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15 Best Exercises For Slimming Your Arms

Don’t know about you but not a single day passes by without me having to notice all that extra fat in my arms. Have to wear sleeveless; the fat will be flapping down. Have to wear cap sleeves, the extra fat still shows. Have to wear mega sleeves, the arm fat still denies to let you look good. Worried about having to live with the bulky arm forever, relatable much?

It’s time to say bye to all those worries regarding the extra bulk of devil whose been haunting you for so long. There are some arm exercises that are super easy to do and will tone your arms just enough to make your arms look longer and sleek, not too muscular but nice and feminine.

In order to be able to solve our problem, first we need to know what actually our problem is and where it lies. Here is the anatomy of human arms.

Problems: The extra bulk that is hanging down in your arms is around the triceps muscle area. It is usually when you lose a lot of weight and the skin around the triceps sags, which is a sign of weaker triceps. This brings us down to the SOLUTION i.e. in order to gain slimmer arms; we have to concentrate on building the triceps muscles stronger. However if you want to slim down your overall arm then you will have to work on the muscles, biceps as well as the triceps. As for me, I particularly dislike the extra fat that hangs down loose (ugh! Gives me the creeps).

We will be looking at arm exercises that will help everyone, the ones who want to tone down their overall arms, the ones who want to build some good muscles as well as the ones like me who only want that extra flab to be gone.

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15. Biceps Curls

Biceps CurlsOkay so this is the most basic one. The simplest exercise to tone down your arms is the biceps curls. This requires you to have two dumbbells. You need to start with smaller weights and then you may work your way upwards. Start with 2 kg and then go up to 5 kg or more, depending on whether you want to build your muscles or only tone down your arms.


Hold the dumbbells with your hands in front of you, your palms facing the front and your arms and elbows straight. Now slowly bend your elbows upwards and bring them up to your shoulders. HOLD for a second. Bring the dumbbell down and straighten your elbows. This is one Rep!

14. Hammer Curls

Hammer CurlsHammer curls are quite similar to bicep curls. The only difference is that of positioning. These curls, however, work out both of your arm muscles; biceps as well as triceps.

How to get skinny arms

This time your palm will be facing inwards towards your body and your hands side to side with your elbows close to your torso. Now curl your elbows upwards and bring the dumbbells close to your shoulders. Hold it there for a second. Bring it back down. This is one Rep!

Olwomen Tip

No matter what exercise you are performing, do not forget to keep breathing. When your muscles relax; INHALE. When your muscles are taut; EXHALE. INHALE THROUGH YOUR NOSE. EXHALE THROUGH YOUR MOUTH. While exercising, people forget to breathe which causes Valsalva Manoeuvre; pressure within the body. This causes build-up of carbon dioxide and therefore fatigue. It will take some time to learn when to inhale and when to exhale while exercising – this is called coordination. Once you learn how to coordinate, your exercise will be even more effective.

13. Triceps Kickbacks

Triceps KickbacksIn this exercise, we will be emphasising mostly upon the triceps muscles. After about 10 or 15 reps you will feel some tension in your triceps muscles, which is what we need. In the beginning go up to two sets of 10 reps for each arm and then work up your way.


To do this exercise you will need a dumbbell and a bench. You have to bend down to a 90 degree while resting your right leg and your right hand on the bench beside you. Holding a dumbbell, bend your left arm to a 90 degree while keeping your elbow close to your torso. Your elbow should always be in close proximity with your torso (much like hugging your torso). Bring your hand above your back (the kickback process). HOLD! Bring it down again to a 90 degree. This is one rep!

Olwomen Tip

Keep your back and your left leg straight and try to maintain your posture. In fact TRY TO MAINTAIN YOUR POSTURE, while doing all of the exercises.

12. Cable Triceps Pushdowns

Cable Triceps PushdownsThis exercise will require you to have a cable pushdown machine, which usually not many people have at home so you will have to go to the gym or you may skip it. There are many more arm exercises for women on the list, which you can simply do at home.


To do this you need to stand straight and right beside the cable pushdown. Hold the cable with your hands shoulder length apart. Now push it downwards. HOLD! Now VERY SLOWLY release the cable to its original position. Do not release the cable instantly because the sudden jerk might hurt your muscles. This is one rep. Do two sets of 10 reps each and work your way up once your body gets a hang of it.

11. Modified Push Ups

Modified Push UpsPush Ups let it be ‘modified’ or in its original form, it works out your muscles greatly. When you are doing push ups and if you are doing it correctly; every muscle in your body is actually working. It takes some time to get there but it is absolutely worth every bit of hard work. Modified push ups are a bit different and a lot easier than actual push ups so if you cannot do push ups in the beginning, start with modified push ups.


To do these, you have to go down on your knees and rest both of your palms on the floor. Keep your palms shoulder length apart and behind your knees, cross both of your feet, just like in the picture. Now SLOWLY go down putting your weight on the palm of both hands. Press against the floor and come up to the original position. This is one rep. Start with adding 10 reps a day in your exercise routine and then work your way up.

10. Triangle Or Diamond Push Ups

Triangle or Diamond Push UpsYou see the position of her hands in the picture? Yes! That is the only difference between regular push-ups and triangle or diamond push ups. Instead of resting your hands shoulder length apart, you keep them close while making a diamond or a triangle with your forefinger and your thumb. This position works drastically for your triceps muscles, compared to the regular push-ups. When you will go down and come up in this position, you will feel the tension mainly in your triceps muscles. If you find it harder to do it on your toes, you may do the exercise on your knees. Initially I would like you to do three sets of 5 reps each and then increase the number of reps in each set. Take a break of no more than 2 minutes between each set.

9. Air Punching

Air PunchingThis is another exercise in which you do not need any machine or any other exercising tool, you can pull out any mat and simply start off. This exercise will tone your arms and work your chest, waist and legs, all at the same time. While you are punching in the air, feel the tension in your thighs.

How to get skinny arms

All you have to do is widen your thighs and align your toes in the same direction of your knees and thighs. Twist your chest to the right side and punch. Twist your chest to the left side and punch. Now go ahead and punch in the air in opposite directions. Keep your fists very tight.

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8. Triceps Dips

Triceps DipsTriceps dips are an impeccable exercise for toning your arms. Why am I calling them impeccable? They don’t just work out your arms but also your thighs, your butts, your legs and your shoulders. With these dips, you will be shedding 100 arm calories within 10 minutes. It is one of the best exercises for arms, motivated enough? Good!


Position yourself as if you are sitting on a chair, the difference being; your arms placed behind you on the chair. Your palms should be resting on the chair and your fingers directed towards your body. In this very position, slowly go down, such that your hips are close to the floor but DO NOT sit. Now bring yourself up to the same position. This is one rep. Do three sets of 10 reps each in the beginning and then work your way up.

7. Triceps Extensions

Triceps ExtensionsAnd we have yet another exercise to lose all the extra fat around our arms and focus on toning the triceps muscles! All you need are two dumbbells and the will to shed the flab around your triceps.


Hold the weight in your hands with your fingers facing inwards, with your arms straight above your head. HOLD for two seconds. Bend your elbow and take the weight behind your head. HOLD for two seconds. Bring it back above your head and breathe in. This is one rep. You must be doing 2 sets of 10 reps each in the beginning, with a break of 60 seconds in between the sets.

6. Wind Circles

Wind CirclesWind circles aka arm circles is another simple, do-at-home arm exercise. Our sports teacher made us do this during our kindergarten sports period. As I grew up, I found this exercise to be so absurd but guess what! It is not something to be disregarded, for it works wonders in shaping your arms. This exercise works as good as those arm exercises with weights.

How to get skinny arms

Go ahead and straighten your arms to your sides. Start with making smaller circles and slowly increase the size of those circles. I want you to do this exercise for five minutes in each direction. In the end of those 5 minutes, you will be making circles as large as the size of a hula-hoop. GO!

5. Muscle Up March

Muscle Up MarchIt is time to take our arm exercise to another level. ARE YOU READY? Muscle Up March is not one of those ordinary upper arm exercises that focus on arms only. It is a very good work out challenge. You will be working your arms and legs harmoniously. It will shape your arms, your legs and let you learn bodily coordination.


For this exercise, you will be performing biceps curls and marching, both at the same time. Sounds simple, no? Once you learn that bodily coordination to make your arms and your legs work at the same time, it shall be a piece of cake for you to do Muscle Up March.

4. Shoulder Press

Shoulder PressAmong all these different arm exercises for women, we have another that does not just shape your arms but also teach your body how to remain in position while working out your shoulders and arms. I want you to keep your back straight throughout the exercise.


Stand with your feet and hands shoulder length apart. Hold your dumbbells with your fingers facing outwards. Your hands should be approximately in line with your ears. Now take them above your head. HOLD! Bring your hands back to the previous position. HOLD! This is one rep. Do at least two sets of 10 reps each.

3. Overhead Side Bend

Overhead Side BendTalk about arm exercises with weights, this is another all-rounder on the list which will let you work on your shoulders, arms and abs, all at the same time. This exercise is great for you if you want to flaunt those sexy arms and abs.


Firstly, maintain a straight spine and INHALE through your nose. EXHALE through your mouth. Holding the weight, take your left hand straight above your head and your right hand resting on your hipbone. Bend to your right side. HOLD! Come back to your original position. HOLD! This is one rep. Do 5 – 10 reps at each side.

2. Overhead Side Bend (with both hands)

Overhead Side Bend (with both hands)This is similar to overhead bend; the only difference is now you will be doing it both hands above your head, holding on a dumbbell. Bend your torso to one side. HOLD! Come back and bend it to the other side. HOLD! Amazing crunches right? I totally love them.

Olwomen  Tip

Go as slow as you want to. Take breaks for as long as you want but try to maintain your spine position. I want your spine aligned to its original position, not bent at the shoulders and not bent around your hipbone.

1. Chaturanga Pose – Yoga Practice

Chaturanga Pose - Yoga PracticeLast but not the least, this exercise will strengthen your arms, your palms, your shoulders, your legs, your toes, your neck, your hip and maintain your straight spine position. It will take some time to learn how to maintain this position correctly but it will relax your body from all the crunches you have done before and bring your spine back to its original position.


The picture explains everything really well but a few things that are worth mentioning here is that your neck should be aligned straight with the spine. The woman in the picture nailed it perfectly. Everybody has a different spine position; you may find your original spine position via Pilates. Pilates helps a great deal in finding your original spine position and maintaining it.

Do these exercises on a daily basis and you would soon discover shaped and skinny arms and an amazing health.  GOOD LUCK!

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