26 Easy Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Easy wedding hairstyles for short hair are meant to provide you a hint of glam, accentuate your eyes and facial outline and impart you a divinely pretty image on your special day. In contrast to most of the hairstyles, they are very easy to wear yet look stunning in their simplicity and give your short hair a graceful look that is immensely required on your big day.

Wedding is the most precious and significant event of your life. You remain the focus of hundreds of eyes that are noticing each and every gesture of you. Hence, the event requires special preparation and obviously the hairstyle occupies an important place in all the wedding preparation.

Choosing the right hair updo is not so easy. For your convenience, here you can get a list of easy wedding hairstyles for short hair with expert tips and guidance to wear them accurately.  These easy wedding hairstyles will enhance feminine look and will impart grace to your angelic beauty.

26. A Wavy Bob Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair


If you prefer to have short hair on your wedding day, wavy bob would serve you the best to adorn your hair. Bob  wedding hairstyles have almost always remained in fashion for their gorgeous look. It is simple to wear them and they give a hint of glam with some matching embellishment on one side of your temples.

 25. A Curly Wedding Hairstyle


Simple yet elegant particularly in easy wedding hairstyles for short hair! It best fits your bridal appearance and adds the most flattering look to hair and yet remains simple and easy to manage. You can also wear a hair accessory like a flower band with it to make it more unique.

 24. Simply Styled Pixie Wedding Haircut


In its appearance, pixie haircut imparts you the most extraordinary juvenile look that best suits your wedding day. Pixie haircut survives as one of most prominent options in easy wedding hairstyles for short hair. You don’t need even extra embellishment with hair accessories to further adorn this style. Another special characteristic of Pixie haircut is that it is best suited on women having gamine features.

Hairstyle Accessories are necessary part of wedding hairstyle. Along with the hairdo selection, it is also important what you choose to wear with your hairstyle and how do you attach that accessory on hair. There are hundreds of such accessories such as hairband, crown, flower band etc to name a few. They are necessary part of hair styling and accentuate the beauty of the style.

 23. Retro-Inspired Wedding Hairstyle


If you are searching for an ultra glamorous wedding hairstyle for short hair, this can serve you the best. Retro hairstyle is divinely feminine and perfectly matches on many facial outlines. It is the choice of celebrities and most of them now love to have short hair.

For your wedding, a retro-inspired hairdo will definitely be a smart choice. If you select this hairstyle, match your wedding dress also with its elegance. A fringed wedding dress will be the best choice.

 22. Rustic French Wedding Hairstyle


In easy wedding hairstyles for short hair, this hair idea has the elegance of French taste. This style however requires layers of hair as well as thickness more than what is required in pixie haircuts. There is a rare blending of simplicity and style and look stunning with traditional bridal dresses.

 21. Short Crop Wedding Hairstyle


As the name reflects, this style is meant particularly for short hair. On your wedding day, you can opt for this chic haircut. There are only a few steps to create this style. First wet your hair and then comb them with a paddle brush and keep a low volume. Now create curls on the crown and lastly make a side-swept fringe.

Usually people think hairstyle for short hair have only a few styling options, but it is an erroneous idea. Like medium or long hair, there is an extensive range of ideas to try on your chin-length tresses. Whether it is your big day or you want to adorn yourself as a bridesmaid, the selection of a flattering hairstyle is necessary part of wedding preparation. This list of easy wedding hairstyles for short hair  will go a long way to impart you a hairstyle that best complements your bridal day.

 20. Blond Pizzazz Wedding Hairstyle


Again a simple hairstyle for short hair that looks adorable on big day. There is no complication involved in creating Blond Pizzazz. You simply need to create curls in your hair from mid to the crown. Use a hairspray to fix your locks.

 19. A Loose, Wavy Wedding Hairstyle


Hair waves have a romantic appeal in almost all hairdos. Add few loose curls on sides layers that will multiply it appeal. Loose, Wavy Wedding Hairstyle is easy to wear and imparts you a glamorous and immensely feminine look.

 18. Dual Toned Wedding Hairstyle


This style has resemblance with pixie yet different in overall look. Its dual tone makes it also a unique updo in the entire range of easy wedding hairstyles for short hair.

However, its stylish look is not difficult to wear. Use a light thermal protectant for damping the hair and later make a deep side part and fix it with hairspray. Use preferably hard solid one. Now make blond fringes on the front. Their number depends on the look of your face. Usually 2 to 3 fringes are enough.

 17. Bouffant Wedding Hairstyle


This unique hairstyle for short hair has two man versions i.e. the classic croissant and the relaxed croissant Bouffant. Both of them have stunning appeal on many faces. They appear highly geometrical and structured. For your big day they can materialize your ambition of looking perfect and stand out in the crowd.

You can add variation also using the back of your comb and give the crown and front layers different shapes. Before you conclude, add a pony, or braid as per your likeness.

 16. Loose French Chignon Bun Bridal Hair


This is a romantic idea in easy wedding hairstyles that does not involve much effort in making it. It is closer to low bun in look that reaches the neck. To enhance its appeal, you can embellish it with hair accessories. For a gorgeous glance don’t miss this trendy yet simple style.

 15. Tousled Chignon With Piecey Bangs Wedding Hairstyle


In the range of easy wedding hairstyles for short hair, this is a celebrity-inspired hairstyle that was made popular by the eminent box office star Emma Stone. To copy it on your wedding day is a stunning idea. Use a styling gel or hairspray to create volume and then part your locks on both sides of the neck.

Add curls to them also to make a messy chignon. It is to add a romantic touch to the tresses. The other possible variation is that you create a loose braid on the neck and leave tresses free on temples.

 14. Intricately Braided Wedding Hairstyle


In general, braided hair have glamorous appeal. In the previous year, braided hair remained popular throughout in hairstyles for short hair, they have the same likeness. This hairstyle appears intricate but in reality, it does not require much effort to create it.

To wear this style, begin from making crown braid from one side of your hair. Now create a low and loose bun at the nape f your neck, accentuated with the braids. To maximize its impact, you can use also flowers or a flowers band on the forehead. For short hair, this style is the best.

 13. Playful Pixie Wedding Hairstyle For Short Hair


Wear this style for a signature look on your special occasion. Like many pixie haircuts, this style also imparts you young and fresh look that is the need of the hour on your big day. For a perfect hairdo, be careful about the refined cutting of the ends of your hair. Many hair accessories can be worn to further boost the impact of this hairstyle. It will definitely prove one the gorgeous and easy wedding hairstyles for short hair for you.

 12. Curly, Coiffed ‘Do For Short Hair


It is the best option for your love of hairstyle for short hair. It will not only flatter your face but will also emphasize your girlish look. The short hair in curly coiffed updo will not cover your neck and upper part of your chest and hence increase the impact of your divine femininity. While wearing this very style, make sure you have distributed the volume of your hair evenly.

The next important thing is t generate curls and create bounce in them. You can use a styling mousse for the purpose. With regard to curly hair, it is so common that they are usually dry and frizzy and thus remain irresponsive to change in them. The styling jell will also be effective also to ease their frizziness.

 11. Twisted Wedding Updo For Short Hair


If you wish to appear chic, stylish and elegant hairstyle for short hair, twisted wedding updo is right choice for you. Create sections of hair on both sides of the temples and then twist them and fix them on the back of your head. You must keep it in mind while selecting wedding hairstyle that it should not eclipse the symmetry of your face rather it should support and accentuate all the plus points.

Twisted wedding updo is ideal in this sense. It draws attention to the outline of your lips and eyes and consequently imparts you an adorable look.

 10. Messy Low Bun With Wispy Bangs Wedding Hairstyle


The very first requirement for creating a messy low bun is to have thick hair. As an alternative, however, you can pull them back on head instead of twisting them; you would do in case you had longer hair. For messy bun, make a ponytail and fix it with a holder. If you want bun on one side then gather hair at that side. Now curl the ponytail round, leaving bangs as per your requirement and pin up rest of the hair in the bun.

 9. Golden Curly Hairstyle For Short Hair


In easy wedding hairstyles for short hair, this idea is really superb and is best suited on elongated faces. Amazingly structured hair with slight curls, romantic wispy flyaway hairs and a fringe on side are what make this style stunning. The only pre-requite is your golden hair that is an essential of this style and impart you a look like an angel on your wedding.

 8. Flirty And Feminine Wedding Hairstyle


This hairstyle for short hair can accentuate your signature style. It can highlight your carefree, youthful and spirited feminine look.  Do not fix your hair tight rather leave a few locks loose to emphasize a softer touch to your overall impression as bride. You need not to bother about doing many steps for this hairstyle.

It requires only styling wax or gel to keep the hair strands at their place. To wear the flirty impact of this style, create parting on one side. The curled tendrils around the outline of your faces draw attention to facial features and particularly eyes.

 7. Curled Chignon For Short Hair


Curled Chignon hairstyle looks impressive on symmetrical faces. The hairstyle is one the simplest idea in easy wedding hairstyles for short hair list. When perfectly worn, it makes prominent your neckline and eardrops. Use good quality mousse gel to create volume and curling iron for waves in hair.

Lastly make a loose chignon at the back of your neck and side parting on right side; your styling is complete. You can now fix hair with a hairspray.

 6. Knotted And Braided Bun Wedding Hairstyle


This hairstyle gives an impression of a complex hairstyle for short hair but in reality it does have any difficult to wear. It is also a beautiful blending of intricate knots and braided hair that certainly has the best styling features, you can have for your big day. In the past, braided buns and knots have been akin to royalty. Thus it can give glow and grace of a princess.

 5. Textured, Braided Wedding Hairstyle


It can be seen in wedding hairdo of Emma Watson. It is lovely in appearance and an exclusively designed hairstyle that will surely make you stand out in the crowd. The best part of braids is that they look gorgeous either you try them with wavy or straight hair. Try it for a classic and phenomenal look.

 4. Middle-Parted Fringe Wedding Updo For Short Hair


This style was popularized by the most eminent star, Jennifer Lopez. With its messy look and fringe on the middle, in easy wedding hairstyles for short hair, it seems so simple but enormously appealing. You can wear a gold or silver crown with it to add more grace to your style. You may also add a single flower too on side of your hair.

 3. Bohemian Floral Updo For Short Hair


Bohemian hairstyles are known for their simplicity and grace. The most prominent is the long side-swept fringe that makes the style unique accentuating the facial outline. In this hairstyle, addition of flowers is what maximizes its charm. You can see it worn by many celebrities on the red carpet. In case of bridal embellishment, it is so stunning. It is best suited for weddings held in summer.

 2. French Wedding Braid Crown For Short Hair


French hairstyles have always been unique and inspiring, for women all over the world. In wedding hairstyles for short hair, there is an enormous variety. Wedding braid crown is mesmerizing that not only impress with its volume bur also with the braid styling that can be worn with many variations as per your need. It imparts you look of a princess with its amazingly gorgeous appeal. It is a must select for its perfection, novelty and uniqueness!

 1. Braided Wedding Updo With Blunt Bangs


The blunt bags make this style immensely romantic, boosting up your femininity. It impart you also a youthful look with wispy flyaway hairs. For the preparation of this hairstyle you need to do practice once or twice before you actually wear this on your wedding day. While preparing it, use a high quality hair straightener and as you finish styling use good quality mousse or hair gel to fix the hair.

Your big day is a worth-remembering moment of your life. The most notable thing is that whatever style you select for your hair, it should perfectly merge with personality features as well as your dressing. The other important thing is that it should have a modern look, versatile and pretty. The range of easy wedding hairstyles for short hair  given above comprises what is the latest and unique in hair styling.

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