7 Inspirational Senioritis Quotes To Help You Get Back To Studying

Almost everybody who has been through college or graduate school has been a victim of this condition at some point; the time when you just can’t bear to study and finish that course book because you know you’re almost finished with studies anyway. Here are some senioritis quotes that can help you get back to studying!

7. “You Won’t Understand Senioritis Until You’re A Senior.”


In you got a bad grade during your first couple of semesters; you would probably end up quite upset and worried about it. But look towards the other end of the spectrum and you’ll find seniors who’ve been failing classes all year and couldn’t be less concerned about it. A case of Senioritis? Definitely!

 6. “Make No Mistake, Senioritis Is A Very Real Disease!”


Most people don’t understand what’s wrong with them when they’re nearing the end of their studies and just can’t seem to be able to focus on their studies. However, Senioritis is a very real phenomenon and can be quite difficult to overcome if the affected person doesn’t even realize what the real problem is.

 5. “Push Yourself, Because Nobody Else Is Going To Do It For You!”


Most students are just so relieved to have made it through the most of their education without any serious mishaps that they get fooled into thinking that the last few days will be easy too. And that is the root of all evil in the case of Senioritis!

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