7 Cute Hairstyles for Long Hair

Hair, especially of girls, are usually long and fashioned almost all the time but only some hairstyles please the eye. There are little cute roses at the back of the head, different types of French braids, stylish puff pony­-tails etc. The best thing about long hair is that they can be styled in a number ways; they can be straightened, curled, bunned, braided, and even left as they are.

Other exotic and cute hairstyles for long hair are bent French tail, overhead fishtail, braided buns and braided puffs. A cute hairstyle is that which is styled in such a soothing yet unique manner that it both accentuates the features of its wearer and brings a sense of sweet innocence when looked at.

A cute hairstyle not only beautifies its wearer but also attracts others. Hairstyles for long hair are not limited to women only. Fashion nowadays also includes long hairstyles for men. Here are a few cute hairstyles for long hair with some basic instructions and their attributes.

7. Rose Crown Hairstyle


Rose Crown hairstyle is both cute and unique that one cannot repress a second glance. This hairstyle includes fashioning locks of hair in the form of roses on the upper half of the head while the remaining hair falls freely and is straightened. The roses are made out of the lock of hair with the help of pins. This hairstyles spices up the grace of straight hairs and turns it into a new look.

6. Beautiful Braid Hairstyle


Tailoring cute hairstyles for long hair is not as difficult a task as you might think it to. So do not write it off just yet. This hairstyle mostly suits lighter coloured hair. This beautiful yet simple style is a quick and easy way to look cute and be on your way. To apply this style: spray the damp hair with thermal protecting layer and texturizing spray and then pull all your hair to one side like Kristen Stewart does in most of her movies. Then simply braid your hair as they fall in your hands.

5. Strawberry Swirl Hairstyle


This easy to make hairstyle is a sight for sore eyes. At first glance, it is so simple; a low side bun with a small twist of the fringes that the name seems an overstatement.  To make a strawberry swirl: blow dray your hair with a paddle brush to produce a low volume look. Sweep the most of your hair to one side, leaving the fringes, and make a small floral bun on the side. Use a rubber band to stick the bun in place.

Take a section of the fringe section, smooth it and then twist and wrap the smaller section into the larger one. Tuck the ends of the fringes in floral bun and use light hold spray to finalize the style. This is one of the faltering hairstyles for long hair, recommended for round and oval faces.

4. Side French Braid Bun


This is a unique hairdo in so many options available in cute hairstyles for long hair. It looks so complicated that you cannot help but study it as long as you can, just to delve into the intricacy that produced this beautiful design. Therefore, it also produces a type of stylishly graceful air around the person wearing this hairstyle. To make a side French braid bun, first make a side French braid.

Then extend the braid to full length. Start curling the braid inward from the far end. When the end of the braid reaches the major volume of your hair, it would have made a small rose-like flower. Pin the rose-like flower to the hair. You have your side French braid bun.

3. Freestyle Hairstyle


This hairstyle reflects freedom, independence, individuality and self-confidence in a woman. This is what makes it a distinctive hairdo in rest of the cute hairstyles for long hair. Moreover, it suits almost any face type though it looks particularly good on round, oval, and square-y faces. One more pre-requisite that you must have before trying this hairstyle is lots of hair with thick locks.

To produce a better look use a one inch curler and lightly curl your hair followed by back combing to increase volume. Then shift your hair a bit until you are satisfied with the look. Finish the style with a light hold hairspray.

2. Straight and Smooth Hairstyle


Straight and Smooth Hairstyle piqued the interest of the general public and stands prominent in the cute hairstyles for long hair because of its stand-out ability. It brings out a new side of your face since it mostly includes dying the hair red [but it is not necessary]. In addition to that, it produces a degree of adorable appeal in its wearer as it highlights the lips and the eyes.

This hairstyle looks good on round faces and tends to smoothen and elongate, and thus embellish the face of its wearer. To apply this style, straighten your hair [do this after dyeing if you plan to bring out a different face] with a hair straightener and then apply gloss spray to rejuvenate their shine. Apply diluted light hold spray to avoid messing up your hair.

1. Geisha Girl Hairstyle


Graceful, simple, eloquent and cute; this hairstyle is inspired by the Japanese updo and generally works with thick hair belonging to people having round or square faces. This hairdo is thus one of the cute hairstyles for long hair. Dry clean your hair followed by a scanty spray and create a soft side of your hair by brushing it a couple of times. Separate the hair into four sections; Right side, crown area, left side and fringes.

Mark these sections (pin away these sections) and braid the remaining hair in a three-strand braid after you make a high ponytail. Coil this braid in the center back of your head, securing it with pins. Brush the hair marked left, making a small ponytail and do the same with the right section.

Take and tie both ponytails into a small loose bow. Brush and smoothen the top or crown section followed by braiding and wrapping the braid around the bow. Use the fringes to create a soft look. Secure and set this style with a hard hold hairspray.

These may be some of the top cute hairstyles for long hair in the present day but they are not the best. In reality, there is no such thing as the best hairstyle or the best fashion. Fashion is an intangible phenomenon. Think of these styles as guidelines to help guide you towards a greater goal rather than strict, inflexible instructions. Use your imagination and creativity to produce new and better hairstyles. Be your own fashion statement.

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