7 Perfects Picks Of Lucky Penny Shoes For Women

Whether you are enormously superstitious or don’t bother about the role of these shoes in your luck; these shoes are a part of your wardrobe at some time of your life. You are about to move along with the seven perfect picks of lucky penny shoes for women, which are certainly going to help you in buying one for yourself.

7. Seychelles’ Lucky Penny Boots


This is an incredibly gorgeous option of the shoes belonging to this class. These boots have almond toe with a cheetah print made from the warm brown and subtle beige hues. The top layer of these beautiful shoes is made from pony hairs, which give a smooth and soft appearance. The leather on which the pony hairs reside is pure calf leather.  A chunky small heal and a zipper fastening at the side are also a key feature of these amazing shoes.

6. Lucky Penny Brogues


These lucky penny brogues are among the best lucky penny shoes and will certainly help you in improving your luck. This classy oxford look is amped up with vamp in shiny copper and black front. This shoe is also laced with a side zipper that smoothly updates this traditional oxford look. With the grandeur of original leather this pair of sleek shoes is ideally stylish and goes well with straight pants.

5. Lucky Penny Boot In River Rock


This superb bootie with dusty grey hues accentuated with zippers in pewter shade at both sides should be added to your collection. This pair has manmade sole, extremely soft leather and has been stitched delicately.  You can wear these ankle touching shoes with skinny jeans, refined chambray shirt and a chic bracelet and look gorgeously stunning.

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7 Perfects Picks Of Lucky Penny Shoes For Women