20 DIY Fashion Projects That You Have To Try

We all have some old things kept in the cupboard which are resting there from a very long time. Either they are too expensive to be thrown away just like that or they possess a special place in our heart. Nobody throws the things which were once their favourite but now are just too old, because that would mean we are too cold. I remember trying to throw away one of my old favourite tee shirt, it felt like the shirt is crying out loud to me, “no mommy no, don’t throw me away, I’m your own baby”. Sometime we don’t throw our old possessions not because we love them or they are our favourite but just because we forget to. It is time those things get lucky.

20. Revamp Your Sneakers

Revamp your SneakersHave a long stored sneaker that you did not wear just because it was too boring? Take them out; it’s time to have some fun with them.

You will need;

  • Gold studs.
  • Wooden Stick.
  • Strong hold glue.

Start with washing your shoes to get them free of any dirt because you don’t want them to look old in any way. Put a pea sized amount of glue on the stick every time you go ahead with sticking a stud. The ice cream stick will keep your hands from getting too messy. Once you’re done, wait for it to let it dry.

19. Guitar Love

Guitar LoveLove to play guitar? Good, it’s pretty cool to be able to play a guitar well, not everyone is capable of doing that. Here we are not going to revamp the guitar, instead we will recycle the long kept CDs on our computer table.

You will need;

  • Lots of CDs.
  • Scissors.
  • Glitter.
  • Glue.
  • Markers or paint.

Cut the CDs into random pieces. Paste them on the guitar. Add colour to the pieces and put some glue on them to later add glitter all around.

18. DIY Necklace

DIY NecklaceTo make this necklace, you will need;

  • Necklace chain.
  • Metal rings.
  • Colourful buttons.

We will simply add buttons to the chain with the help of pliers via the metal rings in between. Keep adding those buttons until you receive the desired look.

17. The Disco Ball

The Disco BallWith a few of such balls hanging on our top wall, we can throw a hip party for our friends; the disco night. You will see, as light falls on it, it reflects different colours so beautifully. We will need;

  • Old CDs.
  • A ball.
  • Glue.
  • Black rope/string.

You will cut your old CDs into little square pieces. Try to cut the squares of same size. When you have enough of those square cut outs, you will spread glue with a wooden stick on one side of the ball and add the square cut outs. Let it dry from one side before going on to the other sides. Once done, hang it with the strings. There is another way you can make these balls.

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