How To Trim Your Own Hair – 15 Expert Tips

You cannot go to hair salon every time because it gets expensive if you go continuously every five weeks. On special occasions, a trip to a salon is fine. You can save money by trimming your hair yourself at home to look simply pretty. Though it will look daunting to you at the very first time, but if you really want to master the instructions for how to trim your own hair, you must practice again and again. And eventually you will get the hang of it. Let’s read the tips on how to trim your own hair whether long or short!

15. Have A Pair Of Scissors And Tools Ready


To start with, you must have the right tools available at your home for trimming your hair. For a basic haircut, you would need a fine sharp pair of cutting scissors (the hair cutting scissors not the simple scissors lying around at your home) and a sharp-toothed comb. The hair cutting scissors can be found at all beauty supply stores and they are really cheap in the 25$ to 60$ range. However, do not use dull scissors because it will be harder for you to cut your hair and you may end up having split ends of your hair which will totally ruin your haircut.

Moreover, if you want extra-short hair cuts then take an electric razor as well. Besides, make sure that you have a wide-toothed comb which will let you brush hair while keeping it flat. Buy Fiskars scissors which come at around $10 and provide a crisp and sharp cut to your beautiful hairs.

14. Wash Your Hair Properly


To trim your hairs, it would be better to wet them first. They are easier to cut as compared to dry hair. Hence try to shampoo your hair first before acting on instructions of how to trim your own hair and condition them properly before snipping your hairs. As you get out of shower, fully comb your hair. Your hair should not be meshed into each other but rather be tangle free.

You may also use a conditioner and leave it on hairs for few minutes if your hairs are a little frizzy. For long and thick hairs, some of the sections of hair tend to dry before you start to trim them. In order to tackle this, fill up a bottle with water and mix in it a little amount of good conditioner.  Now you may use this mixture as a spray to dampen your hair if they get dry.

13. Clip The Top Section Of Your Hair


This is one of the rules of how to trim your own hair as you will have to cut in several sections beginning with the bottom-most layer and move upwards towards top layer. So before you start to cut your own hair, use elastic hair ties and clips to split your hair into distinct sections. Beware that any sectioned hair is not hanging loose as they could become hindrance when you are cutting with scissors. Later when you are done with the extreme bottom layer of hair, you may lose the other sections as you proceed.

12. Look For Split Ends


Inspect your hair in the first place to find out how much hair should be trimmed. Take a good look at the extremes of your hair. If your hairs are disheveled and unruly and you can clearly see the split hairs then they are damaged and must be cut. Trim about 8mm above where the damaged hair are so that your hairs are in good healthy condition.

11. Try To Cut Perpendicular To The Hair Strand

Wash your hair properly

You are reading instructions to how to trim your own hair because you want stronger and nice hair cut as well. So trimming your hair perpendicular will keep the ends stronger as compared to a slanted cut.

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10. Measure Your Hair


To achieve a precise cut, hold a particular section of hair by holding them between the index and middle fingers. Then slowly move your fingers down the hair and keep moving until you approach a point which is little way upward where you want to trim your hair. However, you have to make sure that the hair is not knotted or meshed between your fingers. Remember this rule when you want to know how to trim your own hair- your hairs must lie exactly flat and tangle free.

The hairs probably look shorter when they are dry so take into account this when you are measuring how much to trim, especially for people who have curly hair. Do not cut too much at the first step because you cannot undo it then. However, you can go back and trim your hair shorter afterwards if you prefer short hairstyles.

9The Parting Method


Create sections of hair a little behind both ears. Now pull one front section towards the front of the shoulder and twist it while you keep it twisted between your finger and thumb, and then cut across the ends. Repeat this process in the same way on other side as well. Later, you may stretch down both sections straight so to see if they are even. Adjust as desired. Again, split the back section into two and comb out the front hair sections on any side and then cut across so that the sections at the back are following up with the front.

8. Soften The Edges Nicely


Your hair edges should be soft and blunt free if you are interested in learning how to trim your own hair. So after trimming process you have found out that you do not want a blunt edge then go back and trim into ends for a feathery feel. Do this step when you are holding the section and it is knotted between your fingers and thumb.

7. Cut Out The Ends

Cut out the ends

When you are about to start after reading the instruction of how to trim your own hair then hold the scissors a little below your fingers and keep a tension on the hair by using your fingers. Slowly trim and allow your cut hair drop down as the fingers along with the strand remain stable in one position. However, if you want to have a blunt end to your hairs, then trim straight across and do nothing more.

If you want a finish which is smooth and soft, hold the scissors exactly perpendicular to your fingers and trim into the hair and keep doing it until there are no sharp angles remaining. This way you will have a feathery look at the sections.

6. Your Hair Ends Should Matchup


At the end of trimming operation, you will have to make sure that the ends match up. Hold one section on every side of your face between your thumbs and forefingers. Drag your fingers down with the same pace and trim until the end match up. Ensure that you are content with the length and then carry on to the next hair layer.

5. Trimming The Layers

Trimming the layers

Working with layers cannot exactly fall into scope of how to trim your own hair as these are best done by professional especially for thick and curly hair. However, if you want a self-trim on the layers hanging around your face then grab the ends of each layer by holding them between your fingers and start trimming slowly as little as possible while keeping the scissors at a little slanted angle. Go along the angle from your jaw and trim your hair accordingly on the side of the face to your shoulder. Later soften the ends of hair so that the layers match up on every side.

4. Check Twice When Your Hairs Are Dry


After you are done with drying your hair whether with blower or by air drying, ensure that your cut does not have any glaring inconsistencies. Utilize a handheld mirror and observe the hair at the back of hair or better ask your friend to check it out for you. If you notice any unevenness then take the pair of scissors once again and this time carefully even out the hairs while making sure you do not cut too much of your hair.

3. Moisturizing Your Hair Effectively


This will come in handy if you want to know how to trim your own hair. Do not forget to use a good quality conditioner. As mentioned before, use a conditioner that matches your particular hair style. Hair is made up of proteins and it needs nutrition and nourishment just like any other organ present in your body. Your hair can break for several reasons and most of the time it is due to the reason that the hair is never properly moisturized.

Hence before you trim your own hair, make sure you moisturize almost every time you shampoo. If you have dry hair, then use a conditioner with ingredients of natural oils such as coconut butter. Apply more on the ends than the scalp. If you have oily and fine hair then use a light conditioner and apply the conditioner smoothly near the scalp.

2. Some Strategies To Adopt While Trimming


Some important rules you should keep in mind to know how to trim your own hair. Leave more hair longer than you would probably want. Trim your hair a little less every time you work on trimming your hair. Because you may go back easily and even the improper cuts out than you trim excessively and sit hopeless about what you have done to your hair. Secondly, in the instructions of how to trim your own hair there comes an important strategy known as split end strategy.

To trim the splits, take a twisted one inch section of your hair between your fingers and hold it by using your hands. Now using your index finger and your thumb slowly pinch that section and drag your fingers towards the scalp upwards. The split ends always stick out so cut down the ends where they are hanging loose.

Thirdly, you will have to forgive the wavy and curls and forget about them. On such hair types it can look gorgeous when you slightly self-trim them. You would see that it is easy to observe a rough piece and hold the section among your fingertips and trim them with scissors. Finally, straight and fine hairs are easy to explain to cut in this manual of how to trim our own hair. You may easily snip the urgent split ends and trim the sections yourself as straight hair show every move you possibly make at every step.

1. Don’t Venture Alone

Don’t venture alone

Though here are explained the tips on how to trim your own hair but it is recommended that you do not venture alone. While trimming your hair ask a friend to notice your hair at the back and ensure that they all look smooth and fine. Your friend will help you to even out the places which are hard to reach like the back.  Your friend will also make sure that you do not cut too much of your hair and you give yourself a beautiful and decent haircut.

The guide to how to trim your own hair can be really easy to follow if you have the heart to venture into this bold adventure. While trimming stay calm as you may get really nervous and tensed the very first time you attempt. Just remember that you are saving yourself a significant amount of money and teaching yourself a great skill. Further, the only way you master the tips of how to trim your own hair is by repeated practice.

If you are not happy with the outcome the first time you can always cut more to get what you want. So always opt for longer trim of hair so that you have some room left at the end for adjustments. This way you will never have to regret the self-trimming you have done. In short, be calm and at peace. Make mistakes and practice and enjoy it!!

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