20 Easy DIY Hairstyle Tutorials for Every Occasion

A woman should always be fashionable and should change her appearance frequently. Although there is one particular hairstyle that we all love on ourselves, we must not go with the same hairstyle in every event. However, coming up with different ombre hairstyles every time can be a daunting task for many of us. Although we see a lot of attractive hairstyles on the TV, it is often difficult for us to replicate those complicated hairstyles of the celebrities at home. Hence, here we have eased out the task for you by listing down some easy and classy hairstyles that you can go with.

20. A Light Braid

A light braidAre you tired of both the casual look and the full fishtail braid? If yes, then go with this hairstyle which is suitable for casual and every day events. This hairstyle has one light braid with the rest of the hair left open. To get this hairstyle, make a braid on just one side of the head, making sure to leave enough hair to fall loosely on your shoulders. You may also curl the ends as in the picture if you do not have wavy hair.

19. The Messy Braid

The messy braidMessy braids are getting popular this season. They look good in even the formal events and can be easily made at home especially if you want some appealing hairstyles for long hair. To get this hairstyle, bring your hair to one side of the shoulder and pull some hair near the ear as in the backcombing. Then make the braid like you normally make, making sure to leave enough open hair in the end. When you are done with it, pull apart the strands of your braid lightly to expand their width and to give a messy look. Complete the steps and you are done with a simple yet classy braid.

18. Twisted Bun

Twisted bunThis twisted bun always looks elegant and graceful. Although it is more suitable for a formal event, you can go with this hairstyle even in your casual parties and classes. To make this bun, you need to make a small bun out of the hair at the back of your head. Just use the middle section of the back head and leave hair open from both sides of the head. Now take a strand of hair from a side of the head, twist the strand and wrap it around the base bun, making sure to pin it well. Do this with the rest of the hair too unless all of your hair are wrapped around the bun. You will end up with a beautiful bun at the end of these steps.

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17. Get The Cute Princess Look

cute princeIf you are bored with the black hairstyles you make in your college classes or hangouts, try going for this easy but cute hairstyle. It can easily be made through a side parting and a braid. Part your hair on one side and then make a rather messy braid as in the picture. Do not take your bangs in the braid and leave a few strands from the front as well. Now tie a loose ponytail and it will look as if your have made a headband out of a braid.

16. The Braided Tiara

The braided tiaraThis is an amazing DIY hairstyle you can use all the times easily. To try this beautiful hairstyle, you need to part your hair to one side. Then start making a braid on the larger side, taking hair from the forehead in the braid as well. Extend your French braid to the back of the head and keep adding hair in each knot. You will end up with this look after you are done with the braid. Trust us; this hairstyle gives you a very graceful look.

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15. The Continued Braid

The continued braidThis braided hairstyle is famous in both casual and formal events. It can easily be made if you side part your hair and start a French braid from the larger side. Continue adding hair in each knot and continue the braid unless you complete a round and reach the other side of the head as in the picture. Pin up the braid well and you will be done with a classy curly hairstyle.

“A single hairstyle in every occasion can look monotonous and boring. You need to change your hairstyles often and experiment with something fun and easy.”

14. Braid And Bun

Braid and bunThis hairstyle can be good if you are looking for some changes in your normal buns. To make this hairstyle, you need to pull your hair in front of your hair and make a normal French braid. Once you are done with the braid, tie your hair in a neat bun, making sure that the braid and the bun are tied properly. Although this hairstyle looks time consuming, you will see that it will hardly take a minute to complete, especially if you are quick with the braids.

13. Braided Headband

Braided HeadbandThese braided headbands look really good, especially in the casual events. To make this hairstyle, you need to take a small section of your hair above your bangs and make a long braid out of the section. Once you are done with the braid, wrap it around your head to create a headband as in the picture. This hairstyle will look best of you achieve a bit of volume at the crown. Thus, do a little backcombing at the crown and enjoy the hairstyle.

12. Side Swept look

Side Swept lookIf you have been letting your open hair loosely fall on your back and shoulder, it is time to change the hairstyle and adopt a one in which the hair fall on one side of the shoulder. To achieve the desired side swept look as in the picture, you need to take small sections from one side of your hair to the other side and pin them up near the ear. On the side on which you are pinning the hair, take a section of your hair, twist it a bit and then join it with the rest of the hair as in the first picture. Allow rest of the hair to fall from the ends and curl them up a bit too.

11. High-Volume Ponytail

High-volume ponytailThis low ponytail looks beautiful whenever you make it. Although it may look a bit complicated to make, it requires a few easy steps only. To start off, you need to loosely curl your hair from the ends and backcomb the upper middle section of your hair to add volume at the crown. Make the crown neat and gather the hair in that part to secure them with a pin in the middle of the back head. Then take a section of hair from the right side and pin it around the previously pinned section as in the first picture. Do this with the other side as well. When you are done with this, tie your hair in a neat ponytail and get ready to flaunt your beautiful hairstyle.

10. Soft Curls Around The Face

Soft curls around the faceThis hairstyle works best in formal events where you often need new and different hairstyles every other time. To achieve this look, you need to curl your hair in ringlets as in the first picture. Let the curls stay like this for around 10 minutes then start opening the curls slowly, opening a section first. Open up the ringlets with the help of a brush and convert them into waves. Do this with the rest of the curls and you will end up with a classic hairstyle to go with.

9. Heidi Braid

Heidi BraidAnother style of braid is the Heidi braid which looks beautiful in any occasion. To make this hairstyle, you need to divide your hair in two sections and make braids out of the two divided ponytails. Then wrap one ponytail around the head, taking the braid from the front and pinning it near the ear of the other section. This is shown in the first picture as well. Then wrap the second braid around the head from the back, and you will end up with a continuous braided headband which will look attractive.

8. Cascade Braid And Curls

Cascade braid and curlsThis hairstyle never goes out of style. You can make this hairstyle with ease in both your casual and formal events. To achieve this look, start by giving your hair loose curls if you do not have them already. Then side part your hair and make a cascade braid from the hair of the bigger section. Pin the braid around the ear and let the rest of your hair remain open. You will end up with this beautiful hairstyle in no more than 5 minutes, excluding the time to curl the hair.

7. Messy braid and ponytail

Messy braid and ponytailThis is another hairstyle which will make you stand out in the event. To get this tousled look, make sure you make your hair wavy if they are not naturally. Then make a braid out of your bangs and pull the strands apart to make it appear messy. Then take the hair from both sides of the head, twist the two sections and secure them in the middle with pins. This will appear like a messy ponytail.

6. The Undone Bun

The undone bunThis undone bun is perfect for occasions where you are not willing to do extra hard work on the hair. This hairstyle looks casual and is great for your frequent hangouts with friends. To get this look, you need to start off by clipping the upper section of your hair near the crown, leaving the rest of the hair to fall below. Then take remaining hair and twist them into a bun at the top. Loosen up hair from the front and you’re done with this easy hairstyle. The hairstyle, however, will look best if you give your hair some light waves.

5. Braided Bun

Braided BunBraided buns are classy and easy and look best in formal events. In order to achieve this look, divide your hair into three sections and make 3 braids from the three sections. Use an elastic band to tie the middle braid from both the start and the end. Then wrap the three braids together in a neat bun. Pull out some hair from the sides to complete the look.

4. Formal Loose Curls

Formal loose curlsThis hairstyle looks best in formal occasions such as weddings. You are really blessed if you naturally have loose curls and waves in your hair. But for all the straight-haired people who are not blessed with natural curls, you will have to start your hairstyle by creating ringlets out of the curling iron. Pin the ringlets safely on your head and let them stay for a few minutes. Remove the pins and cautiously open up the ringlets using your fingers, making sure not to fully open them up. Add a good hairspray on top to sustain the look and you’re ready to shine in a wedding.

3. Side Bun

Side bunSide buns have been gaining a lot of popularity lately. They look both classy and graceful and can help you dazzle on an occasion. To achieve this look, you need to side part your hair and then twist one section to create a messy bun. Secure the bun on the other side near the ear with lots of bobby pins. Secure the hair from the front on the bun too as shown in the picture. Finish off the look by adding a hairspray to your hair.

2. Beehive

BeehiveBeehives have always been in fashion. They look great in both the formal and the casual events and you should go for them to add some diversity in your hairstyles. To start, backcomb your hair from the crown a bit and tie a ponytail on top of the head. Leave two sections of the ponytail aside and turn the remaining hair inwards inside the band of the ponytail to create a doughnut type look. Then twist the two sections and wrap them around the doughnut to complete the look.

1. Braided Knot

Braided knotThese braided knots are easy to obtain and look good on almost anyone. You can easily get this look by creating two braids from the front and then tying a knot out of them at the back.
In each of the hairstyles where we have mentioned curling the hair, make sure that you use heat protecting sprays before using a curling iron. This will save you from a lot of hair damage.

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