16 Melanoma (Skin Cancer) Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

The bodies of the people always keep on changing and sometimes the changes in the body may lead to the symptoms of cancer. Melanoma is such kind of cancer that has become really very common among the people these days who are very much careless about their skin. People should always keep in mind every single symptom of melanoma and should never ignore them because the more the cells of melanoma grow in the body; the more becomes the chances of the death. People are familiar with the symptoms of this fatal disease, but the most common melanoma (skin cancer) symptoms you should never ignore are:


“Melanoma is another name of the skin cancer that has become so much common among the people these days.”

16. Heartburn

Relieve in Heart BurnPeople consuming a lot of amount of the alcohol, cigarettes, etc are more likely to get into the disease of melanoma. However, one of the most common symptoms of this type of cancer is the heartburn and it is usually of very serious kind. People facing these initial symptoms of the melanoma are always suggested to see a doctor in the start, so that they can prevent this disease from getting worse. Eat healthy foods and avoid unhealthy, junk and processed foods for better health.

  • If the heartburn gets worse, then this mean that the cells of cancer are growing more and more in the body.

15. New Moles

New molesThe moles that start appearing on the skin, especially the face can be one of the symptoms of the early stage of melanoma. People seeing the appearance of the moles on their skin at the age of 21 should not take this thing lightly. This sign of the appearance of the new mole is usually asymmetrical. Most of the times these moles of melanoma have a very irregular outline and they are really very bigger than 6mm and ¼ inch in its diameter. There can be even more than one moles appearing on the skin if it’s the symptom of melanoma.

  • Visit a doctor at once if facing this symptom as this can get worse with time if not treated properly.

14. Fever

FeverContinuous fever is one of the most common symptoms of almost every kind of cancer, melanoma as well. The cells of the cancer can highly affect the immune system of the body and this makes the immunity system of the body really very weak. When the immune system is affected by the melanoma, then it becomes really very hard for the body to fight every single kind of infection that becomes a reason of the fever. However, the continuous fever is usually considered an early symptom of the growing melanoma.

  • If the fever doesn’t gets down within 3 to 4 days, then visiting the doctor is must.

13. Rapid Weight Loss

weight loss..The rapid weight loss within days without even trying may also lead to the symptoms of melanoma. Losing 10 pound without even working out or trying to do so can be an early stage of the skin cancer. Usually the weight is lost rapidly in the cancer of lungs, skin, stomach or pancreas. This is the reason why people losing weight with such a speed should never ignore it and go see a doctor to confirm whether it is melanoma or not.

  • Loss of appetite is another one of the symptoms of melanoma when a person starts losing weight because of it.

12. Sores That Doesn’t Heal

Sores that doesn’t healThe melanoma or the cancer of the skin may also bleed most of the times and then they look like sores. If it is melanoma, then these sores don’t even heal. This is another one of those symptoms of melanoma that no person should ever ignore if facing them. However, if a sore lasts long in the mouth, then it could lead to the oral cancer and it usually happen to the people who smoke, chew tobacco or drink alcohol as well. Moreover, in the early stage of melanoma, the sores also appear on the genital parts of the body.

  • These sores are the symptoms of melanoma and they should never be ignored.

“When facing any of the symptoms of melanoma, people should consult some good doctor at once because with the passage of time, melanoma gets even worse or can result in death.”

11. Unusual Bleeding

Unusual bleedingIn the early stage of melanoma, a lot of patients complain the bleeding in cough as well as the blood in the stool. Moreover, the abnormal bleeding from the vaginal part can also be another strong symptom of melanoma among the women. Different people experience bleeding from different parts of the bodies as it all depends on the severity of the cancer. Some women also face bleeding from their nipples or from their urine as well.

  • Anybody experiencing continuous bleeding from any part of the body should see a doctor at once.

10. New Pigment Area

clean infected areaIn the start of melanoma, some kind of new pigmented area or the splotch might also appear that is usually darker than the normal skin tone of the patient. This is another one of the strong cancer sign. However, the darker area may be really very small, but it shouldn’t be ignored as it is the start of the formation of the cancer cells.

  • People seeing any such signs or symptoms on their skin should make an appointment with the doctor as the first thing, so that they can prevent any further damage.

9. White Spots In The Mouth

White spots in the mouthUsually when the cancer cells starts to grow in the bodies of the people, they also result in the formation of some white spots in the mouths of the patients. These white spots are usually seen on the tongue of the cancer patients. This is one of the strongest symptoms of melanoma. It is one kind of the mouth cancer that is most of the times occurs among the chain smokers or the people who consume so much of alcohol.

  • These white spots in the mouth can get really very irritating if not treated on time.

8. Indigestion

Digestion..In the early stage of the melanoma, a lot of people are seen facing another big problem of indigestion. As already discussed that the cells of the cancer weakens the immune system of the body that results in making the immune system of the body unable to fight from any of the infection that gets in the body. With the weaker immune system, people are not able to digest their food easily. This is another one of the symptoms of melanoma that should never be ignored.

  • When facing the continuous problem of indigestion, always consult a doctor.

7. Lump

LumpMost of the kinds of the cancers are felt through the skin as the initials symptoms of almost every kind of cancer occur on the skin of the patient. Usually the cells of the cancer occur on the soft tissues of the body and this is the reason why melanoma has become one of the most common kinds of cancer among the people these days. The skin cancer usually shows up as red or thickened blood rather than any kind of lump.

  • People experiencing any kind of change on their skin should get it checked whether they are suffering from melanoma or not.

“For preventing from the symptoms of melanoma, people should follow all of those precautions that most of the doctors recommend them for prevention from the cells of the cancer.”

6. Change In Bowel Or Bladder Habits

Change in bowel or bladder habitsIn the start of the melanoma, so many people are more likely to face the symptoms of feeling change in their bowel or the habit of the bladder. The long term constipation, diarrhea or change in the stool can be the very strong symptoms of melanoma that should not at all be ignored. A lot of people also face a lot of pain while passing urine or bleeding in the urine are actually those of the symptoms of the early stage of melanoma.

  • Anybody going through any of these symptoms should go for the tests of melanoma at once.

5. Continuous Pain

Continuous painThe bone and the skin cancer might be a cause of continuous pain in different types of the body. Usually in the early stage of skin cancer, most of the people face severe headache that doesn’t even go with the pain killers. However, the continuous pain in the back without any reason is another one of the visible symptoms of melanoma and people going through these symptoms should never ignore them and visit some good doctor at once.

  • In the early stage of melanoma, the headache is not that severe but is continuous.

4. Fatigue

Fatigue...Extreme type of tiredness or dizziness that doesn’t go even after getting a lot of sleep and rest is another one of those symptoms that most of the people face in the early stage of skin cancer. These symptoms might also occur in the stomach cancer, but most of the times, dizziness is only felt in the kind of skin cancer.

  • People not feeling well even after resting a lot should go to the doctor for the treatment of this fatal disease in the start.

3. Bloating

BloatingMost of the women face the bloating problems on and off as they are the natural bloaters. If the bloating occurs for a few days then there is nothing to worry about, but if it stays for more days or even weeks and results in the reduction of the weight or bleeding then the women must contact a good doctor as this can be another one of the signs of the skin cancer.

  • Women facing bloating problems should try to figure out the reason of the bloating, if they can’t figure it out then it might be the symptoms of melanoma.

2. Skin Changes

Skin changesIn the start of the skin cancer or any other kind of cancer, most of the people face changes in their skin. The continuous change in the size, shape or the color of the mole or any other spot on the skin is another one of those symptoms of melanoma. At the early stage of the skin cancer, the skin keeps on changing continuous and the condition of the skin can even get worse with time.

  • People having unusual moles or the spots on their skin should see a good dermatologist at once.

1. Trouble Swallowing

Trouble swallowingUsually, the trouble in swallowing is not something to worry about, but when it happens with the addition of vomiting or excessive weight loss, people are suggested to visit some good doctor as soon as possible because this can be one of those initial symptoms of melanoma. Most of the people facing the problem of trouble in swallowing don’t like to eat much and that results in the reduction of the weight that is not at all good for the cancer patients.

  • People facing this problem should go for the throat x – ray at once.


  • When going anywhere out, apply a good sunscreen on the visible parts of the bodies, so that the skin can be protected from the rays of the sun.
  • Examine the skin from head to toe once in every week.
  • When going out in the sun, cover up the body properly, especially the face with the help pf a scarf or the umbrella can also be used for this purpose.


  • Go out in the sun, especially when it is at its peak between 10am to 4pm.
  • Go for the tanning or the UV tanning booths.
  • Go to the beaches or water parks when the season of summer is at its peak.


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