Fat Burning Foods: 42 Foods To Burn Fat Fast

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Our body is made up of many basic components and one of this is fat. The other major components can be bones, organs, muscles, water and blood. Organs are further classified as the brain, lungs, kidneys, stomach, liver, gall bladder, intestine etc. These all components must be in proper functioning state in order to live a healthy life. There are two types of fat that our body carries and help us in good and bad ways. They are essential fats and the other is storage fat, let see what they really mean.

  • Essential fat implies the positive fat that is required for the normal functioning of the body. It is mainly stored in muscles, organs, bone marrows and central nervous system in small amounts. Men carry 3% of the essential fats while women carry a higher percentage that is 12%. It is all because their essential fats also include some other specific organs like breast, pelvis, sex-organs, hips and thighs that men usually don’t have or carry in small amount. Most of the sex-specific fat is termed dangerous for normal reproduction.
  • Storage fat is the one which is gathered underneath our skin, in our muscles and in different parts of our body. Our internal body organs are also protected by this type of fat which is layered upon these organs just to protect them from any sort of injuries. Men and women both can carry similar amount of storage fat.



  1. Ubed

    Feb 12, 2016 at 7:33 pm

    Thanks to suggest fat brun tips

  2. Joshua Zitting

    May 3, 2016 at 3:57 am

    I am loving that you touched on the good stuff in this article. This last year Apple cider vinegar has become my best friend and i recommend it to clients all the time. You made a great point on protein too and going organic cause there is so much crap that is put in non organic foods. Anyway I love the article and love finding quality sites to refer clients to for great information. Thank you
    Joshua Zitting – Fitness expert and Author

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