30 Best Calcium Rich Foods

The best calcium rich foods help you maintain teeth, bones, muscles, and your nerve signals. Its vitality goes even beyond that. Vegetables, sardines and spinach make great calcium source. Seaweed and tofu also make great bone building foods. To increase your bone mineral density, eat calcium rich foods.

Calcium, a mineral necessary for life, is commonly known to help grow strong bonhes and teeth. While a necessary mineral, it’s found abundantly in several foods and liquids. Although the best calcium rich foods are commonly known as milk, yogurt, cheese but this is not the only way to get calcium in one’s body.

There are not only fruits rich in calcium but several drinks are also useful in this regard. Following are some calcium rich food, if included in diet, will never lead to any calcium deficiency.

30. Milk


Milk is readily and easily available everywhere among the calcium rich food. Weather it is of goat, cow, buffalo or camel they are equally good and full of calcium. This white liquid should be your primary source of calcium. Milk also helps with vitamin B-6 and Magnesium deficiency. This common kitchen beverage contains 42 calories per 100 ml and 118 milligram of calcium.

29. Yogurt


This hard fermented sister of milk contains about 59 calories per 100 grams, while being rich in calcium and vitamin B-12. It is also a great source of proteins and potassium. Not only can you make yogurt inside your own kitchen from fresh milk, you can flavor it to your taste. It has about 133 milligrams of calcium per 100 grams.

It is estimated that an average adult consumption of calcium should be around 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day. A study reveals that most humans don’t fulfill this criterion. Thus, there are calcium deficiency issues such as numb body and muscles, laziness, weak bones, tooth decay and general weakness. The remedy is to add calcium rich foods in your diet and save yourself from numerous health issues.

28. Cheese


This 4000 years old recipe of delight has always been popular for its rich texture and taste. It is usually produced from buffalo’s, sheep’s or cow’s milk. This is calorie rich food and only 100 grams of farm cheese gives 371 calories. This all-rounder of a food can easily be added to the list of best calcium rich foods. It contains vitamin A, Calcium, Iron, vitamin D, vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12 and Magnesium. While hard cheese has about 670 milligram of calcium per 100 grams, farm cheese lags behind with 69 milligrams.

27. Cream


This dairy product can also be added in the list of the best calcium rich foods. It is composed of butterfat layer of milk, comes in several different fat contents. Ranging from light (18% fat) to heavy (36% fat) has varying levels of calcium contents. Whether to eat raw, or whipped, or over ice-cream, with fruit and so on; this delight will fulfill your daily calcium needs. 100 grams of cream contain about 65 milligrams of calcium.

26. Desserts


The sweet world of desserts is also included in calcium rich foods. Desserts comprise a wide array of puddings, custards, pie, cakes and tarts. From country to country, and culture to culture, this sweet joy never disappoints in its unique local flavors. A common vanilla pudding is calcium rich and has about 124 milligrams of calcium per 100 grams serving.

25. Sardines


Feeling omnivorous? Are you comfortable with a tasty fried fish than with a green rabbit diet? Well its good news. Canned sardines have about 355 milligrams of calcium per 100 gram. It’s not only rich in taste but it is an excellent diet option in best calcium rich foods. It further provides vitamin D and vitamin B-12.

“Did you know that with age calcium deficiency increases? It is because of the release of calcium through human body in sweat, skin cells and waste. Taking more calcium helps your bone structure stay strong to the growing age. This deficiency can easily be recovered by just drinking a single glass of milk, a slice with cheese, and a small pot of yogurt.”

24. Eggs


Eggs are the best of calcium rich foods that help you strengthen your bones. This indispensable item of kitchen is packed with a broad spectrum of nutrients ranging from 18 different vitamins and proteins; contains about 54 milligrams of calcium per 100 grams. Enjoy your eggs.

23. Beans And Lentils


This broad food category involves lentils, chick peas, white beans, red beans, and green beans. An important note to make here is that cooked beans lose calcium content, and raw beans contain almost twice the quantity as your find in the cooked ones. White beans have about 156 milligrams of calcium per 100 grams (raw).

22. Soymilk


The milk of dried grinded soybeans has become a popular replacement to lactose intolerant for daily calcium intake. Not only does it taste better than regular milk but it has several added health benefits too. Calcium strengthened soy milk gives about as much calcium as regular milk does. It is good on iron, vitamin B-6 and magnesium. Not only it’s a popular dairy alternative, it’s also a common beverage in several countries. It has 89 milligrams of calcium per 100 grams serving and thus makes one of the best calcium rich foods.

21. Orange Juice (Calcium Fortified)


We all know the amazing properties of orange juice. It is rich in vitamin-C like no other fruit, but added calcium makes it a great all-rounder. This again, is an amazing substitute for people who can’t drink milk. Best served chilled, this will help you meet your daily requirements of calcium intake. It has 67 milligrams of calcium per 100ml serving.

20. Figs


This is not only an excellent source of calcium in rest of the calcium rich foods but also provides fiber and is antioxidant. Dried figs in particular are a concentrated source of calcium. This low on fat fruit has about 74 calories per 100 grams and 146 milligrams of calcium per 100 grams.

19. Tofu


Tofu made firm with added calcium sulphate is not only a delight to your taste buds, but it’s also one of the best calcium rich foods intake. It is excellent derivative of soybeans and is liked by almost anyone, anywhere. Not only is it rich in calcium, it’s also a great source of amino-acids, micro nutrients, iron and magnesium. It has 62 milligrams of calcium per 100 grams of serving.

18. Canned Salmon


There is no other better affordable and tasty way to fill your daily meal with calcium than canned salmon. Easy to fix salmon is rich in omega-3 too. It is healthy yet downright tasty. Every 100 grams of canned salmon contain 59 milligrams of calcium with several proteins and iron for a balanced meal.

17. Broccoli


This green cabbage has amazing cholesterol lowering benefits other than the immense punch of calcium it packs. It has several essential nutrients, vitamin A, vitamin C and magnesium. Low on saturated fat and cholesterol with only 34 calories per 100 grams, it packs 98 milligrams of calcium. Cress Garden cress, sharing mustard’s aroma, is a common ingredient in sandwiches. It is also eaten as sprouts and fresh or dried seed pods. This vitamin and mineral rich fast growing herb has 166 milligrams of calcium per 100 grams. It makes for a great calcium rich salad ingredient.

16. Almonds


Almonds are calcium rich. Apart from one of the best calcium rich foods, it has so many other advantages as well. With densely packed nutrition, along with calcium, almonds are full of iron, and a good source of vitamin B-6, vitamin-E and magnesium. They are good for memory and brain and are energy rich with 576 calories and 233 milligrams of calcium, per 100 grams.

15. Pasta


Now that we’ve talked about a lot of raw food, it’s time to get creative. Well this tasty Italian cuisine includes lasagna, ziti, pasta salad and macaroni. It contains vitamin B-6, and magnesium, and 142 milligrams of calcium per 100 grams serving.

14. Seaweed


Well, since sea is not only full of protein rich fish, but is also host to several salad making vegetables. Found deep in the sea, it comes in red, green and brown colored seaweed that is rich in calcium, fiber and iron. With sea salts helping with iodine deficiency, seaweed makes an excellent exquisite royal soup. It contains 34 milligrams of calcium per 100 milligrams of serving. You can safely add seaweed to the best calcium rich foods collection.

13. Cheese Burger


Well burger isn’t that bad after all. Burgers rich in cheese give you more than 20 different vitamins and proteins. They are also a great source of calcium owning to all the cheese in them. A good cheese dripping burger gives you 89 milligrams of calcium per 100 grams. But remember, this is rich in fat too.

12. Bok Choy


Not a very common vegetable. It is the Chinese form of the cabbage. This cabbage is filled with bulk of vitamins along with lots of calcium on which we are focusing on right now. The fiber in this vegetable is enormously helpful in digestion. Hence, we can easily count it among the calcium rich foods. Remember that you don’t overcook it or else all of its goodness will be lost.

11. Sesame Seeds


Sesame seeds are the best in taste and advantage. They are one for the richest source of calcium. In one tablespoon, you have 88 milligrams of calcium. Their benefits are even greater as they also a rich source of a number of minerals that you body needs direly such as copper, manganese, iron, and fiber. They can be cooked in many ways and with other vegetables and meats as well.

10. Quinoa


Usually people count Quinoa in the family of beans but in reality it is a seed that has multiple health benefits. You can safely add Quinoa in your diet list of the best calcium rich foods. Only a cup of Quinoa can provide you the much need 80 milligrams calcium for your body needs. Quinoa is greatly helpful in combating against fatal bone diseases such as osteoporosis. The other health problems where it is beneficial include migraines on top.

9. Kale


This vegetable is enormously rich source of calcium that is estimated as 90 milligrams per cup. This is enough to meet 9% of the daily need of calcium. You can not only cook kale alone or with other vegetables, it can also be added into salad, soup or even be used in burgers. The taste of this vegetable is not annoying and thus it can also be taken by kids.

8. Chia Seeds


Chia seeds have been enormously popular in many regions of the world in history as a source of calcium. One tablespoon of Chia seeds is enough to provide your body 80 milligrams of calcium. Thu it can easily be counted among the best calcium rich foods sources. There are many other valuable advantages of eating Chia seeds. They help control blood pressure and also dissolve fat pockets in human body. Another remarkable advantage is to reduce arthritis pain.

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7. Raw Spinach


Raw spinach is the best food option in dark, leafy greens for its so many health benefits. It is rich with calcium and many other vitally required nutrients and minerals. The most prominent one include fiber, potassium and vitamins such as A and K. You can use it without cooking in salad and many other food items to add flavor.

Spinach is an easily available food item that is economical to buy but serves your healthy dietary needs in an excellent manner. The amount of calcium in one cup is 90 milligrams that make it an ideal food to consume.

6. Blackstrap Molasses


You can’t stick yourself with a few food items to provide body the necessary nutrients. The best course is to eat variety that is not only good for your health but also pleasing for your taste requirements. To fulfill your calcium needs, you should try also blackstrap molasses occasionally. The rich flavor of molasses will surely impress you and you find it one of most tasty food you are taking to maintain your calcium deficiency. In comparison to other best calcium rich foods, blackstrap molasses have moderate amount of calcium i.e. 40 milligrams in a tablespoon.

5. Oatmeal


Oatmeal serves the needs of all those who are much considerate about their health and weight also. Thus it is one of those calcium rich foods that are already in use by many people. An average sized cup contains 20 milligrams of calcium. Oatmeal is also a rich source of fiber and can provide you daily 2% needs of fiber intake. For its multiple health benefits, Oatmeal is used across the globe by health conscious people as an essential food item.

4. Arugula


It is an essential part of salad, known also humorously as salad rocket that show the frequent use of Arugula in variety of salads. However dark green color leaves can be used in number of ways to meet your needs of calcium. Arugula is delicious in taste and that’s why it can be eaten raw in many other food items. Like spinach, it is also a food rich with calcium and other useful nutrients. One average size cup of arugula can provide you 125 milligrams of calcium.

3. Turnip Greens


Turnip Greens is probably one of the best calcium rich foods that contain highest amount of calcium. A serving size cup of turnip green contains 200 milligrams of calcium. It has also abundant source of minerals, nutrients and vitamins such as magnesium, iron and vitamin A. The best feature of Turnip Greens is that it is easily and available and is not an expansive food item.

2. Sunflower Seeds


Among the best calcium rich foods, sunflower seed is the most feasible source. It is rich with calcium, 45 milligrams in serving size cup. It is greatly beneficial in strengthening bones. It is also packed with many other healthful nutrients that help body fight against a number of fatal diseases including cancer. Its cholesterol lowering attributes are well-known that make it an indispensable part of daily food intake.

1. Herring


Though all kinds of fish are taken as healthy food items but in particular m herring is not only ful of nutrients but also a rich source of calcium. You can get 110 milligrams of calcium in about 143 ounces of herring that is generally the quantity of one fillet. Herring is also rich with protein.

“While searching for the best calcium rich foods to avoid calcium deficiency, you must remember that calcium rich foods have their own problems. Remember, human body does not absorb all the calcium you take. Thus, it is recommended to divide the calcium intake into small doses throughout the day. It is also advised not to take more than 600 milligrams of supplement calcium at a time. It is due to the side effects of constipation and bloating and that is why too much calcium supplements intake is discouraged. One last note to make is never to go deficient on vitamin D. Vitamin D enables the body to absorb calcium from food.

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