15 Best And Beneficial Home Remedies For Prickly Heat

As the summer season knocks at our doors, with hot temperatures, dehydration, scorching sunrays and tanned skins, we are forced to welcome prickly heat symptoms on our body. Prickly heat, also termed as heat rash or sweat rash, is called malaria in medical terminology. People living in hot and humid climate are most likely to suffer with prickly heat and rashes. Among several other causes that lead to heat rashes or prickly heat, excessive sweating is on top of the list. When human body sweat a lot, due to hot temperature, causes blockage of sweat ducts. It can occur in adults, young and infants. A common skin problem affects children and babies too.

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Prickly heat is an itchy skin problem that irritates human body and makes it uncomfortable. The sweat rashes also cause stinging and puncture of the skin. You can find heat rashes spots all over your body, but they are mostly found on;

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  • Neck: rashes, mostly affect the area of your neck.
  • Back: Itchy red spots on back cause great irritation.
  • Face: Sweat rashes on delicate face skin makes you look ugly.
  • Thighs: Prickly heat when affects thighs, makes uncomfortable to move and sleep.
  • Chest: The itchy marks on chest are so annoying all the time.

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When you observe red area around your skin, and feel itchy red marks on body with pain, you might have prickly heat rash. Do not feel stressed or worried, you can find a cooler escape from itchy rashes. Sweating in summers is one of the obvious reasons that produce sweat rashes and discomfort our bodies. Following home remedies can be a quick escape from tiny red bumps, causing prickly heats, on several body parts. Let us discuss the helpful home treatments;

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“Prickly heats in summers cause severe irritation to our skin. The obvious reasons can be excessive sweating in summers. People living in humid and hot weather conditions are mostly suffer with heat rashes in several body parts like neck, back, faces, armpits and thighs. Keeping yourself hydrated also overcome itchiness and irritation. AloeVera gel and fuller’s earth works magically to provide cure from burning sensations and itchiness.”

15. Cooling Ice


Ice provides a cooling effect in warm conditions. In hot weather conditions, human body sweats a lot and causes severe painful irritation on body. When you suffer hotness in summers, we prefer drinking chilled and cold drinks that brings the temperature of our body to be normal. In the same manner, ice cubes works perfect on sweat spots, caused by sweating.

  • To observe prevention from prickly sensations on body, ice cubes should be used on affected body parts.
  • Rub the cubes gently on the skin for few minutes.
  • The cooling effect of ice cubes soothes the warm irritated body.
  • Apply ice packs to overcome irritation on the skin and get rid of heat rash.

14. Sandalwood Powder


Sandalwood is one of the nature best DIY treatments for skin problems. It has beneficial antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent and disinfectant properties. The presence of antiseptic property in sandalwood is to treat rashes and skin problems. The soothing effect of sandalwood powder cures from inflammation on the skin and stops further growth of bacteria. It is also helpful in reducing swelling, itching on the red bumps. By using natural products, skin gets immediate results without any damage.

The antimicrobial property of sandalwood cures from irritation and provides a soothing calm effect on the body. To use this amazing heat rash treatment, follow these steps:

  • Mixing sandalwood with teaspoon of lemon juice causes relief from irritation and skin allergies
  • Mix an equal amount of rose water and sandalwood powder, smear the mixture on the affected area, and leave it to dry for few minutes, rinse it off with cold water.
  • Take two tablespoon of sandalwood powder and two tablespoon of coriander powder. If required, add rose water to form a paste. Apply the mixture on the skin. As it gets dry, rinse it off with cold water.

13. Baking Soda


When we talk about prickly heats, another product that is easily available in kitchen cabinets is baking soda. That is right, the one you use while cooking. Baking soda is one of the best home treatments for various skin problems including dead skin, itching, black heads etc. It is known for gentle cleansing and exfoliating facial skin.

With anti-bacterial properties, baking soda proves to be a fantastic home remedy for treating sweat rash or prickly heat rash. Babies or infants are mostly recommended to use this remedy to cure from itchy red spots.

  • Baking soda bath is a home remedy for curing from prickly sensations and itchy marks. Add a cup of baking soda in your bathtub, and enjoy the bath.
  • Dilute a tablespoon of baking soda into a bathing cup of water. Soak a clean washcloth into the cup and gently apply the cloth on the affected body parts. Repeating the process three times a day can ease irritation and make you feel comfortable.

12. Oatmeal


Oatmeal is considered as an effective home remedy to observe cure from discomfort caused by excessive sweating on skin. Although prickly heat is non-infectious and does not causes any harm to our health. However, the intense itching causes discomfort and pain to our body. It is highly recommended to treat heat rash effectively.

Oatmeal bath is recommended to overcome irritation and heat rashes.

  • Add a small quantity of oatmeal into bathing tub, step into the bathing tub for 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat the process twice in a day.
  • The process of taking oatmeal bath requires less time, eases the tenderness and relaxes our body.

11. Fuller’s Earth


Fuller’s earth also commonly known as multani mitti. It is purest gift of nature for glowing skin and effective natural home remedy to treat spots, skin patches, black heads and itchy marks. The effect of fuller’s earth is prominent on skin and it brings clear obvious results while treating skin problems. As an antiseptic agent, fuller’s earth is magically effective for healing inflammations and irritations on the body parts.

  • Making a paste of multani mitti with water provides heat relief and serves as an instant heat rash treatment.
  • Fuller’s earth mixed with rose water is also an effective paste. Apply the paste on the affected area. Let it to dry for few minutes. Rinse it off.

10. Margosa Leaves (Neem Leaves)


Margosa leaves are a blessing of nature to all of us. The antiseptic properties of neem leaves are effectively beneficial for treating various skin problems. Now, there is no need to be tensed for prickly heats also. If you have neem leaves, you have the solution. The leaves provide soothing effect on inflammation and the healing properties gives cooling effect on eruptive skin conditions especially like prickly heat rash.

  • Neem leaf infusions can be very helpful in curing skin from rashes and heat.
  • Boil the water, add neem leaves into it. Do not boil the leaves, leave the bowl for overnight. Drain it the other day, and apply the neem solution on the affected skin area.
  • You can use washcloth also for the method. Soak the clean washcloth in drained neem solution, and apply the cloth to affected area.

9. Aleo Vera Gel


As summer arrives, human bodies melt with the rise in hot temperatures. Sweating causes, severe red itchy bumps with lots of irritation and body marks. AloeVera, a natural succulent plant, beneficial for various health benefits. You are lucky, if you find aloeVera without putting efforts. Grab it as a secret to beauty. With the effective healing properties, aloeVera gel is traditional home remedy to heal wounds, scratches, body marks and itching. It is also enriched with pain-relieving effects.

  • To soothe prickly heats or summer rashes, cut aloeVera leave from plant, extract the gel out of it. Apply the fresh gel onto the affected skin.
  • Apply the gel twice in a day for relaxing your body from itching and irritation of heat rash.

8. Lemon Juice


To treat prickly heats or heat rash, intake of limejuice is very essential and beneficial. As lemon is enriched with, vitamin C and use of vitamin C can be beneficial for treating several health conditions, including rashes in summers. If you take adequate amount of lemon juice on daily basis, you will observe that intake of limejuice lowers down the internal body heat because hot temperature is the reason for causing prickly heats. Follow these suggestions to use this amazing heat rash treatment.

Quick link = Benefits of lemon water

  • Take two or three glasses of limejuice in a day.
  • Fresh lemon juices bring effective results.

7. Papaya Or Cucumber Pulp


Cucumber and papaya both are major ingredients in soothing the affected skin areas. The beneficial ingredients present in cucumber can be supportive for treating skin problems. To overcome summer heat rashes, use of cucumber is must. Importantly, burning sensation caused by itchy red bumps can be cured from applying cucumber.

Papaya also serves to treat various skin problems including the prickly heats. The papaya pulp is effective to provide ease in irritation and itching on face, back, neck and armpits.

  • Take a fresh cucumber, cut them in slices and gently apply the slices on the affected areas.
  • Mash the cucumbers and apply the paste on the skin, allow it to rest on the skin for some minutes. Let the juice be absorbed by the skin and wash it later to cure prickly heat rash.
  • Make a paste from raw papaya and apply it on the skin. Allow it on the skin for 20 minutes. Wash it later with cold water.

6. Cornstarch


Another easy and cheap remedy is cornstarch. Just a few steps to your kitchen and you find a remedy for treating ugly annoying prickly heats. The method is simple and effective to get rid of heat rash.

  • Make a mixture of water and cornstarch. You can also add corn flour instead of cornstarch. Apply the mixture on the affected skin area for 30 minutes.
  • Go for a cooling bath after the mixture is dried and wash the body.


5. Chickpea Flour Or (Besan) Flour


Besan flour is also used as an effective home remedy for treating number of skin problems. With its numerous benefits in glowing and cleansing skin, besan flour is also used to ease itching and burning. The following method of applying chickpea flour does not only reduce the inflammation, it is also helpful to remove dead skin cells. This home remedy is really effective in heat rash treatment.

A mixture of chickpea flour with neem leaves and some amount of water can also provide cure from inflammation and pain.

  • Take 4 tablespoon of chickpea flour and mix it with water.
  • Apply the paste on the affected area.
  • Let it to dry on the skin.
  • Wash it with lukewater.

4. Watermelon


How blessed we are! Intake of watermelon is effective in number of health diseases and to overcome many risks of getting diseases. Do you know? The watermelon pulp has 92% water that is extremely beneficial for hydration and it works wonders for our bodies. The presence of sufficient water quantity can re-hydrate and soothe the itchy and burning skin on the body. So make sure to treat prickly heat rash from the inside using watermelons.

  • For effective results, take some chunks from ripe watermelon. Remove the seeds from it. Crush the watermelon and form a paste. Apply the paste on the affected area.
  • As the skin absorbs the freshening watermelon juice, rinse it off with cold water.

3. Herbal Talcum Powder


If your body is already suffering from prickly heats or itchy rashes, then it is time to apply talcum powder. Oh, make sure, it is not alcoholic and it is purely herbal in nature. The use of herbal talcum powder will absorb extra moisture and make the skin sweat free. To get instant relief from itching and irritation, apply original talcum powder twice or thrice a day after having cool bath. Recommended for quick relief from heat rash problems.

2. Honey


How we forget to mention honey when it comes to skin problems. In the list of effective natural and home remedies, honey is always there. Many people have been using honey as a home remedy from long time. It is a known heat rash treatment from ages.

  • The anti-bacterial properties of honey are helpful in curing from skin infections.
  • Application of honey on skin can reduce inflammation and burning sensations.

1. Raw Potato


Keep potatoes in list, when buying vegetables for meal. Yes, raw potato can provide soothing effect to your itchy skin. With prickly heats, there is unbearable itchiness that irritates the most and makes us uncomfortable.

For overcoming the annoying itchiness and burning of heat rashes, apply the sliced raw potatoes on the affected skin. Dabbing the area with slices can be helpful in easing prickly sensations.


  • Take cooling bath twice or thrice in a day to prevent prickly heat rash.
  • Take plenty of drinks, juices and importantly water.
  • Sleep in an air-conditioned area or well ventilated.
  • Clean the sweat gently with soft washcloth.
  • Change the clothes daily after having bath.


  • Avoid wearing tight clothes.
  • Do not expert in summers without purpose.
  • Do not rub the affected skin.
  • Avoid using creams and oils.
  • Do not directly apply aloeVera gel, it may cause allergy to your skin.


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