20 Best Inexpensive Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Do you want to gift your boyfriend the latest PS4 game which he has been longing for quite some time or a new pair of those Nike joggers which you saw in the shop the other day? However, there one tiny problem i.e. you’re caught up in the 2 Broke Girls scenario and urgently need an employer like Han to help you earn and save up so that you can get the desired gift for your mister perfect. But you don’t have that much time in your hands and neither can you get a job so soon so a better substitute and option would be to get a good inexpensive gift for him.


But dear ladies, don’t get complex or feel bad about gifting your boyfriend an inexpensive gift. It’s actually the thought that counts and your gestures undoubtedly depict how much you love him and care for him. Next time, when you have the finances get the best Davidoff perfume for him. But for now, concentrate on the best inexpensive gift ideas for him as mentioned below.

“Looking for a perfect but inexpensive gift for the love of your life? Well your wait is over.”


20. Printed Shirt

Printed Shirt

A printed or painted shirt seems to be a pretty good option in terms of choosing an inexpensive gift for your boyfriend. You can get various things printed from a shop or if you have an artistic touch then get your artist mode on, buy some paints and markers and make a customized shirt for him all by yourself. Moreover, he’ll love the idea of you personally customizing it for him and will miss you whenever he would wear it be it while going to play ball or when going to sleep. Moreover, it’s a very cute thing to do for your boyfriend. You can get the following things printed on the shirt,

  • Funny note.
  • A picture of both of you together.
  • Your name and next to it written, ‘my property’.
  • A cartoon he likes.
  • A movie saying that he adores.

19. List Of Love

List of LoveOne of the gifts for boyfriend can be a list of love! It’s one of the extremely cute things to do for your boyfriend. A list of love refers to 50 things you love about your mister right, type it down, print it out and frame it. Later, gift it to him and trust me on this he’ll be on cloud 9 when he reads all of those cute love memoirs from you to him. A list of love need not be a comprehensive and detailed essay type paragraphs but one or two liners can efficiently do the trick too. Some would be as follows,

  • I love the way you smile when you look at me.
  • I love how you’re so concerned about me that you ask me whether I’ve eaten or not.
  • I love that navy blue shirt on you which you wore on my birthday, it suits you pretty well.
  • I love how you’re always there for me, been there for me at my best as well as my worst.
  • I cherish every single moment spend with you because your presence makes it so special.


18. Prepare An Exclusive CD Mix For Him

Prepare an Exclusive CD Mix for Him

Ladies, sometimes the key to a man’s heart can be through music as well. This is one of the nice gift ideas for boyfriend. Moreover, you can classify it as one of the Christmas gifts for boyfriend too by adding Christmas jingles and songs in it like ‘Mistletoe’ by Justin Bieber. Furthermore, what you can even do is prepare a list of songs which he likes or the one’s that both of you listen to while in the car and even the ones that remind you of him. I assure you that he’ll adore this idea of yours! Lastly, make a customized CD cover for it by adding your initials as well as his initials on it.


17. Get Him Chocolates!

Chocolate..A universal fact is that guys like chocolates just as much as girls like them. It’s not like their masculinity gets hurt or they’re only cigarette lovers. Moreover, if your guy has a sweet tooth then this can be one of the best gift ideas for boyfriend. Since no one would know about his likes and dislikes more than you then you will even know about which type of chocolates he likes the most. Furthermore, this can be one of the very good Christmas gifts for boyfriend too because sweets are the foremost thing people share amongst each other on Christmas! Chocolates which you can include are,

  • His favorite ones.
  • A heart shaped chocolate box.
  • Wrap it up nicely.
  • Make it look presentable.
  • You can even bake cupcakes for him.


16. A Memory Booklet

A Memory BookletOne of the coolest and sweetest birthday gifts for boyfriend can possibly be a memory booklet. This memory booklet would need your utmost devotion and time but will be worth it. All you need to do is create an 8-10 pages booklet in which you’ve listed down every memory that you’ve both lived together on every single page and stick photos of both of you on it too. Once it’s done it’ll look really nice and you can even give it a name, ‘down the memory lane’


15. A Movie Date Which Is On You

A Movie Date Which is On YouIs there any movie which both of you have been longing for quite some time? Or a new movie that he really likes and which has just hit the screens? So what you have to do is get two tickets for that movie for the nearest and soonest show time and surprise him with it! He’ll feel really special and will love the idea of you being so considerate about him and taking care of his wants and likes. Choose a movie such as,

  • Horror movie, it’s universally acknowledged that a couple should watch a horror movie together as it will increase their intimacy to a good extent.
  • A new movie.
  • Or a movie which he has been waiting for.


14. A Customized Ring

A Customized RingOne of the great anniversary gift ideas for him can possibly include a customized ring. Over here, I’m referring to a customized ring as, get a cheap men’s ring which fits his size and get your name carved on it or get ‘love you’ engraved on it. This can even be used as a good birthday gift for boyfriend as well. This is one of the very unique ideas and will always be with him reminding him of you. Moreover, since your name is engraved on it, that ring will become extra special for him.


13. Random Cards Just For Him

Random Cards Just For HimOne of the boyfriend gift ideas can be just random hand written posts left on his side table or just slide it in the pocket of his shirt when he’s not looking which are one liner sweet things about him. Moreover, get various cards for him and send them to him when he least expects it. This can be one of the very good birthday ideas for boyfriend as well. You can send him cards such as,

  • Best Boyfriend.
  • I love you.
  • Or write notes such as,
  • You make me proud.
  • You’re so handsome.
  • You’re the apple of my eye.

“If you’re broke or short on money but still want to get a really good gift for him then you’re reading across the best gift ideas which you can easily afford without spending much.”


12. Exclusive Dinner Date

Exclusive Dinner DateAs they say, the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I remember my cute old grandmother telling me, ‘dear, the key to your man’s heart will always and only be food.’ So why not avail this and prepare the best and most delicious dinner for the love of your life all by yourself. This can even be one of the really good Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend which he’ll enjoy a lot. The dinner can be simple with 2 of his favorite dishes i.e. a main course and desert. You can,

  • Cook Italian.
  • Such as, any pasta.
  • Alfredo Pasta.
  • Chicken Mushroom Pasta.
  • Or a simple chicken and veggie mix pasta.
  • But don’t forget to lit scented candles which will add up to the romance of the aroma.


11. Get A Lucky Charm For Him

Get a Lucky Charm for HimLovelies, if you’re broke and don’t know what to get your boyfriend for Christmas then I have a very reliable and suitable solution for you. This inexpensive gift idea will turn out to be a much appreciated souvenir of love for him. Moreover, since he would have that with him, he’ll always be reminded of you and how much you cared for him that you gifted him a lucky charm so that he always goes up the ladder of success and never sees any sort of downfall in life. You can get either of them or even more than one for him,

  • Good luck penny (always kept in the pocket or wallet to bring good luck).
  • Devil’s Eye (worn as a bracelet, ring or pendant).
  • 4 leaf clovers (kept in a book).
  • Shark’s tooth (worn as a pendant in a necklace).


10. A Love Letter Can Do Wonders

A Love Letter Can Do WondersAren’t hand written love notes and love letters much better than those that one comes across in stationery shops or on a shelf of accessory shops? I think they are because the other person would then know that how much of effort and time one has given to make it the perfect love letter with sweet words of love written in it which aren’t any sort of manipulations but those that come straight from the heart. You should,

  • Get a set of good stationery. Example, glitter pens, colored markers and colored papers.
  • Write about those things that make you fall in love with him.
  • Spray your perfume on it so that whenever he smells it, he remembers you.
  • Do end with, ‘Dated forever.’


9. Balloon Bouquet

Balloon BouquetObviously nothing can beat a bouquet of red roses, white daisies or yellow tulips but a bouquet of balloons will be no less. This can even be one of the greatest anniversary gift ideas for him as well! There are various gas balloons easily available in the market which can even be customized just as you’d want them. You can get,

  • Heart shaped balloons.
  • I love you written on balloons.
  • Birthday ideas for boyfriend can be, get the same amount of balloons in relevance to how old he has turned. E.g. Get 20 balloons if he has turned 20.


8. Open When Cards

Open When CardsThese open when cards are seriously the cutest idea which will work as one of the best inexpensive gifts for your boyfriend. These cards are aimed at his different moods, different days and cater to his various feelings. But you have to make him promise you that he’ll be honest and won’t open the cards all at once. Make 45- 50 cards with a heading addressed at the envelope and something written inside. Example,

  • Open when you miss me.
  • Open when you feel sad.
  • Open when you’re broke.
  • Open when you dreamt about me.
  • Open when you’re really happy.
  • And just continue with them one by one.


7. Get Him DVD’s!

Get Him DVD’sAlmost every guy is gaga over a certain musical band, rapper, actor or television series. Now you know what you’re supposed to do! This can even cater as one of the birthday gifts for boyfriend too. Just get a DVD or two of either mentioned above and get ready to surprise him.

6. Pencil Sketch

Pencil SketchWere you guys together at a wedding, a club or a friend’s birthday party and got snapped together? Moreover, he really likes that picture of you both. Then what are you waiting for? Get a pencil sketch done of the picture, frame it and gift it to him so that he places it on his side table just next to him.


5. I love You Jar

I love you JarLadies, if you want to make your boyfriend feel loved and wanted then this is a really good idea which won’t require much effort as well. All you’re supposed to do is get a normal jar with a lid or you can even use an old useless jar if you find one at home. Furthermore, you need to buy colored papers and glitter pens accordingly. Then,

  • Cut down at least 50 pieces of those colored papers.
  • Write down why you love him on each piece.
  • Fold it into an envelope.
  • And keep on placing them in the jar until it’s full to the brim.

4. Get Him Game Tickets

Get Him Game TicketsWhich game does your boyfriend like? Does he enjoy watching soccer, tennis or cricket? This can even cater one of the birthday ideas for boyfriend. All you have to do is get two tickets to a game or match and if you can’t seem to afford international team matches then opt for a local game match. Whatever you do, it’s going to be worth it. However, as one of the birthday gift ideas,

  • Take him to a game play field of whichever game he likes.
  • Invite his friends over there.
  • Throw him a surprise birthday.
  • Later, play with him and his friends over there. He’ll love it!


3. Picnic Fun

Picnic FunOne of the best gifts you can give your boyfriend is spend some quality time with him. Just tell him before that he has to keep free from all work, chores and busy schedule a particular day because you want to spend time with him. He’ll really admire this fact and will feel super excited to spend a day with you. For this special day you can,

  • Prepare an indoor picnic.
  • Set out a carpet cloth or blanket on the floor and set lunch on it.
  • Eat it together accompanied with scented candles and light music of his choice.
  • Later, switch off the lights and enjoy an exclusive matinee movie together.


2. Massage Time

 massageTime to bring spa at home just for the sake of love! So, ladies pull up your socks to treat the love of your life like a prince and make him feel relaxed and at peace. You can do this by using that peppermint foot scrub which you bought for yourself and treat him with a pedicure. Moreover, you can even massage his head and upper back so that he feels relaxed and tranquil. And trust me; he’ll love you even more after this gesture of yours.

1. Classic Gift Ideas

Classic Gift IdeasEven if you aren’t in the position to gift your boyfriend an expensive branded gift, you can at least run down the nearest gift shop and find a really good inexpensive gift for him. Moreover, always remember the gift doesn’t count but the efforts you put in for him do. Furthermore, your love for him matters which is evident by small tokens of love which you give him in the form of various gifts. Examples,

  • Best boyfriend mug.
  • A wallet on which his name is engraved.
  • A heart pendant which is already into two pieces so that you can keep one piece with yourself and gifts him the other one.
  • A photo frame with a picture of both of you.


  • Always make your gift seem presentable.
  • Wrap your gift well.
  • Use colored markers to decorate envelopes or handmade CD covers.
  • Use glitter pends to write love notes.
  • Use colored papers to make cards, memory book, love notes, coupons or love letters.


  • Never let price tags remain stick to the gift.
  • Don’t give old things as gifts. The one’s which are kept at home as spare.
  • Make sure that you don’t discuss prices of gifts with your boyfriend.
  • Don’t buy things from the shop which you think you can make at home. Example, scrapbooks, coupons etcetera.




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    Customized Ring!

    This was the best ever gift i received from my girl friend, so want to thank you.

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