15 Cool & Menthol DIY Homemade Natural Teeth Whitener

Imagine a person going to a party, wearing a nice outfit, smelling good, hair perfectly on point and looking pretty presentable and fine but when they smile while meeting someone all of their personality traits turn down to nil as they have their big yellow teeth shining at others. No matter how good of a personality is possessed by someone, they lose all points if they’re complimented by unattractive yellow teeth. A person suffers having yellow enamel by drinking too much beverages such as coffee, soft drinks, soda, wine and many others. Moreover, tooth discolorations is often caused by chewing tobacco or smoking regularly and by going through an ageing process due to which the outer enamel of teeth gets warn away leaving yellow teeth behind. Furthermore, genetics and the surrounding environment which includes extrinsic material involved with the teeth such as toothpaste and fluoride supplements play a vital role in making teeth appear yellow and discolored.

In order to avoid such unappealing yellow discolored teeth just follow the homemade natural teeth whitener remedies which we have gathered for you and enjoy the perfect white teeth. Usually going to a dentist is expensive, time consuming and patients can’t visit them regularly. So these homemade remedies which you can do yourself that are listed below are an efficient substitute of going through the hassle of going to a dentist for scaling or any other suitable medical treatment for discolored teeth.

15. Brush Your Teeth Regularly


It’s a tough task to brush your teeth after eating or drinking anything and even before going to bed as you feel quite lazy. But you need to remain persistent for this as you want to end up with good looking white colored teeth. However, it’s difficult to brush your teeth after every meal because you might not be at home but at work, an event or a friend’s place and won’t be having your personal toothbrush awaiting to be used. Nevertheless, there is most food that won’t stain one’s teeth but on the other end there is some which you intake and can cause teeth discoloration for you in no time. Such items are as follows,

  • Regular smoking.
  • Drinking coffee.
  • Drinking hard drinks such as wine and beer.
  • Having soy sauce or tomato sauce regularly for teeth whitening.
  • Drinking dark colored soft drinks.
  • Having blueberries which cause blue stains on teeth.
  • Acidic fruits like citrus fruits lead to the weakening of the enamel of one’s teeth.

 14. Apple Cider Vinegar


Although apple cider vinegar doesn’t taste good but it’s definitely worth it. It can help remove even the most determined stains on your teeth and help eradicating stains of coffee and nicotine from the enamel of one’s teeth. However, Apply Cider Vinegar’s use needs consistency and a persistent use over the course of a month at least to change the look of one’s bright yellow colored teeth to shiny white teeth. However, you need to be careful by using it not more than twice a week as it’s an acid and can completely remove the enamel of your teeth  Here is how to whiten teeth following these steps to use Apple Cider Vinegar as a teeth whitener:

  • Take out a small amount of Apple Cider Vinegar in a bowl.
  • Dip your toothbrush in it.
  • Next, brush your teeth like normal.
  • To remove a lot of stains, mix it with baking soda and make a thick paste.
  • Next, brush your teeth with this for two minutes and then rinse.
  • After brushing with Apple Cider Vinegar, brush with a regular toothpaste and rinse.


 13. Bananas As A Teeth Whitener


A Banana is considered as that one fruit which is usually available the whole year round and is a very likeable fruit. Bananas have a lot of merits attached to them as they contain 90% of water, if eaten in breakfast then nothing else is required to eat, helps reduce depression and risk of heart diseases, used as an essential item incorporated in a fruit salad and a banana peel can be used as a teeth whitener too. Furthermore, a banana peel consists of a number of vitamins and minerals which are crucial for maintain healthy teeth and gums. And the best part is that they don’t contain acid like an Apple Cider Vinegar does and can be used quite regularly on a daily basis. A banana can be used as a teeth whitener without abstaining from it on even a single day as they’re safe and healthy and don’t consist of acid as one of their property.  Its an effective and simple remedy for teeth whitening. Using bananas as a teeth whitener is described in the steps below which are as follows,

  • Peel the banana and separate it from its peel.
  • Rub the peel on your teeth.
  • Keep rubbing the peel against the teeth for 2 minutes.
  • Repeat these steps every day until you get shiny white teeth as a result of it.


 12. Coconut Oil Pulling


Coconut oil is considered as a great and effective source to clean white. Yes, you heard it correct! Coconut oil isn’t only beneficial for oiling of the hair or to be added as an ingredient while cooking but also acts as a teeth whitener and is good for gums as well. Coconut oil is readily available in the market, isn’t even quite expensive and as a cherry on top can be used as a perfect substitute to a medical treatment for teeth whitening while just sitting at home. Some people consider coconut oil as a teeth whitener after they brush their teeth while some consider coconut oil pulling as a better effective remedy. Here you’ll learn how to whiten teeth using coconut oil. The ways through which this can be attained are,

  • Take out a small amount of coconut oil in a bowl.
  • Put a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth; swish it around for a while and rinse.
  • Or, add some of the coconut oil to your toothbrush and brush your teeth nicely.
  • If not that, then put some coconut oil to a cloth and rub your teeth against it.


 11. Brush With Strawberries


Strawberries aren’t only available for their utterly delicious shakes or their Choco dipped tarts but are considered as a really good source of teeth whitening too. As pink and beautiful as they look, their use can make you teeth appear pretty attractive too. Isn’t it surprising to know that Catherine Zeta Jones used strawberries as a teeth whitener and so did Tyra Banks on one of her shows? Strawberries consist of acid and their abrasive nature lead to beautiful sparkly white enamel inside your mouth but should be used just twice a week. All you need to do is take a strawberry and rub it against your teeth and later rinse your mouth clean. Its an amazing teeth whitening natural remedy. However, you can make a whitening paste with the use of strawberries too following the procedure explained below.

  • Take a strawberry and nicely crush it into a pulp.
  • Then mix a half teaspoon of baking soda with it.
  • Next, dip your toothbrush into that mixture.
  • Later, spread it even against your teeth with your toothbrush.

After 5 minutes, clean the teeth with your tooth brush and rinse.

10. Smile And Say Cheese


So, whenever you’re getting a photo clicked say cheese with a wide smile showing your bright white teeth with this simple trick using cheese as a teeth whitener. After reading below, cheese won’t just remain a mouse’s favorite but will become yours too. Having cheese post a meal prevents the emergence of cavities in your teeth and discoloration of your enamel. The enamel is made stronger with the use of cheese as it contains a milk protein by the name of casein that work alongside Calcium and Phosphate to bring a white color to your teeth. To all the cheese lovers and the non-lovers too, happy smiling!

 ‘ Now you can smile with your teeth wide open while clicking a selfie with friends as you have an access to the most easy tricks to teeth whiteners available at home.’

9. Peroxide And Baking Soda


Baking soda along with peroxide can be used as an effective source for whitening teeth. It has the ability to make your teeth appear white and brighter than before and will lead to your smile looking ultra-gorgeous. Moreover, it’s a pretty good alternative to any commercial whitening product or for visiting the dentist to undergo a treatment for whitening teeth. However, it should just be used a few times in a month because of the baking soda being abrasive which wears off the enamel on the teeth. So if you’re wondering how to white teeth, use this remedy. The steps to make this paste are,

  • Mix one teaspoon of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide into a smooth paste.
  • Next, include a few drops of essential oil into it.
  • Later, dip your tooth brush into the paste and brush your teeth with it.
  • Rinse your mouth clean after brushing your teeth.


 8. Salt As A Teeth Whitener


The tale of salt acting as a teeth whitener has been heard since ages, passing on from our great grandparents to our grandparents and till our parents. This has been considered as one of the most ancient natural teeth whitening remedy suggested to us by our elders time and again. It’s extremely simple and leaves long lasting results. Salt is an all-rounder from providing an exquisite taste and zest to our food till acting as a natural teeth whitener which can be easily made by one. Its an ancient but effective teeth whitening remedy. The steps to it are as follows,

  • Take a small amount of oil and one table spoon of salt.
  • Mix both of them together.
  • Dip your toothbrush in the mixture and brush your teeth with it.
  • Rinse your mouth afterwards.


 7. Lemon Or Orange Peels


Orange isn’t just the new black but a teeth whitener too which I’m sure that most of you aren’t aware of. Undoubtedly, lemon or orange peels can act as really effective teeth whiteners. Well, as they say that you really don’t know about a particular thing until you’ve tried it and they say it correct. Now that you know about this easily available home remedy which will make your teeth appear as naturally white then don’t wait, make use of it and have the best looking teeth around. However, they contain acid which will make the enamel of your teeth wear off so be sure to always rinse post rubbing the lemon and orange peels on your teeth. So make sure to use it with care for teeth whitening.

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 6. Milk


Milk doesn’t only provide strong bones and calcium for the body but acts as a teeth whitener too. As discussed above that cheese helps in making one’s teeth appear as sparkly bright, similarly milk does the same job. As milk being a dairy product consist of lactic acid acts as a bleaching agent too. Moreover, lactic acid fights as a safeguard against bacteria and infections and protecting the teeth from decaying. So, one should drink ample amount of milk to keep their teeth white and strong.

  • Make it a habit to drink milk before going to bed.
  • If you don’t like milk then drink milkshakes for teeth whitening.
  • If not milkshakes than add powdered chocolate to the milk and drink it.

This will help one keep healthy, strong and their teeth white and shiny too.

 5. Eat Crunchy Vegetables And Fruits


Eating lunch or dinner isn’t just to erase hunger and eat your favorite food but also as a homemade source of keeping your teeth naturally white. Crunchy vegetables and fruits polish your teeth and remove any stains on your enamel leaving them sparkly white and not discolored. Moreover, they’ll clean your teeth without causing any harm to them or to the enamel.And they’ll even push your mouth to produce saliva which will help fighting against cavity that causes bacteria.

 4. Wood Ash Whitens TeethWood-Ash-Whitens-Teeth-Whitener

When the toothpaste wasn’t invented people has been using wood ash as a source of cleaning their teeth since centuries. It consists of potassium hydroxide which acts as a bleaching agent to keep the teeth white and clean. It is an alternative to a toothpick as well because it efficiently scraps away the food that’s trapped between the teeth and protects them against the formation of plaque. Make sure to try this remedy if you’re wondering how to whiten teeth. Wood ash can be used as a teeth whitener by following very simple and easy steps which are as follows,

  • Take wood ask in one of your fists.
  • Next, brush your teeth with it using your finger.
  • Or you can even put it on your toothbrush and brush your teeth against it.


 3. Bay Leaves


Bay leaves are an amazing remedy towards sparkling white teeth. They help in building your confidence to give a wide smile in public while not feeling awkward for having unpleasant yellow teeth. As the importance of orange peels was discussed above in relevance to providing white teeth, so bay leaves and orange peels go hand in hand to act as a teeth whitener. All you have to do is dry and make a powder of both of them and mix them with your tooth paste for teeth whitening. Later, use the mixture regularly to have white teeth within no time.

 2. Lettuce Leaves


Lettuce leaves are widely seen as inclusive in salads. They’re beautiful green colored leaves that not only add a nice color and taste to salads but work towards providing white teeth too. Lettuce leaves are crunchy in nature and the more you crunch on them, the more stains found on your enamel will be removed. All you have to do is include them in your everyday salad and be left with attractive and appealing white teeth as a result of it. Make sure to learn this simple remedy if you’re looking for how to whiten teeth naturally.

 1. Banyan Tree Twigs


Banyan trees parts are widely known as an efficient medication for oral health issues. Just like all other sources as discussed above even the banyan tree twigs helps one in achieving nice, white teeth and get rid of yellow teeth. Moreover, yellow teeth aren’t just found unattractive but are considered as a flaw in your personality and lead to making a not so good first impression of you in front of others. These banyan tree twigs need to be gently chewed in the mouth which will help in protecting against damaged gums and yellow teeth. The steps to use a banyan tree twigs for teeth whitening are,

  • Wash the twig nice and clean so that all of the dirt is removed from it.
  • Next, gently chew it in your mouth so that it forms a brush sort of shape inside the mouth.
  • Later, rub it against your teeth nice and good in circular motions to clean away any dirt found on the teeth.


  • Drink milk regularly which protects your teeth against infections, bacteria sand tooth decay.
  • Brush your teeth after waking up and before going to sleep.
  • Add crunchy fruits and veggies to your diet.
  • Use toothpaste recommended by doctors.
  • Change your tooth brush on regular basis.
  • Don’t share your toothbrush with anyone.
  • Use a good mouthwash to have a good breath and clean mouth.


  • Avoid becoming a coffee addict.
  • Avoid smoking regularly.
  • Stay away from hard drinks.
  • Try not to drink dark colored soft drinks much as they badly affect your teeth.

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