27 Easy Updo Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Most of the women think that they are not left with many options to style their hair when they are shoulder length or on other words, medium length ombre hair. The options might be less than the options for longer hair but still there are a number of easy updo hairstyles for medium hair that can help you adorn your hair and wear an appealing look. Find here in this carefully selected collection of the most popular and easy hairstyles of the recent season for your medium hair.

Updo Hairstyles

27. Princess Braid Up do


Indeed a very classy hairstyle and makes you look no less than an actual princess. Another advantage is that this medium hairstyle is long lasting and will last the whole of the day without any need of readjustments and etc. whether it is some party, some formal dinner or a date this hairstyle will suit all the occasions. This hairstyle will force the people to pass compliments. A very good hairstyle for the sunny and warm summer days.

26. Twist And Pin Updo For Medium Length Hair


It is one the fabulous and easy updos for medium hair for those formal occasions in which you really want to stand out! It gives a really elegant look. A very catchy hairstyle and will be forcing people to turn their heads to have a good look. Add some fresh natural flowers to this style and due to them you would not only look great but you will smell great too.

In general, easy updo hairstyles are quite popular these days and they can be easily made in the medium length hair. Your hairstyle also depends upon the occasion, season and your dress. Instead of blindly trying a new hairstyle, it will be better if you consult someone else or see for yourself that whether the hairstyle will suit you or not.

25. Romantic Braided Updo


This option in medium and short hair updo consists of a bun made up of a single braid at the top of the neck. You are out of any new ideas but still want a new style which is also easy to make and takes very less of your time as you are already short of it so this is what you need to go for. Pair this up with some Gucci boots and a sharp and bright coloured lipstick and you will be admired wherever you go.

24. Classic Chignon Updo For Medium Length Hair


It is one of the very catchy and elegant looking hairstyles in easy updos for short hair as well as medium hair for some casual evening, like a walk in the park, or a stroll in the evening. There is no complication involved in creating this amazing updo. If you plan to wear this for the whole night then you better use a few pins and a romper or a pair of chucks would be the best.

23. Twisted Low Roll


Since life is short and it also is very fast at the same time and you need to spend it and enjoy it fully. You cannot afford to spend most of the time on your hair. Seeing all this twisted low roll is the solution to all of this. Such a splendid cut and it looks gorgeous on almost all face shapes. It takes no more than a minute to prepare but its beauty is way more than that.

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22. Rope Braid Chignon Updo For Medium Length Hair


A princess hairstyle that will certainly impress you! Right out of the fairy tales. A very easy and comfortable hairstyle to wear without any worries in the easy updo hairstyles that the style may be ruined or is out of order. Once the hair are secured tightly in place they stay there for the whole of the day. The chignon gives this elegant updo even further flare.

When you have medium hair then you can easily opt for braids, buns, knots and also tucked ends. Try to enhance and highlight the natural impact of your hair and it will make the hairdo even better and more beautiful.

21. Crazy Braided Updo


The best solution for the high temperatures of the summers! When your neck stays full of sweat and never dries causing itch and so many other skin related problems. Once you get this crazy braided updo your neck will take a sigh of relief and will be able to take a breath. This hair idea in easy updo hairstyles for medium hair not only solves all the heat related issues but looks fabulous as well.

20. Upside Down Braid And Bun Updo For Medium Length Hair


This one needs a little more hard work but once it is done you will be satisfied by the look and you will feel that each and every minute of your hard work has paid off. Add a fresh flower to the bun of yours and it will spice up the things even more. It is also perfect for the high temperatures of the hot summers as the nape is left naked and there are no hair on it and you will get every single bit of the breeze.

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19. French Twist For Medium Hair


An old French classic but still in trend today and still looks as classy as ever. It is among the best easy updo hairstyles. You are going for an interview, work or a work party this is the best choice for you. Always wear this with light makeup and with light shades not with those bright ones. It looks very hard to make but in reality it is very easy to style.

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18. Messy Dressy Updo For Medium Hair


Whatever you decide to wear either its jeans and shirt or some formal dress, this unique updo will equally suit them. This is an all-rounder updo and it is a win-win option for you. The rolls on the backside really look great and add some small flowers to your bun and it will be giving your style even more beautiful look. Tie it with some pins and it surely will last you the whole of the day without any need of any readjustments.

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17. Double Braided Updo


If you are adept in making the French braid hairstyles then this style in easy updo hairstyles for medium hair is no big deal for you. All you have to do is to make two braids on the side of your head and take them back from the side like a head band and then lock the braids in your nape using hairpins and you are done. Keep your nape high as it will look classier and very gorgeous.

16. Tight Back Twist Updo For Medium Hair


Not at all difficult to style if you know how to make a bun which you definitely know then you can easily make it. It is just like making a bun but instead of following through which you do while making a bun you need to twist the twist over itself again and again to form a twist and that is all and in the end secure it perfectly so it does not go out of shape easily. Twist and pin that’s all you need to do.

15. Messy Hair Roll Updo For Medium Hair


The messier it is the better. Avery funky and casual looking hair style. You do not need to be careful while pining and binding your hair as you have to leave your hair messy and rough. All of its beauty lies in the unkempt sort of mess. Looks great with jeans and shirt. Whether it’s a beach party or a casual outing you will be looking gorgeous while wearing this awesome hair style.

14. Prim And Proper Updo For Medium Length Hair


An awesome hair idea in updos for medium hair and once you wear it then you will start to look for occasions to wear it and then show it off and make other women jealous of it. You can also wear this hair style with any casual dress like a pair of jeans and shirt or even with mermaid prom dresses. The small ribbon like braids on the back really look beautiful and several people will be forced to turn their heads to take a deep look.

13. Romantic Flowered Braided Updo


Nothing in the world is more beautiful and attractive than flowers. The symbol of love, beauty and what not. Once mixed with your hair style you can imagine well what the outcome would be like. Nothing less than a master piece. You will be no less than some princess right out of some fairy tale. Even Cinderella will blush in front of you. It looks best in blonde hair.

12. Messy Crown Braid For Medium Hair


It is the best choice in easy updo hairstyles for medium hair for those women who are always on the go. It is not just easy to make but it also takes no time to style. If you cannot spend or do not want to spend time on your hair then this is the best choice for you. It takes no more than five minutes to make this hair style. As everyone loves braids and so will you and if you love braids then you surely will like this messy crown braid up do.

11. Braided Romantic Updo


A great haircut in easy updo hairstyles for those girls who love the great outdoors! This hair style will never disappoint you and you sure will be getting compliments by your boyfriend while having an outdoor dinner. The braid on the back extending from the bottom of one ear and extending to the next is awesome and the puff in the front is even more beautiful. Be bold and give this hair style a try and I can bet you surely will be pleased.

10. Twisted Messy Updo


A perfect haircut for the days when the temperature shoots up and it becomes not just difficult but impossible to leave your hair loose on your neck and you are confused then what to do then this hair style is the best answer to that. A very funky looking hair style goes really good with jeans and shirt and you won’t be disturbed and annoyed by the heat.

9. Quick Side Chignon Hairstyle


When you become bored of your previous hairstyle and you are also not confident to move over to a new one at such a time of confusion the best option you are left with is to experiment with your existing hair style. The best and easiest option is to move your chignon to a side it can be either left or right. It is your choice or wherever you feel comfortable. This new option in easy updo hairstyles for medium hair will require very little or no effort and you will also be satisfied by the change and your colleagues will also appreciate.

8. Rolled Chignon Updo For Medium Length Hair


A perfect hairstyle for a black tie event! You need to have a hair band or a bandana to make this hair style but we will recommend a bandana as it looks more catchy and gorgeous. Do not forget to tie the bandana in place with pins so that it is properly secured and you need not to meddle with your hair for quite some time. Once it is done roll the rest of the hair that are falling on your neck upwards so that a rolled chignon is formed and then carefully pin it up so that no strands of hair are left hanging freely otherwise it may not look good so you have to be extra cautious while pinning up the rolled up chignon.

7. Gorgeous Curly Updo


This is a special hairstyling idea in the popular easy updo hairstyles for medium hair not for some common party or gather. Rock it on, on a wedding, prom or on a birthday party of someone special to you. You will look no less than a princess. Even Cinderella will blush in front of you. The texture and dimension of this hair cut has a royal touch to it. You are going to surprise everyone once you wear this hair style. Once you see yourself in a mirror you will raise your head up.

6. Braided Headband


You are wearing a gown to a party on a hot summer day and are confused which hair style to go for? Then braided head band up do will do for you. Braids have been the hot favorites and look great no matter how they are worn. This hairstyle takes the beauty of these braids even one step further hence making it awesome. This hair idea in easy updo hairstyles has a certain feminine touch to it and it cannot be explained in words but can only be felt.

5. Curly Bun And A side French Braid


Buns and braids are the most preferred when styling the hair. As they give an exquisite look to your hair. What if both the bun and braid are joined together? It surely will result in something gorgeous. Yes that gorgeous up do is curly bun with a side French braid. Add a flower to your bun to further spice up the things. The best choice in easy updo hairstyles for medium hair for all outdoor functions!

4. Twists And Curls


This great looking hairstyle embodies three different textures in it that is rare in other easy updo hairstyles. Your hair look fluffy and dense as if they have too much body. Second they are twisting over and over making them look beautiful and third they are sleek making them look smart and well kept. It is a simple style with little or no details at all. Takes a few minutes to style and forces way too many turned heads. Add a fancy hair clip at the nape and it will look amazing.

3. Crown Braid For Medium Hair


Crown a royal ornament well what if you wear it? You will be no less than her highness once you do so. The big loose braid on the top of your head looks no less than a crown enhance the texture of the braids and it will look even more beautiful.

2. Easy Flirty Bun


Usually when making a bun the hair ends forming the bun are well hidden inside the bun but in this hairstyle it is the opposite. As you expose the hair ends, you get an entirely new and awesome look and it looks amazingly stunning. When making this bun you just take different locks and bind them together on the crown randomly hence you will be getting this flirty hairstyle with such an exciting bun. It will definitely impress you in the range of easy updo hairstyles for medium hair.

1. Casual Messy Braids


In your daily routine you want to adopt a style that looks good and is easy to make and easy to wear as well. Then you must consider the big loose easy to make Dutch braids. Start making the braids from the top of one ear taking it low to the nape and again up to the top of the other ear.

Buns are probably the simplest one to make in the entire range of easy updo hairstyles for medium hair. In addition to buns, messy and rough hairstyles are quite in trend these days. They are the most ideal for those casual parties and evening strolls. The above list will prove sufficient enough to help out you to change your look this season and come up with a few entirely new and easy updo hairstyles for your medium sized tresses.

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