57 Breathtaking Styles Of Long Hair With Layers

Layers are a key attribute of countless remarkable modern haircuts while considering hairstyles for long hair. Long hair with layers gives life to flat locks by adding definition and depth; little variations can transform ordinary dull appearance into extraordinary bright contemporary outlook. This article provides you with 57 up to date breathtakingly gorgeous styles of long hair with layers; so you can have inspiration and the way towards getting a new stylized and impressive demeanor. The layering options for your long locks are as under:

57. Subtle, Long Layers


These layers add dynamics and mystery to your black hairstyles with subtle long hair layers; creating waves that give illusion of motion in the curly long locks. This style rocks with dark brown curly hair and long eye lashes enhance the dramatic appearance. Get your hair trimmed after every three months to avoid split ends and to maintain the glorious style.

56. Straight Layers With Curled Ends


If you have curly hairstyles and you want them to look divine than go for layers that are spaced at regular intervals and get the ends of the hair locks curled for more finished look. Side parting with this haircut delivers symmetry and curls help defining the layers leading to more depth.

55. Casual, Tousled Layers


Long hair with layers gives absolutely glowing look when coupled with casual braided hairstyles. For girls with wavy hair framing their face with few layers would work best to give proper direction to them.

54. Soft, Uneven Layers


Soft and uneven layers with long hair are just look sublime especially in summers with easy hairstyles. This thins out the bulky hair and gives a lighter look in hot weather.

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53. Sleek, Smooth Layers


Sleek long hair with layers brings definition and fullness to locks. This is particularly great for thin and fine short bob hairstyles.

52. Poker Straight Layers


Another edgy hair style meant for long hair with layers.  Layered tresses that are poker straight when matched with dark eye makeup leads to attaining a dramatic outlook that is surprisingly awesome. Middle parting which make hair touch the cheekbones further enhances the looks.

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51. Romantic, Tousled Layers


This makes an entirely alluring with idealistic, tousled layers especially with dark brown hair color. It is best for thick and wavy long hair. Feathered finish to the layers will further add to the romantic effect of the hair, volume boosting hair products can be used effectively to increase the splendor.

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50. Soft, Fluffy Layers


Long hair with layers appears splendid with soft, fluffy layers.  The layering will give body to your thin hair especially when there are limited soft layers that start from chin level to downwards creating a fluid effect.

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49. Cute Curled Layers


A fabulous hair style for bridesmaid hairstyles with layers is to give soft curls to the layers with side fringe. If you have fair skin and blonde hair than this will just give you picture perfect appearance. Keeping the side bangs straight will boost the glory of the outlook.

48. Little Wavy Layers


Another heavenly amongst the layered hairstyles for long hair with layers. If you have fine but dull hair than ask your hair stylist for giving your hair lots of layers that will give a wavy effect. Round brush is an extraordinary tool to create volume in your layers.

47. Sleek, Angled Layers


You can effortlessly look phenomenal by adding angled long bob hairstyles layers in your straight and smooth long hair. The layers in your hair should start from a level considerably below the chin if you are one of those who possess a strong jaw line.

46. Straight With Subtle, Gradual Layers


Gradual layers furnish your hair with an appealing arched edge when dressed straight. They also serve to soften your jaw line through a formation of delicate frame around your face. You can make use of products to give yourself a more polished look.

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45. Voluminous Layers


The current extraordinarily stunning wavy hairstyle gives volume to long hair with layers. Look classier with superficially parting your hair with voluminous layers from side that will also prevent hair to fall on your face.

 44. Thick, Luscious Layers


Long hair worn with thick and luscious layers looks utterly gorgeous. Those with thick hairs can comfortably carry this hair cut.

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43. Sleek Irregular Layers


The perfect combination of irregular layers with sleek and shiny hair simply makes you look fabulous by giving a gratifying silhouette to your thin hair. If you possess symmetrical face than a proportioned middle parting will emphasize the balance of your face.

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42. Bold Dip Dyed Layers


Long hair with layers provides you with a plethora of styles. You can go for large and bold layers in your hair starting from collar bone. Further depth can be added by dip dying the very first layer in a shade that compliments the base hair color.

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41. Thick Chocolate Brown Layers


If your long hair can carry thick and baggy waves than you should definitely opt for this style. Get yourself thick voluminous layers, and then add magic by blow drying with round brush to add puffiness followed by hairspray to fix the style. Chocolate brown hair dye would add more spice to the magnificent hair style.

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40. Smooth, Flicked Layers


Are you the one who desire to look stunning? If yes than try out this style. Get yourself a haircut with smooth layers and bangs that frame your face. Part from your from just beside the center and blow dry your bangs to make them flick outwards. Get your hair sleek by smoothing out the rest of layers and gaze at the mirror to find a gorgeous you.

39. Fluffy Side Swept Layers


Fluffy layers that are sweeping towards the sides make an amazingly terrific style for long hair with layers.

38. Glossy Layers


Long hairs look marvelous with glossy layers. Any haircut with layers can create an impact by just adding gloss to your hair. Despite of damaging your hair with chemicals to get the shine try the natural solutions to get glossy layers.

37. Thick, Wavy Layers


If you have thick and wavy hair; than getting thick layers is just the right choice for you. Random placement of layers will enhance the beauty of the haircut and bangs in accordance with your face cut will also serve to accentuate the startling appearance.

36. Flirty, Uneven Layers


Flirty uneven layers coupled with dark eyes create a celestial impact. Center parting along with couple of uneven layers at the bottom and few layers framing your face lead to most eye catching outlook.

35. Simple, Sleek Layers


You might have heard that sometimes the formula of the more the better fails completely and what looks good is “less”. If you want a modest and sophisticated look than here is the best style for you. Make your hair cut in three layers only; the lowest at your chest level, the middle one at level of collar bone and the upper most lying below your chin. Part your hair from the middle and straighten your hair to obtain the desired sleek effect.

34. Messy, Textured Layers


Create this look by either air drying your hair or by giving them a brisk blow dry if you are in a hurry, this will also create a messy look apart from giving texture. This is the perfect casual look that can be worn while going anywhere; this will preserve the innocence and the natural texture of your hair.

33. Side Swept Layers


Long hair with layers sweeping to the sides creates a simply elegant outlook with deep side parted hair.

32. Romantic, Wispy Layers


Long hairs dressed up with romantic, wispy layers are simply amazing for almost anyone. The waves make the hair appear thicker than they actually are. This will help to give your hair fullness and you can enhance the effect with the help of texture adding products.

31. Subtle Layers


Raven long wavy hair look manifestly awesome with soft subtle layers. This is probably the best of long wavy hairstyles. This will give you simple yet attractive and eye catching appearance.

30. Loads Of Layers


If you have super thick hair then lighten yourself by dressing up your long tresses with loads of layers beginning from the chin level. A side flick can also add spice to the dramatic haircut.

29. Bed Head Layers


Bed head layers are one the best amongst styling options for long hair with layers. It gives you casual but gorgeous style you just need to enhance the beauty of it by adding some texture with blow dry.

28. Big Curled Layers


Big, curled layers dropping on the shoulders give a divine profile. Carefully structuring the waves of layers create an outstanding impact.

27. Super Shiny Layers


You can look breathtakingly gorgeous and stunning if you work a little hard on your hair to make them super shine. Shiny layers be it with curly, wavy or straight long hair are amazingly glorifying. Make sure that you select the length of your layers in accordance with your face shape.

26. Collar Bone Length Layers


Long hair with layers can help you look astounding when you begin them from the collar bone level and make them flow downwards with lots of layers at the bottom. Off center middle partitioning of hair can help you in framing your face that has a slimming effect.

25. Super Long, Tousled Layers


Women will be unbelievably jealous of your long hair with layers stylized in this way. Get yourself super long layered haircut with feathered ends and get them a tousled look by applying any of the widely accepted techniques and you are ready with a gorgeous hair style in almost no time.

24. Two Tone Layers


You can add character, extra depth and definition to your long hair with layers by adding color in them. Two tone layers are the best strategy for doing so. This is going to rock if you dye the top layers with dark colors and the layers under them with lighter tones. The color choice should be made after careful consideration of your natural hair color and your skin tone.

23. Thick, Glossy Layers


Thick and glossy layers give you a sultry finish. You can go for it anytime if you have thick long hair with layers; just add a gloss to your thick layers by using products that are easily accessible.

22. Long Wavy Layers And Side Bangs


Long wavy layers and delightful side bangs of your choice make a breathtaking combination furnishing you with alluring image.

21. Fine, Messy Layers


Long hair with layers is not only best for events but also in daily routine. Fine, messy layers are a perfect option to go for everyday look. They do not require any styling product and blow dry, you just need to air dry your fine long hair with layers and you are ready to go.

20. Ribbon Like Layers


Ribbon like layers in combination with long hair give you decent yet fashionable outlook. You just need to get few layers that are spaced at even distance.

19. Simple Stepped Layers


The simplest hairstyle of those for long hair with layers is simple stepped layers. This layered style supports vivid layers in steps that can give volume to thin hair.

18. Tousled, Beachy Layers


Tousled, beachy layers are perfect blonde long hair. Get yourself soft, irregular layers that start from chin level and use the texturizing product followed by air drying your hair to get the natural messy look.

17. Subtle Wavy Layers


This is the easiest of long wavy hairstyles. All you need is to get subtle layers in your wavy long hair. The natural waves serve the purpose of looking modish and you will not need to work on them.

16. Dramatic Curled Layers


Long hair with layers is just awe-inspiring when curls are added to them.

15. Long, Light Layers


Fine long hairs give splendid character to your appearance when they are styled in light lengthy layers.

14. Super-Long, Defined Layers


Defined layers are deep and add volume to long and thin hair. So stop worrying if you have thin hair get them look thick with this haircut.

13. Bold Inverted Layers


You can make a statement with long hair cut in old inverted layers. This is ideal for those with thick hairs.

12. Soft, Wispy Layers


Soft and wispy layers can provide extra volume to fine hair. You can couple the layers with angled bangs if you long for dramatic image.

11. Long, Curled Layers


Long layers stylized by curling the ends accentuate the definition of layers giving you a soft and classy appearance.

10. Fine Hair With Super Smooth Layers


Super smooth layers with long hair are probably the best alternative for women with fine hair. You can magnify the splendor by adding choppy bangs in accordance with your face shape.

9. Flipped Layers


Long hair with flipped layers is the best for thick and smooth hair. These layers furnish you with partial curls naturally, making hair easy for you to manage.

8. Bombshell Layers


Bombshell layers require effort but when worn with long hair lead to superb results. To create the style you will need extra voluminous and bulky hair and for that you will have to use volume boosting products from shampoo to hair drying and even after that. Use of these products will give you the extent of required volume and your layers will transform into bombshell layers giving you the desired outlook.

7. Soft Ombre Layers


Soft layers with ombre will add style to your long hair with layers that can be easily maintained without disturbing your daily routine. But ombre hair combination needs to be chosen carefully after keeping in mind the skin tone.

6. Stepped Layers With Curls


Thick locks can comfortably carry stepped layers with curls to create a splendid whimsical image.

5. Tousled Streaked Layers


Tousled, streaked layers work best on the long hair. Choose the appropriate color of your streaks that accentuate your skin complexion and brighten your outlook.

4. Perfectly Shaped Layers


You can easily get a finished chic style by having perfectly shaped layers. This results in clear, curvilinear shape that can compliment any girl; you just need to consult your stylist about the number of layers and their length that will suit your face shape.

3. Chic Angled Layers


This will probably give you the right glamorous outlook that every girl aspires. Angled long hair layers can enhance the grandeur of long hair and highlight the facial character.

2. Voluminous Layered Curls


Voluminous layers with big curls are absolutely magical together. They highlight the face along with enhancing the natural beauty of long hair.

1. Layers And Long, Choppy Bangs


Long hair layers look magnificently overwhelming with long and chopped bangs. This can work for any kind of hair from straight to wavy.

After getting access to plethora of options for long hair with layers, you can change your looks whenever you want without any time taking exercise of searching for alternatives. Now you can manage to look utterly fabulous just like the celebrities of the fashion world effortlessly. You can also use your imaginative powers to imagine and realize more variations of these styles that compliment your personality.         

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