20 Best High Cholesterol Foods To Boost Your Diet

The best high cholesterol foods will keep your diet on the track and are just easy to incorporate into diet. Make sure that you are taking only a safe diet that does not have any adverse impact on your health rather conducive to your physical fitness.

Cholesterol is compound of sterol found in body tissues. It is an important part of cell membranes. We need cholesterol foods to digest food, make hormones and vitamin D. The high cholesterol is then tested by lipoproteins. The good thing is that there are best high cholesterol foods that are actually good for your health. This is because of the difference between unsaturated and saturated fats.

Unsaturated fats have semi filled hydrocarbon chains and do not deposit on arteries and are good fats whereas the vice versa applies for saturated fats. Following are the best high cholesterol foods that will actually improve your diet and lifestyle.


 20. Salmon


Salmon fish is among the best high cholesterol foods around the world. What makes it so special are the numerous health benefits such as being very high in protein, having omega 3 fatty acids and containing loads of vitamin D.  Salmon has a red flesh and is served in a wild and exotic variety of foods as well as simple home dishes. It is canned and sold, is boiled and then added to foods such as mashed potatoes, it is fried in oil and served with chips and apple cider vinegar as a classic combination and is even eaten raw in sushi food. It increases the proteins level of body and give the proper role in maintaining the HDL of body.

By eating 150 gram of salmon for four weeks it increases four percent HDL, which is good for the health. The protein content in salmon also gives the body necessary amino acids to work for natural protein synthesis, repair of damaged and worn out body parts and for growth of new cells.

 19. Berries


Who does not like eating berries? Berries are tasty and are among the best high cholesterol foods which are good for health. They are natures very own sweet dish and are as irresistible to animals as they are to humans. They not only have good cholesterol but also have antioxidants that fight free radicals that cause aging and these antioxidants also reduce risk of getting cancer. The simple sugars in berries are excellent sources of good carbohydrates.

Eating 250grams of berries for eight weeks increases five percent of HDL in an adult person. This in turn adds to the good cholesterol and gives the body the necessary fats to work with for lipids production and to supply the cells with materials they need to make new cell membranes.

 18. Dark Chocolate


Dark chocolate is popular sweet and is the best high cholesterol food. It is equally loved by children, youngsters, adults and seniors alike. Chocolate is made from cocoa beans extracted from cocoa fruit which are ground into a fine dark brown powder. It is by itself very bitter but with the addition of sugar, milk and butter and nuts it transforms into a very appetizing, mouth watering and sweet irresistible candy. It is consider as a high cholesterol food.

Eating 100 gram of dark chocolate daily it increases 9 percent of HDL and it contains 550 calories. Chocolate also has the added benefits of fighting off aging and depression. It reduces risk of cancer. Dark chocolate has scientifically proven to reduce the percentage of having cardiovascular diseases.

Cholesterol move in our body through blood veins in small group called lipoproteins. Two types of lipoproteins are present in our body; low density lipoprotein and high density lipoprotein. High amount of LDL affects our body because it increases cholesterol in our arteries so it affects to arteries taking blood from heart to other body parts. HDL take cholesterol from other body parts to our liver so it is also called good cholesterol.

 17. Eggs


It is said by doctors that you save yourself from many disease if you eat an egg daily. The egg is the food that came in top list of high cholesterol food. Not only that but eggs are also the main source of protein around the globe. Eggs are mostly eaten of laying hens, which have an adequate amount of proteins and cholesterol. Eating an egg daily for 12 weeks it increases 48 percent of HDL in Adult person.

Egg is also good for warming your body as they deliver calories and proteins for the body for catabolism and for having proper digestion. Eggs can be cooked in many different ways.  A simple omelet cooked on a pan can start your day well. Boil eggs and you can have them on the go. They are added to stews and casseroles. Eggs are the main ingredients in all sorts of baking. They are a staple around the world on every menu.

 16. Barley Salad


For proper digestion and maintenance of body a person should also have to take some vegetables in their daily routine. It is imperative to have a good combination of vegetables in daily food intake to form a balanced diet which covers all nutritional value of daily dietary intake. Barley Salad is among best high cholesterol foods and it give proper calories to body that is necessary for daily routine and it is also high cholesterol food.

The food that have low saturated fat and abundant of fruit and vegetables is  best for health and cholesterol and  by research one thing came in front that  barley salad  gives best of an HDL, which gives the body the fats it needs to conduct daily bodily functions.

 15. Almonds


Almonds are dry fruits belonging to nut family. They grow on trees and if there is one thing certain about them apart from being the best high cholesterol foods around it is that they are a delicacy and are irresistible to almost all people. The nuts have a heating tendency for the body and keep the blood warm. They also promote a healthy and sharp mind. Their cholesterol level is high but it contains omega 3 fatty acids which are good for health and considered HDL, which in turn is good cholesterol.

There is a misconception by which most people remove the skin from this wondrous high cholesterol food. The skin is actually the main reason for preventing accumulation of LDL in body. Almonds are crushed and added to sweet dishes and chocolates. They are roasted and eaten on their own as well. Almonds are crushed and their oil is extracted. Almond oil is used for both cooking and beauty purposes.

 14. Avocados


Avocado is one of many best high cholesterol foods fruit which is not only famous for its good taste but also for maintaining the good cholesterol levels in the body. The Avocado acts on cholesterol as different way it not only destroy the type of cholesterol that harms the body but also increases the good cholesterol. Regular addition of avocados to diet results in significant reduction in bad cholesterol and its deposits in arteries and on liver. In other words Avocados are really miracle vegetables for bad cholesterol as it low the amount of LDL in body and increase the level of HDL. Avocados can be eaten as steamed vegetables, in stews, barbequed and cooked with other vegetables.

 13. Barley


Barley is one of the main crops grown internationally. It is also a great high cholesterol food. After extensive research there is one the thing clearly witnessed and confirmed that barley is the best food to be integrated into diet of cardiovascular patients. Barley is also a very good appetizer. It effect very rapidly on low density lipoprotein. It decreases the amount of LDL twice at a time so it seems to be the best for taking control on LDL. Barley can be roasted and eaten. It can be boiled with milk and eaten as porridge, which is simple yet delicious. It can be ground into barley meal and flour to be used in baking and cooking.

 12. Beans And Lentils


We use beans in our everyday life that we mostly use beans in our salad and also for appetizer. It also play vital role in controlling cholesterol.  Recent study put a thing in front that beans and lentils reduce the LDL twice as per use so it is also best for heart patients.

 11. Oats


Oats are cereal grain which are very popular food. They are best high cholesterol foods which significantly reduce the levels of bad cholesterol which reduces the risk of having heart diseases. Oats are the way to a healthier lifestyle and better health. Being good cholesterol foods, daily consumption significantly increases good cholesterol levels and cuts down bad cholesterol to half. It also has protein content which is good source of plant protein.

Since oats have been proven to do such, foods carrying them as ingredients in the form of rolled oats, bran or oat flour can claim its health benefits. Oats can be boiled and eaten with milk and sugar as porridge, they are ground into flour which can serve as a healthy whole meal substitute and they can be added whole into baking recipes.

 10. Alcohol


There is an ever present ongoing debate about the pros and cons of alcohol, but in this context its good effects on health have to be mentioned, which are scientifically proven. It is a good high cholesterol food and supplies the body with HDL, which is good cholesterol. Taking a glass of alcohol with dinner supplies the body with high amount of HDL. Red Wine has scientifically proven itself to reduce the risk of having a heart attack by 30 to 60 percent.

Combined with proper exercise and a balanced diet it poses no issue. However, alcoholism is something which not only greatly increases cholesterol to dangerous levels but also destroys muscular tissue, damages brain and in most cases impairs the lives and basic cognitive functions. Use in moderation is advised.

 9. Chicken Liver


Animal livers are known sources of high cholesterol. The liver of chicken is one of the best high cholesterol foods around. 100 grams serving of liver of chicken increases HDL by 564 mg and this equates to (188%DV) of daily dietary intake value. The above statement is the proof that the doctors mostly advise the elder not to eat the liver animals, especially chicken. If there is deficiency of good cholesterol then a diet must be devised which has contained amounts of other cholesterol foods sources and chicken liver alone supplies the bulk of good HDL.

 8. Fast Foods


Fast food has become a daily consumption food category in our lifestyle so it is no surprise it finds its place in this list. There are different kinds of high cholesterol foods in fast foods but some are actually pretty healthy sources of best foods. Examples of good high cholesterol foods are roasted nuts, beef burgers without sauces and cheese, steaks and nut salads. Everyone likes to eat fast foods due to their fantastic taste but choosing among them can really make the difference. As from the report it is confirmed that by eating 100 gram of fast food increase 235mg or (78%DV) of cholesterol in the blood.

 7. Animal Fats And Oils


We eat animal fats in the form of butter, cheese, yogurt, milk etc. The animal fats are also the high cholesterol food that increases our cholesterol rapidly. As from the research it is noticed that animal fats increases cholesterol level by eating 100 gram of animal fats it increase 70% DV.

 6. Butter


Butter is animal milk fat derived by churning milk. It is among the best high cholesterol food sources there are and its addition to food adds its own smooth flavor. Butter is also a good source of protein and vitamin A. butter is the major component of baking and is also added to soups among other things during cooking.

 5. Cheese


Cheese is derived from milk by its acidification and then addition of bacteria to it. The bacteria in turn breaks down milk compounds into simpler ones. It is one of the best high cholesterol foods there are and is a healthy source of proteins as well. Cheese is used in baking, eaten on its own with a variety of other foods as well, used in baking, is stews, casseroles and in many famous dishes such as pizza. This makes cheese very easy to add to diet and it is available in every supermarket.

 4. Yoghurt


Yoghurt is made by adding bacteria to milk and then letting it rest and cool. It is a very tasty and healthy food source and a great good high cholesterol food source. It can be easily made at home by boiling milk and adding bacteria culture and letting it cool off or can be bought from almost all kinds of supermarkets. Yogurt is a delicious food on its own and is eaten with rice, used in baking for its tangy flavor and addition of its own bacteria culture to baking process for rising of dough, is used as a base in barbeque based dishes and is mixed with herbs, spices and vegetables to make delicious food.

 3. Whole Fat Milk


Milk is often stripped of its natural fat content before being served and this deprives it of most of its nutritional content. Whole fat milk is a good substitute for diet as it is the base for many other best high cholesterol foods and itself is a very healthy food, if not the healthiest around. It has been scientifically proven that milk contains all food sources necessary for the human body to survive and grow. Milk can be drunk on its own and its other derived sources such as cheese, curds, butter and yoghurt are also its food benefit sources.

 2. Pistachio


Pistachios are excellent sources of high cholesterol foods that actually lower bad cholesterol in blood. They are very tasty on their own and even more so when salted and eaten. Pistachios can be bought from dry food retailers or from local food shops

 1. Cashew Nuts


Cashew nuts are among the high cholesterol foods that are very easily available on the supermarket shelves. They also contain lots of vitamins and proteins which make it a very healthy food to be added into diet. Cashews are easily available in the supermarket, are also sold roasted and salted, are added to cookies and cakes in baking, are ingredients in dry fruit salad and they are crushed to obtain their essential oil which is very useful as health food and in cooking.

Every type of food contains different type of cholesterol level sometimes it fills the needs of our body and some time it affects our body negatively. We have to eat every type of food after checking its side effects on our body. Now a days heart attack and other heart problems have increased vastly. It is all just due to the fact that we do not take care of our bodily condition and take diets according to our own wish. However, the best high cholesterol foods prove the real solution to avoid excessive cholesterol and ensure a healthy life.

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