30 Lace Flower Girl Dresses

1. Cinderella’s Disney Princess Lace Flower Girl Dress

Cinderella's Disney Princess Lace Flower Girl DressThe delicate lace bodice delivers the timeless beauty with the combination of bold details including bateau neckline. It is embellished with lace embroidery in luminous metallic accents. The crystal beading sequins conveys the dazzling sparkle to the whole costume. The lace covered bodice shines with these stunning details. The three- tiered skirt is designed with horsehair trim to raise the glamour of the dress.


From quality to variety and versatility, you will find this collection of lace flower girl dresses a fair deal. With the impressive colour and design options and a wide range of flower laces, each dress will please you more than the previous.

What a lace flower dress needs most is a combination of a cute but elegant flowery pattern synchronized with the dress theme and the colour. Each of these dresses is carefully designed by keeping this principle in mind and each one has been prepared with absolute care and dexterity making it a specimen of expert handicraft.

A vintage style lace flower dress can make your girl look like a youth celebrity from the 60’s. That goes well at summer parties and weddings. These dresses will bring heaps of admiration and people will adore the beauty queen in the flowery dress.

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