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Top 33 Best Baby Shower Games

Becoming a parent is the world’s best feeling. Many couples get excited beyond expression when they get the news of becoming parents. It takes a lot of effort to move from a life of the couple towards a family. Parents have to be extra cautious about their likes, dislikes, their behaviors and their attitudes. Kids pick up a lot from their parents hence, post parenthood we see a lot of change coming in the lives of our friends and family members. But this change is not something to regret about or be wary about, this is indeed one of the most heartwarming experiences. The chance to watch your kids grow, learn, fall down and then get up again is what makes you stronger as a human being.

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So what is that pre-birth that is so important for mothers-to-be? Just like a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party, Baby Showers are the most important thing for any married couple. It is particularly more of a female gathering, because there are all kinds of nappy talks, poo-poo discussions and even toddler tantrum sessions. New and old moms gather on a single platform and not only bless the mom to be with all kinds of presents but also tend to scare the life out of her for the future she should be preparing herself for. But to be honest a baby shower is not a boring get-together of moms and helpless women it is filled with generations of women with their expertise and the youth for the entertainment.

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Every baby shower is loaded with fun filled games, snacks, pictures, props and obviously a theme around which everything is planned and executed. For all you pretty BFFs who are planning to throw a baby shower for your friend or siblings doing it for your better half, we have got just the DIYs for you to plan out some amazing and fun Baby Shower games. Read on and prepare some exiting games for your guests to make the party an instant hit!

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33. Baby Bingo


Sounds interesting! What’s more exciting then to go full house on a Bingo card? Women love to play Bingo, it seems to be running in their blood. From club nights to Bachelorette parties, women are ever excited about playing Bingo. So why not bring the same charm of Bingo with a HUGE twist. To prepare a special Baby Shower Bingo you need to grab yourself a few stationery items.

Stuff Required

  • Pencils (each for the guests)
  • Printed Bingo Sheets (all kinds of templates available online)
  • Scissors
  • Stickers (optional)

How to Prepare

  • So the plan for a Baby Shower Bingo requires you to print out the Bingo sheets from the downloaded template.
  • Then, name down the list of gift items randomly on to the Bingo boxes (try not to repeat the same pattern on different cards)
  • Hand each one of the sheets and the pencils/pens to your guests.
  • As the mom-to-be keeps on opening the gifts, the guests shall strike out each gift from the card.
  • The guest with a full house or the most gifts in a row (diagonally, vertically, horizontally), shall receive a gift from the host team.

Note: Choice of gift is completely upon the host team.

32. Pass The Pacifier


This is one hell of an exciting baby shower game ideas. It is not only equipped to make you leave your seat, but the fierceness of the competition will get youth guests fighting for the first position. If you have some pretty competitive leaders on the guests list, it is great to have them select the themes, because they are sure to mess things around a bit in order to gain maximum benefit for their own teams.

How to play

  • This unique baby shower games is based on teaming and pairing people up.
  • Select your team and hand each of the team member straws and a pacifier.
  • The game is to make one team member hold the straw in their mouth and then allow the other team member put the pacifier on to the straw.
  • The key of the game now is to pass the pacifier on to the rest of the team members, straw to straw without being able to touch or drop the pacifier.
  • The fastest team to reach their final player wins.

New and old moms gather on a single platform and not only bless the mom to be with all kinds of presents but also tend to scare the life out of her for the future she should be preparing herself for.


31. Inside The Diaper Bag


This has to be the game for the experienced Moms and of course for the Mom-to-be as well. This game shall prepare you for the times when your baby will be busy throwing a huge tantrum, either publicly or at home and you shall be busy not only holding the baby but to also managing to quickly find something out from the diaper bag that must be amusing for the child. This game is not only fun but it also triggers a lot of memory cells inside your brain.

How to play

  • Either ask an experienced Mom to prepare the bag for you or borrow a bag right on the spot. You can also do the preparation on your own, if you want to.
  • One by one the contenders shall come up to the table, blindfolded and pop their hands inside the bag.
  • The more the participant correctly names the items inside the bag, shall be the winner.
  • You can even switch roles and make the men at the party to specially attempt this game.

30. Name That  (Baby) Tune


This would one of the most innovative and unique baby shower game ideas. Not only is it contemporary but is also a little different than the usual baby shower game routine. This time either you or your BFF has to make some effort and compile a mix CD/DVD of as many songs as she could, that has the name Baby/Babe in it. This deal isn’t that tough, a good one hour Google search and download sessions will blow away your mind. From the times of your Nanna, Momma and now, you, there have been innumerable songs with the words baby and babe.

How to play

  • Compile a mix audio DVD of as many songs as you can, with the words baby or babe.
  • Play a short chunk of the song, either the beginning or the middle that trickles the memory cells of your guests.
  • The more a guest guesses the songs right, is declared to be the winner.

29. Guess The Baby


You are all going to be in a huge roll with this amazing fun baby shower game ideas. The concept is very simple but it requires a good input from your guests. The theme is to guess the baby photos and connect it with the right individual. Sounds like an easy peasy game, right? Trust us, it isn’t, at all.

How to play

  • While sending out invites to your guests for the baby shower, send in a request and a reminder to them asking them to bring along one of their tiniest baby photographs.
  • Something extra small (age wise) will be good because this makes the game tougher, to guess.
  • So, the next is to pin up the photographs to a board or magnetically attach it to the board.
  • As the guests have a hard time guessing the individual, we are sure that the party will be lit up with loud laughter and exchange of all kinds of old memories.

Every baby shower is loaded with fun filled games, snacks, pictures, props and obviously a theme around which everything is planned and executed.


28. Place The Pacifier


You might have played ‘tail the donkey’ ever since you were a small child. There have been so many variations in this game that it never really gets old. Try getting drunk at a Bachelorette party and see the magic. This time for the sober ladies, the game is to blindfolded, pin the pacifier right into the baby’s mouth. We are talking about photographs here, not actually pinning it on to a real baby, jokes apart.

How to play

  • You will need an almost A3 size printed picture of a baby that you stick to a cardboard or any other vertical surface.
  • Then you need another smaller picture of a pacifier that has a small chunk of double tape stuck to its back, or a pin, whatever suits you.
  • One by one the guests shall came, blindfolded attempting to pin the pacifier right in to the baby’s mouth.
  • There will be many in the crowd that will actually mislead you instead of leading you to the right way.

27. Forbidden Baby


This one is a particularly tricky and hard to resist game. Because once you lose your chance at being the one to score big at the end, you can easily lose all your points with one slight mistake. This is called the ‘Forbidden baby’ baby shower game. It sounds very shady but, it is actually a very fun and commonly played baby shower game.

How to play

  • While welcoming your guests, hand them a baby item that they can attach to their clothing (ideally nappy pins, or printed baby stickers).
  • Make sure you announce at the very beginning that you are playing this game so that guests are extra careful about what they speak.
  • As the party starts to take its toll, you and the rest of the guests have to be sharp into identifying the member who uses the word baby.
  • As soon as someone says the word, they will be deprived of their baby emblem (the pin or whatever there is).
  • They can fight back by finding someone else who had said the word and get their pin instead.
  • At the end of the event the guest with the most pins, wins.

26. Bobbing For Nipples


The title might sound really weird but it is actually kind of a very fun game. And also it is a hit amongst the men in the shower, so we can credit a little to the title of the game. This is yet another fun and unique baby shower games that is destined to excite your guest list. This game has been played for as long as you can remember but we used to have apples in those times. Now, it’s different.

How to play

  • Fill out a large tub with water and through in as many baby feeder nipples as you like (yes that’s the nipple we are talking about)
  • Then get in voluntary members from the guest list to come forth and start bobbing for nipples.
  • The person who gets as many nipples out from the moth, with the help of their mouths only, is the winner.
  • Remember, no hands are allowed in this game.

From the times of your Nanna, Momma and now, you, there have been innumerable songs with the words baby and babe.


25. Matching The Names


Members that have been great students during their childhood are going to love this mind scratching baby shower games. All the games are usually very physical or something to create a heated situation but this game is going to be like a nerve wrecking exam sketch and most of your guests are going to have a nervous wreck just like they did when they used to enter the examination hall. Here’s how you’re going to trick them.

How to play

  • Gather as many chocolaty names as possible. I mean the brand names like, snickers, toblerone, kisses etc.
  • Now make a jumbled ‘match the word’ list. The ones you used to get when you were little kids.
  • On one end of the game there supposed to be names of chocolates and on the other hand you can match any baby related entity that you think can match with the name of the chocolate.
  • Here you can get a sample of printable baby shower games matching list.
  • Boys’ names = Mike & Ike
  • Twins = M&Ms
  • Triplets = 3 Musketeers
  • College costs = 100 Grand
  • Contractions = Whoppers
  • Hospital bill = Payday

24. Baby Whisper


This is the adult baby version of Chinese Whisper. The ever so funny game involves your guests from the start till the end. They key to have a good baby whisper game is to think of a very confusing message to pass. This way there are high chances that the resulting output at the very end by the Mom-to-be shall be highly distorted. Also keep the telephone line (guest chain) a little longer for added noise.

How to play

  • Arrange your guests in a sitting setup.
  • Add in as many young and old volunteers as you can. The more there are the more better it will be.
  • Now ask one of the members to contribute a message for the Mom-to-be and to get the people to deliver that message to her.
  • Your friends and family members shall keep on whispering the message into each other’s ears and when it reaches the Guest of Honor, high chances are that it will turn out to be a completely different and silly thing.

23. Charming Out Baby


Baby shower games are all about the baby and the Mom. The guests present at the event try their best to make the Mom-to-be feel special and excited about this new member in her life. So to make it even more competitive and fun-like, this charming out baby game is the complete opposite of what ‘forbidden baby’ is. The only reminder though is that to not to arrange both these setups together in the same shower. It will end up taking away the fun from the event.

How to play

  • The guests are welcomed and are made to write in a number that they guess shall be the times the Mom-to-be will call out the word baby, in her conversation.
  • The next thing is to observe, listen and to count the number of times the Guest of Honor actually said the word baby, throughout the event.
  • The person who gets the nearest mark for her guess will be the winner.
  • But there’s a lot of fun playing this unique baby shower games and that is the team with the highest number written on the chit will coax the Mom-to-be into saying the word more enough, hence, increasing their chances of winning.
  • The other team with the lowest number on the bid will try their best to keep on changing the topic.

22. Dolly Out The Circle


These fun baby shower games are actually real variations of all the childhood games you might have played, growing up. Truth is, nobody wants to get old and whenever adults get a chance to act and be like kids. The passing the pillow, twisting the beer can and finally the dolly from the circle are all variations of the same game.

How to play

  • All you need is a small baby doll to be used as prop to be passed from hand to hand.
  • The timer or the music shall be played at the background
  • As soon as the timer ends and the doll is found to be in the hands of another person, the person shall not only be out from the circle. But they have to enlighten the audience with a small tip/reminder for the Mom-to-be.
  • Those who are not married or haven’t conceived yet, can share their childhood expertise with the guests.

21. Guess The Baby Food


The foodies shall ever be ready to try out their hands on this game. Did someone ever tell you, how tasty baby food is? The kids might not like it, but I have seen people actually gulping down on baby food. I might be a little guilty of doing that once, in my life. This baby shower game ideas is nothing too fancy or too difficult and requires very minimum effort to execute.

How to play

  • Grab about 10 unique baby food flavors from the store.
  • Tear their wrappers and add in a number to the jar instead.
  • On the day of the event, call in your keenest friends to come over and start tasting the jars one by one and say the name of the flavor that they think it is,
  • By the end of their turn let them know how many rights and wrong they got.
  • This way the jars will remain a secret and not many people will find out the actual flavors.

20. Drink It Up Baby


This unique baby shower games idea will crack your friends. No matter if it is an adult only party or it is a family reunion, this game can be improvised according to the demand of the situation. But whatever the situation is, it is going to be a lot of funny becoming babies once again. Just go through how to make this game a lot more fun and exciting.

How to play

  • Collect a number of feeders and add in the beverage of your choice in to it.
  • You can have beers in case of adult parties with men involved or you can always add in apple juice or any other juice for mixed gatherings.
  • On the count of the timer, the guests are meant to gulp down, oh sorry, we meant suck up all the juice from the feeders, like tiny babies.
  • The one who finishes the bottle first, is the winner.

19. Diaper Derby


This might be one of the most hilarious baby shower games. It involves adults trying to save their teams while they make the best effort wrapping their member into a mock diaper. This is as difficult as you think it can be, and we are not lying about it. But the fun factor beats down the difficulty meter. You can divide your tams in to equal halves or you can make up male and female teams to add up some spice.

How to play

  • Hand out some toilet paper rolls to the competing team. It is nice if you hand them out one roll only and they are meant to do their job well within that roll.
  • One the count of one, the teams have to compete into making as real of a diaper on their partner as they can.
  • It is a battle to make a realistic diaper on an adult human, and the person will be wearing it inside out.
  • If this isn’t fun and full of laughter, then what is?

18. The Water Broke Game


This baby shower game might sound a little eeky and ewwy to a number of guests, especially the unmarried ones, but nonetheless it has got the entire fun factor that you would need at a shower. The key is to find a guest on the party who is able o announce their, ‘I broke my water’ well before anyone else does. This can be really tricky because everyone will be given the same ice cubes and no space to cheat.

How to play

  • The material for this game has be prepared a day before.
  • You have to grab a dozen or so amount of tiny baby dolls from a craft store and put them inside the ice cube decks.
  • On the day of the event, each of the guests shall be given a cup with the baby cube inside it that they will have to keep an eye on,
  • They are not allowed to artificially induce labor by adding heat or hot water to the cup.
  • The one with the first natural water breaking incident should yell it out, in public.

17. The Price Is Right Baby Version


Who doesn’t want to be a part of this age old game show? The price is right has been the top game show for most American families. It is not only exciting but is also a ball of nervousness inside your stomach because you can be an all-winner or an all-loser, at anytime of the game. Here the concept is pretty much the same but the twist is the use of baby items that shall be a part of the game.

How to play

  • Your host team can gather a number of handy baby items like pacifiers, nipples, feeders, diaper bags etc.
  • Place the gifts on the table and use small blank chits to write down apron and accurate prices right next to the items
  • The members and the Guest of Honor then can play as individual or team members in guessing the right price for the item.
  • The Mom-to-be can always keep the handy baby items for her.

16. Dirty Diaper


Nobody wants to put their hands on a dirty diaper. Trust us not even mothers want to change the dirty diaper, at times. But that’s Mom’s job and she has to do it, no matter how smelly or dirty it might be. Ads too are often on the schedule to do the diaper change and this game can be an equal opportunity one. You will have to have a good stomach for laughter and satire to enjoy this game.

How to play

  • You will have to collect a variety of chocolates with different consistencies.
  • The textures have to be different like nutty snickers, caramel based mars or Twix, very slimy Cadbury dairy milk, and even white and dark chocolates for added colors and aroma.
  • Melt the chocolates and let them come to room temperature.
  • Next place these melted gooey chocolate mixture on top of a fresh diaper (remember it has to be a fresh diaper).
  • Then all the guests have to do is to control their guts and lick up faux poo-poo from the diaper handed out to them.
  • The different kinds of textures will have them reach out to their guts. But still its chocolate all is going to be good, at the end of the day.

15. Feed The Messy Baby


Post motherhood the only tiring and exhausting experience is to get your baby to eat a good amount of food that it actually needs. The goal is to manage adding food into your baby’s mouth and making sure that it actually eats it without throwing it up somewhere that you don’t know or didn’t look at. This makes for a unique baby shower games idea.

How to play

  • You can take a jar of either baby food or applesauce and take two members each on a team.
  • The members are to be blindfolded to play this game.
  • Next task is to make the team members feed each other applesauce correctly making the minimum mess.
  • The team, who feeds each other the maximum amount of applesauce, wins.

14. Diaper The Doll


There is something really funny about blindfolded games. And to make your baby shower something to remember for the guests then add many blindfolded games as you can. Guests simply love such excitement and adrenaline. Here is a game where couples, singles, elderly all can show their expertise. The plan is to blindfold the team members and ask them to diaper a life sized baby doll.

How to play

  • Pick up a couple of life sized dolls and diapers shall be the part and parcel of the event, so far.
  • Make teams and blindfold them for the fun to begin.
  • As the timer begins, the members are to direct their mates to make their endeavor of dressing up a life sized baby in a diaper worth it.

13. Balloon Birthing Practice


If you don’t have a he list of guests for the event there are chances that the fun will be very limited. The more the couples and people on the event, the more hilarious and fun-filled shall the event be. This game is not only difficult but is also competitive. The rivals are meant to pace up and make sure that their contenders fail miserable and they have a sour loss. All is fair in a good game at a baby shower.

How to play

  • Get the team captains to device a team of their choice and line up for the battle to begin.
  • The game is played in two phases, in the first phase the leader begins y blowing up a balloon and then placing the balloon inside the shirt to announce the pregnancy.
  • One after the other the team members will keep on blowing the balloons and putting them inside their shirts.
  • The next phase after finishing up the balloon blowing is to start popping those balloons and that too one by one.
  • The fastest team to blow and pop the balloons wins.

12. Match The Socks


Mothers have a hectic time trying to find and pair the clothing items. This ritual keeps on going every time she does laundry and no nothing changes as the kids grow old. Things like socks and the likes have a very good way to get lost no matter how hard you try to keep them together.

How to play

  • Get as many pairs of socks as possible. Can be adult or baby socks both.
  • Mix them up as badly as you can so that it gets really difficult to pair them up
  • Get your volunteers to pair as many socks as possible in or under a minute.
  • The player who gets most socks paired in a minute is declared to be the winner.

11. Preggy Twister


Twister is the game of girls and men both and kind of naughty too. It gets people stuck in all sorts of angles. So what if Mom-to-be gets to play a pregnant twister? Kidding, we don’t mean to let her play this twisting game. But the non-pregnant women at the party can take the extra burden of being pregnant and play twister in that condition. This seems to be a very edgy idea, but it is actually kind of funny.

How to play

  • You will need a jumbo twister game.
  • Some wrists weights, and try to get some extras so that more weights can be added accordingly.
  • And of course a fanny pack.
  • Now the Mom-to-be’s job is to sit and judge the game while the volunteering women put in wrist weights into their fanny packs and take orders.
  • The more twist the game gets the more fun and groans are destined to come out from the game.

10. Guess The Bump


Ever thought how big the bump will be of your BFF during her last trimester? Is she as big as you are or maybe you won the round? This is a funny way to share personal stories and also to keep guessing the actual size of the Mom-to-be’s bump. The idea is very simple and quite chic as well.

How to play

  • Get some sticky pouches and a ribbon ring for the game.
  • Cut in the ribbons according to the size of the Mom-to-be’s bump and don’t forget to extend and add about 8-10 inches in the ribbon for the guests to guess from.
  • As the game begins, hand out the pouches with the ribbon to the guests and they shall tie a knot at the one end of the ribbon, according to what seems to be the size of the Mom-to-be’s, bump.
  • The guest with the closest guess is the winner.

9. Paper Babies


Sounds weird, right? But this is a game of pure guess and also some crafts. The guests are made to cutout by hand a seemingly accurate baby figure from a piece of either paper of a tissue paper. This might seem kind of easy, and it can be but, it can be tough for those for whom it is difficult to analyze the situation behind their backs.

How to play

  • You can do this by blindfolding your guests as well, but this gets easier that way. The idea is to confuse the players by making them do the task, keeping their hands at the back.
  • This way it becomes more of a mind game.
  • The players are to cut out a close to being real human figure by tearing a piece of paper/tissue paper.
  • The more real it looks, the greater are your chances to win, and if not, we can all surely get a good laugh out from it.

8. Make A Baby


I know this sounds kind of a task already done, but why not predict how much the future baby will look like their father or their mother. This has always been a heated debate amongst families where the paternal family vows that the baby looks more like from their side and the maternal swears upon their own. This baby shower games idea is not only unique but also gives a good option to play around safe imagining how the baby will look, in the future ahead.

How to play

  • Get a slightly bigger print of the Mom and Dad to-be’s headshots. More like A3 sized prints and loads of them.
  • Then cutout the eyes, nose, lips, eyebrows, ears and may be some moles that are a signature of the parent.
  • Print an A3 sized baby headshot to be used for the imagination garden and attach it to a cardboard.
  • Use thumb pins to aid sticking the features to the baby face, and then let your guests free into deciding and imagining how much and how little your baby will look like you.

7. Creative Onesies


Onesies are the best part of being a child. How a single piece of garment can make you look utterly adorable and cute and the list simple goes on. There are several variations of onesies that you can see easily available online and on stores. What these onesies can be used to do in the baby shower is that you can use them to bring out the creative junkies from your guests.

How to play

  • Order or pick up a couples of packs of plain onesies, by plain we mean white onesies.
  • These onesies are going to become canvases for your guests. Put inside cardboards to stretch out the onesies.
  • Handover chemical free colors and other accessories to the guests to use and work on the onesies.
  • This game though, is not about winning or losing or even about who made the best onesie. It is about creating wonderful memories that not only the Mom-to-be shall cherish for life but even the baby can get to live the day of their baby shower.

6. Mommy Craving Meter


Every pregnant mommy knows that there are some specific kind o cravings that every woman goes through and in every trimester there seems to be a unique sense of craving developing. It’s like the baby directs the Mom’s cravings according to its own cravings. Nonetheless when moms get together and share their stories, it often happens that most of them often share the same cravings at the same time.

How to play

  • You simply need some sheets of paper and pens that needs to be distributed to the guests. Some experienced mothers need to be involved in the game to make it worthwhile.
  • The Mom-to-be shall explain the kind of cravings she had gotten or is going through, but she is not allowed to name the food she is craving for.
  • According to the hints give, the guests are meant to guess the food on their own.
  • The person with the most right guesses wins.

5. Spit The Binky


A seemingly disgusting looking game but, an instant hit for the male members invited on the shower. Men, on one hand are not too fond to be invited on highly populated female gatherings and even if they are, they wish that things could be charged up somehow. They only means to charge it up is to device such games that involves the masculine bone and makes them show their manliness, a lot. The spit the binky is not only a manly game but is more like an Olympic battle.

How to play

  • Collect a handful of pacifiers and gather around in an open space. The game is an equal opportunity one and men can even compete with their ladies.
  • Hand out the pacifiers to the contestants and they are requested to keep them in their mouths.
  • After the whistle is blown the player is to spit the pacifier out of their mouths with as much fore as possible.
  • The need is to make sure the pacifier crosses maximum distance. The person with the longest push/throw shall win the game.

4. Baby Bottle Bowling


Who doesn’t like a challenging game of bowling? Men and women both are fond of playing bowling and it gets ever exciting to play it in a different setup and to also win it. The baby bottle bowling is one heck of a fun baby shower games idea that will not only engage the adult members of the party, but also the younger ones.

How to play

  • Arrange the baby bottles in the same manner as the bowling pins in a normal bowling game setup.
  • Try and make this bowling setup in an open space so that people can enjoy it in a bigger and wider space.
  • Hand over the tennis balls to the guests to enjoy playing a strike, spare or even a gutter ball.
  • The guest with the most strikes and an obvious winning streak shall glorify his/her pride.

3. Baby Changing Relay


Parenthood is all about the baby, everything from your life then revolves around the baby. Baby sleep time, nap time, diaper change time, laughing time, playing time, learning time, walking time, talking time and the list will go and on, even when your baby becomes an adult the parents imagine them doing the very same baby-hood things that they did when they were their tiny babies. The baby changing relay is actually a race that determines how good you are at multitasking and managing your time in between. This game can b played either forward or reverse that is, either fully dress or undress the baby.

How to play

  • If you’re planning to undress the baby, then prepare the baby (the doll) in a way that is fully dressed, with socks and all kinds of accessories on including wrapping the baby in a blanket.
  • Prepare the team members and start the timer.
  • Each of the team members has to do just one of the undressing acts from the baby.
  • The first shall remove the baby doll form the blanket. The next member shall take of a clothing item.
  • The circle should keep on going until the baby is fully undressed.
  • The team who completes all the tasks first, is declared the winner.

2. The Clothing Grab


Becoming a mother requires the most important thing from a woman, and that is the ability to do things single-handedly. Where a woman might not be good enough at tasks like driving or other seemingly manly stuff but what she is actually good at is multi-tasking. You may look at a mother and observe that she will be busy doing not just one, but a minimum of two things together, which unlike men, is not possible for them. This is something God gifted and cannot be taken away from a mother. So to test this ability this clothing grab baby shower games is an absolute playful way.

How to play

  • Pin some random clothing items on the drying rope and prepare your guests to grab the items as many as they can.
  • But the twist in the game lies where the items are to be grabbed single handedly, without the help of the other hand, not having to put the extra clothe items down or being able to drop anything.
  • The player is supposed to use one hand and grab as many clothing items as possible. The player with the most items wins the game.

1. Changing Diaper Relay


We have discussed a couple of blindfolded baby shower games and this seems to be a hit amongst different parties. There is something really attractive about the mystery behind how well or worse the brain works, in complete darkness trusting the instructions of the other. Here too, the unique baby shower games idea is to set up a variety and number of baby diaper changing stations. You don’t need to set up some fancy gigs, anything on the top, the floor or even in the outdoors is well and good.

How to play

  • The baby diaper changing station should involve the use of dolls and not actual babies.
  • Put in diapers right next to the babies (dolls), blindfold the player and set the timer.
  • Once ready and the timer goes off, the player has to diaper the baby correctly and then move on to the next one and keep on going till the timer strikes the end.
  • Remember all of this will be done, blindfolded with only verbal hints given by the audiences.
  • The player with the most diapers changed will be the winner.


  • This is your special day and hence your BFFs and family members have done an outmost great job, just to make you feel special, so be happy no matter how bad those cramps might be.
  • If you have planned or are intending to plan the shower on your own, do not become a wonder woman and plan out and execute everything single handedly, always bring members to your team to relieve yourself from some stress and exertion.
  • Keep in mind that your guest lists shall be full of people from all age groups so work along things, games, food, entertainment that suits almost every age group at the party.
  • Most of all this day is celebrated for you to cherish the memories with your baby as it grows old, so capture, save and make as many good memories as you can.


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