7 Top Enthralling Perfumes for Women

Role of perfumes has always been significant in human life; whether it was a ritual of an ancient culture or modern day fashion world. Perfumes have the ability to revitalize one’s mood, spark emotions and to lift up spirits. They add pleasantness to one’s demeanor. All these things are very much related especially to a woman’s life. In the following, 7 top perfumes for women are listed that can enhance a woman’s personality, confidence and maximize the charms of her femininity.

7. Obsession


Fragrances by Calvin Klein are the most popular all over the world for their fine quality. Obsession has been there for many years and still is the best seller. It was actually launched in 1985. It is made of extracts of peach, bergamot and mandarin with the touch of oak, lemon and jasmine featured this perfume. It can be a good choice for a woman to use in the evening.

6. Shi


Shi perfume is thought to b the pride of Alfred Sung for its floral fruity and tender fragrance. You can enjoy it with the top notes of water lily and fig leaves, orange blossom and Fragipani on middle notes and base notes of water musk and silver burch.

5. Prada Tendre


Prada Tendre is the loveliest perfume to be used in winter. It is for a classic, unique and hypnotic style. The scent of this perfume is extracted from Jasmine, Cedar wood, Labdanum, Cardamom, Indian Sandalwood, Indonesian Patchouli Leaves, mate leaves, Plume Accord and Vetiver.

4. Romance


This perfume by Ralph Lauren must be included in the list of 7 top perfumes for women because of its magnetic feminine scent. This perfume has essences of violet, fresh rose, ginger, oak moss, musk and marigold. With an evening environment you can get its best feelings.

3. Givenchy


Givenchy is virtually irresistible perfume! It is a deviation of traditional floral fragrances. With the notes of roses, verbena leaves and star anise it grabs vibrate, captivating and brilliant style.

2. Gucci Guilty


A creation by Gucci binds women to love this perfume with its timeless classic scent. It comprises range of scents including pink pepper, lilac, mandarin, peach, amber and patchouli. Its sensual scents make it a must in 7 top perfumes for women.

1. Dior Addict


Dior perfume will make you fall in love with it because of its sweet, fruity and soft smell. The scent of this perfume is a combination of sandalwood, sumptuous silk tree flower, night queen flower, vanilla and Tonka bean that evokes the feelings of passions. It forces you to make it your choice, especially in cold, romantic winter with its enchanting scent.

Selection of a perfume according to time, season and occasion cannot be underestimated. Probably it is a deal of intense importance. For this, you have a vast range of different companies in the perfume industry that have launched their numerous brands for women. These 7 top perfumes for women will help you a lot to save your time and energy and choose the best fragrance for you.

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