30 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

Since time immemorial, having long, lustrous hair that would be the envy of every maiden around for miles has been every girl’s dream. Those long strands running all the way down to the waist and beyond have found their way in many a man’s heart and have been the subject of much allure and desire.  However, it is not always easy to manage and maintain such long hair without putting in a good amount of time and effort. Hours of painstaking combing and brushing have gone into many a beautiful mane to keep it looking good as gold. Sleek and straight might be the standard style for wearing long hair, but there are a lot of other alternatives for the adventurous at heart too. Described below are some of these easy hairstyles for long hair which can be done at home in just a few minutes and will help add an entirely new perspective to your tresses that will help turn heads the moment you walk into a room!

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30. The Classic Braid


You can never really go wrong with this one and the braid is here to stay. All you need is to have clean, brushed, slightly damp hair. You can work with both dry and wet hair but the latter is easier to manage and gives better results. Starting off with a secure base is recommended as it gives a neater appearance and helps to center the braid.

Divide your hair into three main sections and keep crossing them over each other sequentially to get your classic braid in no time at all! You can finish by securing the braid at the end with a band or a pony tail and you’re good to go! This braid is fun to wear and very convenient since it’s one of the ideal easy hairstyles for long hair.

29. The French Braid


Much classier than the classic braid, the French braid is based on the same principle but involves a little more technique. You start with straight, brushed hair which can be either wet or dry and then section it into manageable chunks which you will then divide into three strands as you did for the classic braid and then weave them together in the same pattern. The difference comes in when you begin to add more hair into the strands with each cross over so that the design of the braid becomes more intricate.

28. The French Lace Braid


Another one of the easy hairstyles for long hair is a variation of the French braid in which only two small braids are made which go across the back of your head like a crown while the rest of your hair is combed straight. Take care to add the strands as you braid to only side of your head as you continue to make it different from the regular French braid.

 27. The Fishtail Braid


For the fishtail braid you need to part your hair into two neat sections straight down the middle and then take a thin strand from one of the sections and take it over the top of that section and then under the opposite section. The same pattern is then repeated again and again to get a fishtail braid.

Quick link = How to do a fishtail braid

26. The Waterfall Braid


If you are searching for easy hairstyles for long hair, the waterfall braid is the best. It begins by sectioning your hair into three parts. The first part is the upper one third of your hair that you will divide into three strands and begin French braiding towards the back of your head. As you begin to reach the ends of the strand, the last strand is dropped and another strand is picked up from the next section of hair to give the waterfall effect.

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25. The Strawberry Swirl

The Strawberry Swirl

Perfect for a classy yet elegant look, the strawberry swirl makes use of a low hanging bun at the side combined with a slight twist to the fringe. For this style, section of a small portion for the fringe and then pull the rest into a small ponytail which is twisted into a nice flower pattern. Now another small section is taken up and twisted around the fringe to bend it and then the ends are extended to end in the bun which hangs by the side.

 24. The Cinnamon Curls

The Cinnamon Curls

Want easy hairstyles for long hair to stir things up a little and try some curls? The Cinnamon curls are another one of the cute easy hairstyles for long hair that are in vogue right now. To set your hair like this, divide your hair across the ears in a horizontal manner and pin away the top portion for the time being. With the lower portion, gather the hair into a ponytail and divide it into little sections looped upon each other to give the curl effect.

Now turn your attention back to the top half of the hair and comb it backwards towards your neck, creating a deeper fringe towards one side. The ends of the strands are then curled inwards to join the other curls at the back. You can set the final design with some hair spray for a longer lasting effect.

 23. The Island Tendrils


Fancy a holiday? The Island Tendrils could be the perfect hairdo to wear on a cruise! Ideally suited for curly hairstyles, this can also serve as one of the easy hairdos for long hair. You start by separating your hair into sections and pinning away the fringes and the sides. Now the crown area is straightened and loosely twisted into curls which are pinned upon each other to give the tendril effect which can be secured with pins or hairspray.

 22. The Flared Bun


You can never really go wrong with buns. And this simple long hairstyle will have your hair in place and looking beautiful within minutes. The style essentially involves making a ponytail from your hair which is then opened up by rolling it towards the head from its end, which is then fixed against the head using bobby pins. The flaring effect of the bun is then emphasized by separating the roll slightly using your fingers.

21. The Perky Side Pony


Sometimes wearing your hair in a bun can feel a little heavy on the head but letting your hair hang lose can be quite messy. The solution lies in the perky side pony! One of the easy hairdos for long hair, this style is the best among the easy hairstyles for long hair and will take you less than a minute to set up but looks every bit as fabulous as it sounds. Simply gather your hair towards a side and make it into a pony tail. Fasten the pony with a rubber band and then puff out some hair from the base to create the perky effect.

20. The Pouf

the pouf

Bringing back the retro style, the pouf is a classic reminder of how women used to wear their long hair almost a century back. For making a pouf, you need to separate a section at the front which will be the main feature, which can be secured using a clear band. Next, take down your hair from where you placed the band and draw it down and secure with pins and you’re done with another cute easy hairstyle for long hair!

 19. The Messy Bun


Perhaps the most fun and most random hairstyle of the lot, this easy long hairstyle lets you get creative in the easiest way. Simply puff your hair up pile it up into a small bouffant and then keep adding more and more layers till you’re happy with your design which you can then fix into place using bobby pins.

18. The Half-do

The Half-do

If you want easy hairstyles for long hair to style your hair but don’t really feel like putting too much effort into it, the half-do is the way to go! One of simple long hairstyle, all it involves is pulling your hair up into a half pony tail and then tying it down with a rubber band. To give the illusion of volume, apply a little traction to the top of the pony tail and you’re ready to roll!

 17. The Sleek Knot


Tired of the bun, but can’t bear the pony tail? The sleek knot is the perfect solution! All it involves is gathering your hair up into a pony tail and twisting it around its own base to get a combination of both the bun and the pony tail! The result is the sleek knot which truly lives up to its name and gives you the best of both worlds too.

16. The Sock Bun Curls

The Sock Bun Curls

You won’t believe it but you can actually use a nice, clean pair of socks to curl your hair. The sock bun curls are one of the easy hairdos for long hair that quite ingeniously create a style for you that will never fail to impress. All you have to do is to wash and dry your hair leaving it slightly damp and then wrap the sectioned strands around a sock and tie them up for the night. When you wake up the next morning, your hair will be all nice and curly from the socks and you can show off your new style to all your friends.

15. The Knotted Ponytail

The Knotted Ponytail

Can’t get enough of ponytails? The knotted ponytail is one of the cute easy hairstyles for long hair that gets a little more out of the average ponytail and makes it much more pleasing to the eye with its potential for bringing out the cute factor. You can adopt this style by cleaning and conditioning your hair as usual and then dividing it up into two separate sections along a vertical line on the back of your head between your shoulders. The two sections are then tied into a simple knot which is secured with a clear band, the ends of which are hidden from view by sliding it up under the knot. How much cuter can you get?

14. The Braided Ponytail


Another one of those easy hairstyles for long hair that the ponytail aficionados should love is the braided ponytail. All it takes is to start with a fishtail braid from one end and after creating at least two layers of that, bundle up the rest of your hair into a simple ponytail, making the perfect cross over.

13. The Bubble Braid

The Bubble Braid

Here’s one for all the Disney fans out there who would just love to dress like one of those magical princesses who are waiting patiently for their Prince Charming to show up, and while doing so, have discovered the best easy hairstyles for long hair. The Bubble Braid is a classic with the princesses and extremely easy to make! All you need to do is to draw your hair into a ponytail at the end and then start adding bands at a length of every two or three inches to create the Bubble braid effect. This style turns out all the better for really long hair, since the longer your hair, the better the bubble braid you get!

12. The Hair Bow

The Hair Bow

Probably one of the cutest styles to wear your hair, the hair bow eliminates the need to use a ribbon by turning your own hair into a nice, big bow. All you need to do is to make a loop in a ponytail and then tie an elastic band around it, divide it into half, and then pull the loose around it to make the perfect little bow!

11. The Simple French Roll

Simple French Roll

Combining class with ease of wear, the simple French Roll is one of simple long hairstyles that can liven up your day. To start with, you need to back comb your hair to one side and then hold it in place securely using multiple pins inserted next to each other in a vertical manner. Then pull your hair over to the other side over the pins while rotating the ends around on your hand to make the final roll which can be secured using pins to complete this simple French Roll.

10.The Half-up Bouffant

The Half-up Bouffant

Sometimes the original Bouffant can seem like a little too much, which is why the half-up Bouffant was invented as one of the easy hairdos for long hair. Essentially the little brother of its original counterpart, the half-up Bouffant involves shifting the rising head of hair a little further down the head. The look can be created by combing your hair and then parting it along the arch of your eyebrow.

The actual Bouffant is styled by teasing the crown portion of the hair slightly with the comb to build it up as much as possible to get the Half-up Bouffant.

9. The Milkmaid Braid

The Milkmaid Braid

Perhaps a style that has grown to be associated more with the working woman, the Milkmaid Braid is actually quite an elegant and practical style from the easy hairdos for long hair. This braid also uses a side part, which can be drawn out using the eyebrow as a guide. A couple of pigtails are then drawn out on both sides and secured with an elastic band. The pigtails are separated into two strands and weaved into fishtail braids, which are then wrapped around the top of the head to give the Milkmaid Braid. Bobby pins or hairspray can be used to keep the braids in place.

8. The Single Twist

single twist hair

When it comes to value for time, the Single twist can defeat all other styles in terms of simplicity and ease. All you need to do is comb your hair straight down and then take two small sections of hair from each side on the back of your head. Both sections are then crossed over to the other side and pinned down, and the Single Twist is ready to go!

7. The Tuck and Cover

Tuck and Cover

One of the simple long hairstyles, the Tuck and Cover employs the use of a headband which you can put on after cleaning and drying your hair and combing it straight backwards. The tails of the headband are pushed down towards the back of the neck and the ends of the hair are rolled up into the band at the base of the neck to form the Tuck and Cover.

6. Gibson Tuck

The Tuck and Cover

Gibson Tuck is similar to that of a headband tuck and has a traditional outlook among the easy hairstyles for long hair. It reminds of the gorgeous and attractive hairdos of the Victorian times. This hairstyle is immensely easier; you need only to tuck your hair up and curl them inside.  For preparation, you require simply hair tie and bobby pins. You can begin from one side twisting hair up to your ears and then the same on other side and then join the both parts leaving behind only a short pony tail.

5. Chignon


Chignon is the best option for long hairs on events such as weddings or formal dances. It is adoring hair into a knot at the back part of the head with the help of pins. This hairdo is achieved by dividing hair up to the head in two parts. Form a ponytail of each strand and then tie them into a loose knot. Now wrap each side upward and fix them with pins into loose hanging knot.

4. Rope Twist Braid

Rope Twist Braid

The style can be achieved by making a tight ponytail at the hind part of your head. Separate the hair now into two stands and twist them to form ropes. Plait them now the ropes into a braid. You can generate various forms of bun with the help of rope twist braid.

3. Teased Low Ponytail

Teased Low Ponytail

Teasing is pumping up your hair. To achieve this gorgeous hairstyle, begin with parting hairs in the middle and smooth them of tangles and twists with brush. Now tease them upside on the top of the head and create now a low ponytail and fix it. It is one of the simple long hairstyles.

2. Vintage Curls

Vintage Curls

Curls add grace to long hair. The vintage curls are not difficult at all to achieve in your long hair. Make sure you are using a half inch curling iron to make ringlets. When the whole head is curled, start twisting hairs towards your face. You will finally get your hairs adorned with vintage curls, with long wavy twists.

1. The Ballerina Bun

The Ballerina Bun

The Ballerina Bun seems an intricate hairstyle but it is one of the easy hairstyles for long hair than most of the hairdos. In fact the perfection of Ballerina Bun depends on the length of your hair. If your hairs are long enough, you can achieve the best look. Straighten up hair, leaving no curl or knot and then slightly wet them. Crate now a high and tight ponytail and twist the hair into a tight rope, leaving no hair astray.  Wrap the hair rope now around the ponytail and fix it. Your Ballerina Bun is ready.
With these easy hairstyles for long hair, you can make sure that your hair is on top of the game all the time and enjoy the attention and admiration that a good hairstyle brings. Some tips to keep in mind while playing around with these simple long hairstyles are that when you use bobby pins to stick your hair in place, always remember to turn the wavy side to face your head.

This keeps your hair pinned down more securely. For ponytails, you can hide the elastic bands by drawing a small section around the base to cover the bands and give a more natural appearance. For braids, you can make them appear fuller and more luscious by pulling them slightly apart for that blown out effect. And last but not least, don’t forget to be adventurous and style your hair using all these easy long hairstyles!

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