.

  • Caffeine actually blocks the neurotransmitters that provoke the sleep centers hence causing insomnia.
  • So it’s better to take such drinks at the day time to avoid any insomnia during the night.

6. Sleep Time Misconception


You slept late at night and have to get up early for some work and you’re sleep deprived. Well now this sleep can’t be fulfilled until you take a proper sleep again. It’s not like that you usually sleep for 10 hours and if you’ve slept for just 7 hours so you can sleep for three hours in the noon to complete the cycle.

  • If you haven’t taken a proper sleep at night then you need to sleep as much as your body needs to fulfill its need.
  • You need to listen to your body rather than keeping a figure in your mind that you need to sleep for.

5. Let Your Pets Sleep Alone

Let your pets sleep alone

Your little kitten is your buddy who wants your company whenever you are around. It’s nice to give pets a quality time and play with them but try to abstain from a few of the activities together. You can play with your pet in the garden and but avoid playing with your pet at your work station your have kept in your home for your work. By doing this you r pet would come to know where to act carefree and where it’s not allowed to mess up. Similar is the case with sleep routine.

  • There had been a research that said 63 % of the pet owners who shared their bed with pets had a poor sleep pattern as compared to the ones who did not.
  • Try to keep your pets in a different room to have a better sleep.

4. Snooze Up

Snooze up

When you’re in the deepest of sleep and your alarm rings on its highest, this is the moment when you want to just bang the alarm immediately so that it stops jingling. So during all this you actually hit the snooze button and go back to your sweet last minute sleep again. This 2 minute sleep in the morning appears to be the best one but there are negative points attached to this

  • You complete a sleep cycle that ends when you wake up but having hit the snooze button and if you sleep again you start a new cycle that needs its own time to get completed.
  • This makes your sleep fragmented and lowers down the quality of sleep.

3. Alcohol Before Bed

Alcohol before bed

If you had a long day and you’re stressed much it’s always better to take a good sleep if you have work the next day again. You can relax and chill on weekend nights with some alcohol to end the weekend but it’s not a preferable option to drink every night.

  • Though drinking would let you sleep quicker but it would affect you REM sleep.
  • REM is related to your deep sleep and breaks in this one would lead to day time drowsiness.

2. Cell Phones And Laptops Before Bed

Cell phones and laptops before bed

It has become a trend or an addiction to be more proper to have a cell phone in your hands even in the bathroom. With the advancement in technology the younger ones have also been targeted to fall into this technology addiction. They want to have their tablets to listen to the rhymes or play games before bed. This technology addiction is not good in any case in the long run. Hence, avoid it!

  • These gadgets like your cell phones, tablets or laptops emit a blue light that reduces the production of melatonin which induces sleep.
  • With less melatonin your sleep delays.

1. TV Switched On

TV switched on

You want to watch your favorite TV show before going to bed but you have had a long day and you just can’t keep your eyes open. So it’s better to switch off the TV and fall asleep. There could be a possibility that you fall asleep but after a while a striking sound on TV wakes you up.

  • So TV if you think winds you to sleep but it’s the other way round. It actually can delay your sleep.
  • And if you are watching an interesting movie but you’re sleepy on the either hand you’d never want to switch it off delaying your sleep.


  • About 47 % of the people say that stress is the main reason that keeps them awake all night.
  • It’s better to take tryptophan containing food because they induce sleep.
  • Do not use the snooze option on your alarms and set the exact time when you have to get up.
  • Take herbal teas that have a sedating effect rather than going for alcohol.
  • Make it a rule not to use the electronic gadgets in bed.
  • Try not to keep a TV in your bed room.
  • Along with all these sleeping mistakes there could be other deficiencies in your body that would lead you to stay drowsy during the day.

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