15 Health Benefits Of Oregano

Oregano is used in both cooking and in the field of medicine. Is actually an herb that has purple flowers on it and also contain some of the chemicals that give unique aroma. It is used along with the cooking and also as a health benefit. Oregano is small in size and packed with lots of nutrients that will help in different aspects to get rid of all the problems. It is used mostly in dried form. It gives aroma to the food so it is added at the end of those foods in which cooking is done because they does not need to cook their main purpose is to give aroma and nutrients to the consumer. Now with having the knowledge about the uses of oregano people uses it in several fast foods to get its benefits and aroma. Oregano is used all over the world, in fact, this is an herb but many people like it and its aroma is very good, some foods like pizza are known due to its aroma that make this dish more tempting and mouth-watering. Oregano is used in making tea to cure many of the diseases that are related to respiration and abdominal disorders.

Nutritional Value

It contains a large number of essential nutrients that are necessary for the body. It has some nutrients like:

  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamins
  • Fiber
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Calcium
  • Fatty acids

15. An Active Anti-Bacterial

Removes BacteriaThis herb also contains oil that will help a lot in inhibiting the growth of bacteria in the body due to the presence of certain substances in it. As no bacteria will be able to harm the body, then it will surely protect the body from any sort of harm.

14. Effective Anti-Oxidant Action

Anti -oxidant'It contains certain essential nutrients that will not allow them to damage cells. It contains a large number of antioxidants that will utilize the radicals in the body. Actually antioxidants help a lot body in getting rid of all the oxidants that are in your body. Oxidation that occurs will let many of the radicals in our body, but the antioxidants that are present in the food that we eat help our body in getting rid of these radicals from the body.

13. Get Rid Of Menstrual Pains

Get rid of Menstrual PainsOregano has the ability to treat the pain by helping to get rid of it. If the pain is due to menstrual cycle than, people use it as a home remedy in different forms like in for of tea or in its original form. Its regular use also helps a lot in getting rid of problems like menopause, taking it on a regular basis will help you a lot in preventing one from stopping body to release hormones to stop the menopause earlier.

12. Protection From Cancer

cancer...It contains large amounts of fiber in it. Fiber has the ability to combine with the salt present in bile and by this they help to prevent the body from the toxins that might cause cancer and will surely remove them from the body. This action will help a lot in bile production that will surely lead to breakdown of cholesterol in the body. Only due to this high fiber diet is recommended by the people. Its antibacterial agent will prevent the growth of cancerous cells in the body. It has the agents that make the immune system stronger, so; they will not allow the cancer cells to grow in the body. It will allow the cell to commit suicide.

“Oregano is an herb that is rich in many of the essential nutrients. So consume it regularly to get rid of all the problems.”

11. Digestive Aid

Digestive aidOil present in the leaves of oregano will help a lot in getting rid of all the digestive problems. It has such substances that will help a lot in stimulating appetite. It has the power to secrete bile from the liver as a result food will be digested easily without any of the problems.

10. Aging

Anti-AgingAging occurs due to free radicals if they are not oxidized by any of the antioxidants. As oregano contains antioxidants, it will easily oxidize many of the free radicals as a result of this aging will not occur other words, we can say that it will act as a defensive system against the aging process. By destroying the free radicals it has the ability to delay the aging process for duration so people will not have wrinkles on their skin before their particular age.

9. Assist In Weight Loss

weight loss..Oregano contains large amount of fiber that will give you the sensation of being full for a longer time. It will protect the body from being obese. In obese people fat pile up in the abdomen, but oregano will dissolve it as a result you will lose your weight. The fiber will not be dissolved soon so you will not eat much as a result your weight will be lessened by time.

8. Asthma Protection

Alleviating asthmaOregano is very rich in compounds that have the ability to clean the lungs. As a result, you will clear the respiratory track and as a result any sort of blockage you will have the problem in inhalation. It is also used to treat cough and clear the respiratory track so you will not suffer from any of the blockage and can respire freely without any blockage.

7. Fights The Cold

Relive in Flu and ColdIt has many of the compounds that have the ability to make your immune system strong. It also contains many of the antioxidants that treat the cold in no time. In home remedies many of the people uses oregano in their treatment of cold at homes. Small amount of oregano is added in the juices to treat cold. It is best to treat cold in winters by adding oregano in hot water.

6. Affluences Discomfort

Affluences DiscomfortIt is seen that using oregano oil on the skin will help a lot in getting rid of muscle pain. So in treating out any sort of injury and aches usage of oregano will relief from it in no time.

5. Kill Parasites

Kill parasitesThose parasites that live inside the intestines are the risk factor of much other disease. Oregano is used to kill these parasites so that they cannot harm the body by the action of anti-parasites that are present in the oregano. For killing these parasites you many people use oregano in their home remedies.

4. Heart Health

Keeps Your Heart HealthyIt contains potassium that has the ability to treat the balance of fluid in the body. It also helps in controlling the heart rate and blood pressure by consuming the sodium. A specific type of anti-oxidants present in it will also help in preventing many of the heart diseases. It also contains large amounts of fatty acid that has the property to fight with the inflammation as a result blood supply to heart will remain to normal levels so no heart problem will arise. Its regular use will protect your heart.

3. Skin Care

Skin careIt helps a lot in getting rid of many of the skin problems like acne. Its oil is applied on skin in dilute form to get its benefits.

2. Safety From Allergies

Check For AllergiesThose people who mostly suffer from allergies use oregano o heal it. It has a painkilling effect that will not let the allergies to act on the body. Many people suffer from different sort of allergies, so they use oregano as it is free from any sort of a harmful effect on the body.

1. Nasal Blockage

Nasal blockageIt has many of the essential nutrients that will act as a natural treatment for many of the nasal related issues. Antiviral agents present in it have the ability to fight with the agents and will minimize the duration of this. It can fight with all the agents and diminish the symptoms of many flu like fever, pain etc. it is mixed with water to get its benefits.

Usage of Oregano

  • Sprinkle it on salads, sauce and sandwiches.
  • Add it into an omelet and scramble egg.
  • Make different sauce and sprinkle oregano on it.
  • Add it extra on pizza


  • Using oregano oil during pregnancy is not considered safe, so try to avoid its use during pregnancy both internally and externally. As it is very concentrated it will reach to the baby and in its pure form it will irritate the skin.
  • Don’t apply it on damage part of the skin or on the mucus membrane.


  • It will upset the stomach in many of the people.
  • It may also cause allergic reaction in some people who are having any sort of allergy with these herbs.

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