11 Benefits Of Brown Rice – Healthier Than White Rice For Sure

Brown rice is attached with their hull and bran that provide natural wholeness to the grain. Before getting processed all white are similar to brown rice. Just like white rice brown rice are also found in three varieties; that is small, medium and large. The longer ones to be the preferred ones out of all.

Brown rice can be converted to white rice but in that process it loses most of its nutritional content like vitamin B6 , phosphorous, magnesium, iron and almost all of the fibers. Brown rice not only comprises of powerful nutrients but it also helps the body in various other ways. One of it is to help the body manage its weight properly. Many dietitians ask their clients to switch on to brown rice and skip.

11. Fights Against Infections

Fights against Infections

Brown rice can be a cut out for the growing yeast infections inside the body. This is one of the safest home remedy options to curtail such an infection.

During the Candidal yeast infection it is required to restrict the incorporation of sugary or starchy food. It’s recommended to curb the high glycemic content from the diet in order to limit the growth of such organisms.

  • The high fiber content in brown rice makes it favorable for the digestive system to help its self heal against the growth of Candida.
  • This one has an advantage over the white rice and be used in replacement of them.
  • Rice lovers can take this as an option during such infections and get treated while their love for rice also gets fulfilled.

10. Has High Fiber Content


Fibers help to cope with the difficulties related to your digestive system. Your gut needs to be in a constant proper locomotive function in order to avoid any indigestion. For that you must try and make your diet rich in fiber and a few more contents.

Fibers are generally helpful in keeping the digestive tract smooth to prevent any episode of constipation.

  • Not only brown rice are said to have rich fiber content but also work to provide with the prevention of colon cancer.
  • Fibers work to affix themselves to the elements that are cancer causing and avoid any attachment of them to the wall of colon.

9. Helps In Weight Reduction


It’s the dream of every rice lover to have them and never get bloated. For all those who have been working hard hitting the gym 5 times a day must give this a try! They replace their bowl of white rice every time they eat them with a bowl of brown rice. It shall be helpful trick for them and they will see a vast change in themselves.

  • The best part about brown rice is that it helps the tummy feel satiated and lets the tummy crave for lesser portion of meals.
  • A bowl of brown rice contains lesser calories as compared to the similar quantity of white rice.

Get to yourself introduced to this amazing clone of white rice that could be a bit different in colour and a slight deviated in taste, but once you start with it you’ll love it! Your digestion would get smoother and better and along with that you will be on a lesser consumption of food as brown rice helps to keep the tummy feel filled.

8. Good For The Nervous System

nervous system

Organs and systems contribute to form a functioning body of every individual. But along with this there is a network of nerves that bring the body in coordination with the brain. Brian is supposed to be central organ of the body that sends signal to perform various functions. These functions are then carried in order to fulfill the bodily requirements.

The signals that are sent by the brain are through a channel and that channel is a network of nerves collectively known as a nervous system.

  • Manganese is a nutrient found in brown rice that helps the nervous system to stay healthy.
  • The high content of manganese is also a help for the reproductive system other than the nervous system.

7. Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer

Cancer ever since introduced to the medical world has now been a curative disease. This was initially not a progressed field in terms of finding its cures and prevention but now as the world of medicine has progressed cancer is a treatable disease.

Different forms of cancers have been introduced and most of them are curable with medicines while some with the therapy of rays or radio therapy to be more precise. But along with all the medical part to follow one can always try the safest home remedies as well.

  • Colon cancer is progressively treated by brown rice.
  • According to a research it was found that high amount of selenium levels are associated with lowering the risk of colon cancer. Brown rice is again the one that holds selenium.
  • It is said that brown rice helps to repair the damaged cells due to cancer and this can further help the cancer cells to spread any more.

6. Works As An Antioxidant


It is stated that the antioxidants are supposed to eliminate the free radicals from the body. As the free radicals get removed the body is much safer from any type of cancer and besides it also helps to improve the nervous system.
For everybody who wants to look young forever must go for antioxidant foods like brown rice. The reason is very simple and it is this that antioxidants help to provide an anti aging effect.

  • Brown rice contains the above given qualities! As it contains antioxidants.
  • Hence they provide with an anti inflammatory effect along with being anti cancerous as well.

5. Helps In The Reduction Of Cholesterol


Our body needs to keep of a balance between good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. The key factor in doing so is to maintain the diet and keep a track of what the body inputs. A healthy diet is the key to a better life. You need to change your diet to change the entire system inside your body. Our body encloses two types cholesterol that are LDL and HDL out of these two the good the ones HDL or High Density Lipid. So in order to increase that we need to alter our diet accordingly

  • You could either take such food that can increase your level of HDL or you could go for the ones that reduce the LDL.
  • Amongst the LDL reducing foods bran oil includes in the list.
  • Hence bran oil helps to eliminate the bad cholesterol from the body hence prevents the arteries from getting clogged with the harmful product.

4. Beneficial For The Cardiovascular System

Reduces Chances of Cardiovascular Disease

The cardiovascular system these days seems to be amongst those on the vulnerable list. Why? The reason behind stays to be a few factors and one of the reasons include the upcoming inclination of the people towards fast foods rather than the home cooked healthier food items.

A healthy diet is responsible for a healthy working system. Whatever you feed the system with you make the system that way. So, choose wisely because in the end it’s you who will experience the results.

  • A study conducted on group of women concluded that brown rice are actually good for the postmenopausal women.
  • It say that eating a serving of brown rice or related family 6 times a week could be beneficial for the women with high blood pressure, high level of cholesterol or any other phenomenon related to cardiovascular disease.

3. Helps To Prevent The Formation Of Gall Stones

Helps to prevent the formation of gall stones

At times there is an abrupt occurrence of pain towards the center of your abdomen, this could be an indication for a lot of things and one of it could be formation of gall stones. This pain could at times be felt under the right side of your ribs as well. If this pain is associated with a high temperature, itchy skin, jaundice etc than you should immediately go to a doctor. These signs could be of gall stones. These gall stones could be a result of high cholesterol, concentrated bile juice or excessive production of bile by the pancreas.

  • As brown rice help to reduce the bad cholesterol form the body so they are of help in this case. Lowering the level of cholesterol will be helpful in the bile stone formation reduction.
  • A research published that those who consumed more fibrous foods were on a 13 % lower risk of producing gall stones than the ones who did not consume a fibrous diet.

2. Health Food For Stronger Bones

Bones Stronger

Bones are the hard structure that comprises of your skeleton on which you constantly move throughout your life. The key elements that drive your bones to stay firm and intact is calcium and magnesium. That is why it is always emphasized by the doctors to increase the intake of calcium and magnesium in your diet. About two third of our bones are composed of magnesium. Much of it locked inside the bone to give it physical structure while the rest of it stays on the surface remains on the surface to stay available according to the body’s need.

  • Brown rice is high in magnesium as well.
  • A bowl of brown rice would provide with 21.0 % of magnesium of the daily requirement of the body.
  • Hence brown rice is also strong bone developers.

1. Stabilizes The Blood Sugar Level


For a the sugar level to stay in control some people stay on different drugs who are diagnosed with diabetes while the rest try to bring it on a normal level by altering the it daily diet. White rice is supposed to be a ‘no’ for the people with diabetes because they are supposed to increase the blood sugar level.

  • On the contrary brown rice is not supposed to increase the blood sugar level like the similar quantity of rice would do.
  • Hence a brown rice is a better option over white rice for a reason that they digest slowly and keeps satiated.
  • Moreover it also helps in the secretion of insulin by providing magnesium to act as a co-factor for the enzyme that helps in the secretion of insulin.

Nutritional Facts And Tips

For cooked long grained brown rice following is the nutritional value:

  • In a serving of one cup 216 calories are provided to the body.
  • There is 1.8mg of manganese.
  • Along with it dietary fibers of 4 %
  • Iron and calcium 5 % and 2 % respectively.
  • And 1gm of sugar.
  • If you want to go on a weight reduction diet take a portion brown rice thrice a week in your afternoon meal.
  • If you get constipated frequently then go switch your diet from white to brown rice.

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1 Comment

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