Bland Diet Food List: 7 Best Choices

The diet which is low in spice, and contains less fiber is called as bland diet. Your doctor may refer you on bland diet if you are having stomach problems, intestinal problems, diarrhea or ulcers etc. The purpose of shifting from normal diet to bland diet is to help yourself and put your body in ease improving your health condition. Here you find the most advantageous bland diet food list that will help you maintain your health and keep you fresh and active. 

7. Dairy Products


All dairy products are a rich source of calcium and other essential vitamins. It contains milk, yogurt, cheese, butter etc. Dairy products are very much essential for strong bones and ultimately healthy body. No extra effort is needed by the digestive system to absorb them. That’s why they are best to be included in bland diet food list.

6. Protein Foods


Protein is very much essential for your body as it make up the body cells. It provides energy to body so it should be added in your diet. You can have fish, grilled or baked meat etc. It is very important to cook your meat and other protein containing foods in low fat and with less spice. Keep yourself away from fried and oily food.

5. Fruits And Vegetables


You should be careful while having fruits and vegetables. All fruits and vegetables are not considered in the bland diet. Avoid vegetables like green chili, cabbage and broccoli etc. as they have the ability to cause stomach burn. It is good to cook your vegetables first before eating them. Fruits like bananas, citrus fruits etc., are good to be added in bland diet food list. Vegetable and fruit juices are excellent choices.

4. Carbohydrates


In bland diet food list, those foods should be added which do not add more to the stomach. Though foods like whole grains and brown rice etc. are very healthy but they are not easy to digest. So foods which are refined and processed can be used.

3. Non-caffeinated Beverages


People who are on bland diet can have herbal tea or green tea. Alcoholic drinks and caffeine drinks should be avoided as they contain very high amount of sugar in them.

2. Salad


You can use salad including less spicy items. You can add less quantity of salt and pepper into it. Adding useful herbs will also be beneficial. You can also use pickle to add flavor in your food but in moderation otherwise it will create problems for you.

1. Desserts & Sweets


Desserts and sweets can be included in bland diet food list. Try to avoid chocolate and chocolate made products like brownies or cakes etc. Do not add nuts in your sweets as it would be difficult for you to digest them.

The above mentioned bland diet food list will be helpful for you to pick up the right choices. You need to take care of the thing that you do not lose your balanced nutritional value. Bland diet does not mean to avoid food but to include it in a smart way.

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