25 Easy Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Hairstyling means a lot on the very special occasion of your life. Don’t forget it is your special day and hence the preparation for it should also take your utmost attention. Searching for a flattering and unique hairstyle for your wedding is not so easy, particularly when you narrow your choice with medium hair only.

However, the list given below of easy wedding hairstyles for medium hair updos is pretty extensive and can help you choose one; the most adorable and compatible with your choice of a vintage hairstyle.

25. Braided And Twisted Half-Up Wedding Style


The superb flattering look is really adorned with this hairstyle for a modern bridal look. This half-up is a style that is emerged with a braided crown and twist. It is a simple and elegant style that makes your wedding outlook, a memorable icon of style and tradition. All you need is to make a crown in the middle of your head with backcombing.

The tresses on the front of both sides of the head will be twisted around the crown after getting the braided shape. You can also add some spice with the curls of the loose hair of backside. For a final and vibrant look, embellish the crown with flowers, beads, pearls or any other jewelry as per your likeness.

 24. Wedding Chignon Hairstyle For Medium Hair


In most of the traditional wedding medium hairstyles for women, buns and updos are mostly encouraged to wear.  For a divine feminine look and prominent facial features, chignon is the best hairstyle with a chain of variation. It is nothing much but a simple bun with embellishment. To make it, add some style with curls, sleek knots, braided twists, backcombing with a bun.

Bangs on forehead and locks to frame your face as the requirement of your facial features can also switch on your style. A hair net can also be used to keep the style in its place with its accessories by some professionals. It will surely be one of the fabulous and easy wedding hairstyles for medium hair.

The most important tip for wedding hairstyle is that you must try whatever you select before the actual wedding day. There is every possibility that your chosen style may not look as gorgeous as you might think. Thus trying these easy wedding hairstyles for medium hair one by one can save from every possible embarrassment.

 23. Wedding Ballerina Bun


A perfect and stylish bun is an outstanding choice to get a flare bridal look.  It’s awesome, alluring floral shape reflects like an over sized flower on the head. It not only unveils the beauty and glam of your face, but also supports the headpiece of your wedding dress.  It gives you the chance to stand out in a crowd with pretty confidence and enjoy the mesmerizing expressions of people for your dramatically charming look.

A pony band of thick frame is needed to make the style more impressive. Make a pony tail at the suitable height and put the band. Now splatter all the hair around the band equally, twist all the hair and wrap around the band. You can also twist the hair in braided shape. Fix the flyaways and the final shape of your medium-short wedding hairstyle using gel or spray.

 22. Braided Wedding Hairstyle


Braids for medium length hair never get out of fashion, especially in wedding hairstyles, they are thought to be ideal in all the rest easy wedding hairstyles for medium hair. In so many braided styles, you can wear a side braid or a chic and appealing fishtail braid to create your signature look. To make your braided style more appealing and vibrant, hold flyaways from the front tendrils and give a soft romantic look to your outlook.

 21. The Reverse “Undone” Braided Wedding Hairstyle


In the list of hairstyles for medium hair, this ultra modern and off beat but flattering hairstyle is a good choice to décor your appearance extraordinarily. With the respect of its name, it is clear to understand that what this style is. Like many other styles, you can add variations in it, for example a French braid can be made out of it. If you start making the braid right from the neck at the back side to the upward direction you can end it with a twisted bun or braided crown.

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Medium hair are perfect to wear a maximum range of wedding hairstyles. You can go for romantic wispy flyaway, braids, waves, soft tendrils, ponytails, curls and many vintage hairstyles. This selective repertoire of wedding hairstyles for medium will surely serve you the best.

 20. Sleek And Chic Relaxed Wedding Hairstyle


Hairstyling on straight hair is a remarkable art, especially when it is talked about to making updos.  They have always been a favourite choice in wedding hairstyles. You can do lots of things in this style like you can make a simple side bun with floral embellishment and chin length flyaways of front locks.

A very simple thing that can be done is to make a crown with the help of backcombing, fix it with fancy pins and let the rest of hair free on your shoulder.  Braided twists with locks around the face or bangs on forehead give an adorable wedding look.

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 19. Side-Parted Wedding Hairstyle


This particular design is surely an awesome addition to easy wedding hairstyles for medium hair. The bride with classic side-parted hairdo reminds us of the days of 60’s hairstyling but this elegant style is still on trend and high on demand. It is quite simple hairdo; you just need to divide hair on one side or create central parting by creating loops.

Pile up hair on the top and leave a few locks on the cheeks and if you want to have more glamorous look, then decorate the hair with glittery beads and pins. An artistically beautiful style for wedding knock is ready!

 18. Romantic, Half-Up Waves Wedding Hairstyle


That particular style with twinkling waves looks so adorable and catchy for a wedding in which softy waves/ tendrils are beautifully embellished to have a fantastic hairdo. Get a prime decorous look with half-up waves and back style veiling to perfectly stand out into the crowd where Queen of the castle is none other than you – the gorgeous bride with style. Half-up waves also look adorable with upper straight layers touching the face.

 17. Beautiful, Bouncy Curls Wedding Hairstyle


Wedding updos for medium-length hair always remain the central focus of attention for hairstylists as they can experiment on hair with much more variety. Wedding is the most auspicious day of one’s life and one has to look beautiful more than usual so hold eyes for a fabulous hairdo that is a best pick of this wedding season. The bouncy curls tremendously suit to every hair type and facial features as this styling is full of volume with rocking bouncy ringlets.

 16. Celebrity Inspired Wedding Hairstyle


Recent times are crowded with lots of modish and fancy hairstyles for medium hair. To get a changed look it comes in trend now to wear the styles of old times with the contemporary ritzy touch. This Hollywood celebrity style of old times is suggested with a modern affect. The blend of the old and new style definitely sparks your look with a romantic soft touch.

15. Fancy-Free Wedding Hairstyle


Now brides prefer to have relaxed wedding hairdos, as they are easy to handle with minimal maintenance. Relaxed hairstyles vary from loose curling, tousled, loose styled braids to side-parting and straight hairs with tousled buns and free strands rocking along the face. All these hairdos are simple yet pretty impressive natural hairstyles.

In easy wedding hairstyles for medium hair, Fancy free hairstyle is idealized for its simplicity and relaxed yet gorgeous look.

 14. Half-Up Curly Wedding Hairstyle With Braided Crown


This is one such tremendously awesome hairdo for weddings and formal occasions that has inspired millions of brides across the globe. A woman on her wedding is truly a queen and queen without crown is as sky without stars so this Half-up hairdo with braided crown is specially meant for the gorgeous bride with sizzling look.

Again, it is equally effective hairdo for all types and textures of hair with little work out and finishing touch. If you add flowering twigs into the braided crown, it will personalize the charm of this particular hairdo in no time.

 13. A Relaxed, Wavy Beach Wedding Hairstyle


The concept of casual weddings have has become trend now a days especially beach wedding partying has provided a new creative styling for the fun lovers out there. A casual wedding definitely matches with a casual and relaxed dressing, makeup and hairstyling on the part of brides and wavy beach hairstyles for medium hair brings perfection to this dreamy occasion.

Although there are quite impressive ideas to do beach hairstyling but the simpler and the easiest one is pinning few of hairs with clips leaving the rest as relaxed as possible. Loose ponytail is another solution to combat the breezing effect found on beach.

 12. A Curled, Half-Up Wedding Hairstyle


Although curled half-up hairstyles do wonders with super long hairs but medium length hair can also be styled in this way to give them voluminous and bouncy touch. Your wedding is close and you did not decide about the hairdo yet, you can experiment with this awesome design to have a classy and fashionable look on your special day.

The advantage of this hairstyle is that it gives your facial features a unique and voguish effect as curly locks rocking along the face gives an attitude and elegant charm to the personality in just a single glance.

 11. Straight, Half-Up Wedding Hair With Braid


It is generally believed that braiding is extremely healthy for natural hair growth at the same time it gives a stately and classic look with exquisite charm. This style is simple, unique and attractively creative with hanging braids on straight hairs. If you want to get further embellishment with this half-up braided hairstyle, use accessories like flowers, bands, glittery pins and beads that will elevate the charm and creates a signature look with a unique style.

 10. Flyaway Knot Wedding Hairstyle


In easy wedding hairstyles for medium hair, this option is a very beautiful example of wedding hair styles to impart you a dramatically different look. This simple top – knot is a face flattering hairstyle with a hint of glam. To make this updo, you need to wash hair with a dry shampoo first. It will create that special texture in yr hair that is the real demand of this style. Embellish your hair with accessories as well. It will help your style to appear in a pretty channeled and perfect look.

 9. Waves – Loose And Wavy Wedding Hairstyle


A soft divine feminine hairstyle that really gives you an elegant, sophisticated bridal look! You really feel very light and breezy with this hairstyle.  It looks very fresh and healthy with floral or jewel adornment. There are many ways to make the loose and wavy styles, as some professionals do it with slight wet hair braid. Then dry the braid with dryer. You will find very nice waves after undoing the braid.

A simple styling iron is also useful for it. Just twist the tendrils around the iron and leave them free.  It would be a really fantastic bridal hairstyle with a beautiful jewel crown on the front of your head.

 8. Twisted Updo Wedding Hairstyle


Updos are still on trend and as glamorous and glossy as ever. Variant and modified updos are always a sign of sophistication. Making of twisted updos is a fabulous architecture and it needs a supreme hair gel or spray to keep it firm in its place with its style and keeps it long lasting. It also helps to keep hold on flyaways. This hairstyle is a perfect complement to flatter your face in the most flattering range of easy wedding hairstyles for medium hair.

 7. The Braided Chignon Wedding Hairstyle


It is one of the pretty fantastic hairstyles for medium hair that create the moments of all praise for you. You feel enormously confident with uniqueness and glittering appeal on your big day. This eye grabbing hairstyle makes you the center of attraction with the combination of an opulent wedding gown.  The fusion of two remarkable hair ideas i.e. braid and chignon, it swells the charms of your femininity and yet there is no complication involved in its wearing.

 6. Heart Style Braid Wedding Hairstyle


As the name of this style reflects, it is perfect for an event like wedding as it is the most important time of your life. This style is also named as valentine’s heart braid. You can make many heart style braids on any side of head with different angles. The basic and most simple way to make it is to section your hair in two parts from the middle. Make a curved French braid of both sides in front of the head.

Make a crown with backcombing and let the remaining hair free on the back side. Now tuck back both braids around the crown and tie their ends with a fancy band, hold the braids from upper side to make a heart shape during this procedure. Just like it you can make any type or any size of heart style braids as you can do and you like.

 5. Low Slung Chignon Wedding Hairstyle


Mash-up this hairstyle with fine make-up and a wedding gown as a complement. This low chignon is usually is made closer to the nape. It always gives a demure look with wedding dress headpiece. Select matching accessories to decorate it more and ensure appealing and a charming look. Flyaways and curly locks also add some spark to enhance its fab. Try it also with other easy wedding hairstyles for medium hair before you big day and choose what best fits on you.

 4. Romantic Curled Wedding Hairstyle


Curls never get out of trend in the glamour and fashion world. Hairstyles with curls are always been a choice for a gorgeous outlook. They are more preferable in wedding hairstyles. Side swept curls look pro, fab and sleek with a wedding gown. The other accessories like beads, pearls and floral ornamentation lifts its sobriety and lavishness. So never miss the trend to be the most important and prominent personality of the event.

 3. Beautiful Wrap Around Wedding Braid


Braids always have a great place in the hairstyles. These are not only traditional, but have the capacity to be modified according to time, place or event.  This wrap around braid is good choice in hairstyles for medium hair, especially for a bride. The more interesting feature of braids is that they can be worn with many variations. In this style, you can reorient it with an updo, half up, side wrap, crown, etc. All its variation and modification give you an aesthetic and divine look.

 2. Ethereal Wedding Hairstyle


Magnificent like its name in all easy wedding hairstyles for medium hair yet overwhelmingly simple! It is a fairy-tale updo. To add more grace to your demeanour, wear a ribbon on. Adore also your temples with flowers to make it more stunning.

 1. Golden Locks Wedding Hairstyle


Golden locks look magnificent. That is why any type of style seems alluring with them. A bride of golden locks can be the magnetic personality of the event. A simple, decent updo with any silver item of hair accessories is more than enough to enhance her beauty with the wedding attire. A fancy bird cage veil makes your bridal look more heavenly and graceful.

Though you have a long range of hairdos before you such as braids, buns, pixie, chignon, waves, and the like but whatever you select it should perfectly match with your personality. With your medium hair, what choices of hairstyling you have to adorn your hair; browse it above. There are the most amazing and easy wedding hairstyles for medium hair that can ease you in choosing the right one.

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