20 Truly Impressive DIY Ways To Create Cool Winter Accessories

As summers will soon over and winter will make its way with cool and soothing breezes, it is now time to take out your old winter stuff and get them renovated. Gather some ideas and get them a funky new look. You will definitely save a lot of time and money which people like to spend on loads of accessories every year. You don’t have to envy others this time just show them your amazing new styled accessories, no doubt people are going to envy you this season of the year.

We have gathered 20 most impressive DIY ways to create some cool winter accessories. Let’s have a look and follow each and every step to create some basic and stylish winter accessories.


 20. Beaded Winter Cap


Knitted caps play a vital role in keeping you warm and cozy in brisk winters. If you don’t feel like wearing those same old caps which looks just too simple to wear, you just have to give a few touch ups to give them a new style statement. Take out your old winter knitted caps and get some colored beads.

You might be saving those beads somewhere in the drawer or you be able to easy get them from any sewing material store. Just place them on the cap to make some cool motif or you can randomly sew them for a fuller accessorized cap. The beads can also be glued on the cap depending on its size.

 19. Fur Ear Muffs


Fur ear muffs are too simple to create; you just have to follow a couple of steps properly to get the right accessory. You need some simple stuff to create these gorgeous muffs. All you need is a pair of scissors; some trimmed fur, a headband, felt and glue gun. Cut some felt into round shaped circle bigger than the size of your ears. Glue the trimmed fur on the felt in circular motion; keep twisting it all over to cover the felt completely. Now glue these two fur ear cuffs to the headband. Here you go your gorgeous new furry ear muffs are ready.

 18. Sweater Bangles


A woman’s fashion is incomplete without a beautiful pair of bangles and if those bangles are matching your current season than it is like a cherry on the top. This simple DIY can just transform your old pair of bangles into something really exciting and colorful. You just need to assemble couple of stuff and you get a new accessory in your hands. Just get your old pair of thick bangles, some old piece of sweater most probably a piece from the sleeves and some glue.

Trim the sleeve to the size of the bangle, roll it over the bangle and securely glue it. Keep it a side for day and give it a bit time for drying up. Your fancy sweater bangles are just ready, you can wear them in school, colleges or even some casual parties.

 17. Pearly Gloves


As diamonds are woman’s best friend, pearls are also not lagging behind in this race. Being natural and close to nature pearls can enhance the beauty of anything with which it is incorporated. If you are bored with the old pair of gloves and don’t want to spend a penny on new ones then just follow a few steps to give a life to your old pair of knitted gloves. Take some pearls which are usually used in dress designing and your old pair of knitted gloves. Arrange them on the gloves to create a perfect style. Securely sew them one by one and finish it up to get a gorgeous pair of pearly gloves.

 16. Pom-Pom Laced Scarves


Pom-poms are small woolen flowers that are used to decorate fabric and can also be used to accessorize other stuff. These cute little bunnies look very cute and adorable. Pom-pom lace is a very beautiful fabric accessory and if it is stitched with it properly then it gives a new name to your daily wearable. To do this DIY technique you just need a pom-pom lace that matches with the winter scarves you want to wear in the evening and carefully stitch the lace on all sides of the scarves. Fold the sides to complete the beautiful look of the scarf.

 15. Glamorous Gloves


Go formal this winter season by wearing a sexy pair of glamorous gloves. It is just too easy to get this impressive look; all you need is a pair of your plain knitted or leather gloves and some metal blinging accessories. Look for some of your gorgeous old fancy ring or brooch that blings and twinkles to give a sexy formal look to the gloves. Glue these metal motifs on the middle or ring finger of the gloves.

This can be repeated on both gloves but goes well with the single one also. Another idea is to wear a fancy ring on to the glove if it is loose on you. It will simply fit through fingers of the gloves.

 14. Brooched Sweaters


Brooches can make any simple wear into some stunning and different attire. It just gives a wow factor to the clothes on which it is pinned up. This is a vintage accessory and is a part of woman’s fashion from several decades. You just need some glowing and fancy brooches from your drawer and simply pin them on one side of you winter cardigan, coats or shirts. It is just that simple. The brooch can also be placed on the collar of the coat to give a pretty formal look.

 13. Vintage Faux Fur Collar


If you are living in a region which is colder than usual and the temperature crosses the border line of negativity than this accessory can work well for you. This vintage faux fur collar is easy to make, you just have to follow these few DIY steps. You need some artificial fur material, some leather material and some matching silk ribbon. Shape the fur material like a collar by trimming the edges with a pair of scissors.

Now cut of the leather material with the same size and shape as the fur material. Stitch them both together; leave some space at the edges to insert the ribbon. Place the ribbon ends inside the left over space and stitch them tightly. This beautiful accessory is ready to warm up your harsh and chilly winters.

 12. Gorgeous Bowed Head Warmer


If you love knitting then this accessory is just a piece of cake for you. It is a best creative idea to knit some special to warm your head. This accessory can be gifted to anyone in the beginning of winter just to bring a smile on their face and make their winter warmer and special. You can first knit a simple plain headband using wool. Later you can knit a bow and attach it to the headband. You can even accessorize it more with some pearls and stones. An old headband can also be made to life by added a fur bow to it.

 11. Fingerless Sock Gloves


This fingerless sock gloves tutorial will let you create some awesome and colorful gloves for your upcoming winters. The attached picture shows all the step by step instructions to create this gorgeous piece. All you have to do is take any of your old pair of warm socks, place your hand on the sock and cut the desired edges. Sew the edges to give a firm look. You can stitch a little colorful heart at the back of the palm to give a funky look. Other fancy material can also be used to accessorize the gloves.

10. Knitted Slippers


This is another challenging DIY for knitting experts. You can just knit simple and gorgeous slippers out of your expertise. The difficulty is just in giving a perfect shoe shape. These slippers keep your feet warm and you can wear it all day at your home. Little crochet accessories can also be attached to give a prettier look. Different combination of colors can be used to make something different and unique. The slippers can be knitted of ankle length or they can also be created in boot style. It’s all up to your ideas and creativity.

 9. No Sew Round Scarves


This DIY is just too simple and awesome. You just need to do little cutting and your no sew round scarves are ready. Take an old jersey T-shirt, try to get a funky color so that your scarves bling in public. Cut off the lower part of the T-shirt, it’s up to you how much you want it to be broader. Stretch the cut off piece hard so that it looses its size n shape. That’s it you round scarf is ready to warm up your neck. You can twist and turn it to give style and shape. Isn’t it that simple?

 8. Faux Fur Clutches


Beautiful artificial fur clutches and handbags are easily available in the market but happiness is to create one on our own. Gather up your favorite material and putting some effort can turn simple stuff into master pieces. You just need some good fur material of your favorite color, some leather material for lining and a fancy zip.

You just have to do a little stitching to give a perfect look to the clutch. Cut out the fur and leather material into four rectangular shapes, size depends on how bigger the clutch you would like to have. Sew the two pieces of fur and leather material together. You should now have two rectangular pieces on which one side is fur and the other is leather.  Now stitch both of them together from 3 sides leaving the top side open.

Make sure that the stitching is done from the leather side which is later turned over to hide the stitch and make the fur part visible. Stitch the zip on the top side for a final complete look. You can also decorate this clutch with some beads and stones but keeping it simple will make it more elegant.

 7. Accessorise Your Winter Long Boots


If your long boots are looking plain and simple this winter and you just want to have a new chill style than why don’t you give a twist to those old boots. Get your old boots out of your wardrobe and kick start a cool DIY on them. Gather some crazy buttons of different sizes and get a glue gun to paste them. Clean the boots first and start pasting those buttons one after another randomly. Try to cover the front of the boots completely to give a neat and clean look. This hack has saved many dollars in getting the same kind of boots which you can recreate at home easily.

 6. No Sew Sweater Boots


This DIY hack is just amazing I wonder how someone has used this trick to recreate a new look. We are going to redesign your same old boots once again. The trick is just simple you have to take any of your old sweaters which you are no longer wearing having long sleeves and cut off its sleeves. Now take your long boots and cover its upper part with those cut out sleeves. Fold the remaining part of the sleeves inside the boots for neatness. Rest, the boots can be decorated further with some buttons.

 5. Felt Flower Pin


Felt being a winter material is way too flexible. One can be very creative using this gorgeous material. Cutting out small petals and flower shapes one can create beautiful cut out flowers to decorate your hats, caps, headbands, boots and even your coats and sweaters. The idea is simple; you just need to apply your creativity at this place. Take a flower stencil and draw flowers of different sizes. Now place those flowers one over the other to make a complete big flower. Cut out some green leaves to be attached with the flower to give a nice professional look.

 4. Old Sweater Leg Warmers


Old sweaters are quite reusable when they are not in use for regular wear. Some creative ideas can certainly be tried out using these old useless sweaters. You just have to try out this simple hack and get yourself some cozy pair of leg warmers through your old fluffy sweaters. Cut out the sleeves of the sweater you don’t wish to wear anymore. Remember to take long sleeve sweaters in order to get the correct length of legs. Carefully sew the cut out edge to avoid the wool coming out of that side. Your cool leg warmers are ready. Wear them on your lower legs. You can also incorporate them with pretty long boots to give a cool look.

 3. Old Sweater Headbands


This pretty hack is for girls of all ages. You just have to take out sometime to try this stunning DIY. The headband mad out of old sweater looks way too pretty and elegant. Trying out this DIY is a test of your creativity. You just have to take a sweater and cut four strips out of it. Now place the strips one over another and stitch them from one side, try to create a braid out of these strips and secure them by stitching the ends all together. This beautiful headband looks very pretty with loose hair or messy buns.

2. Old Sweater Mittens


These old sweaters are too cool to be reused and create some amazing daily wear winter accessories. If your hands feel too cold during winters and you want to keep them warm during night or while going out then this hack is just one stop solution. Get your old sweater out; you might use the same which has been used before to make other winter accessories. From the bottom edge place you hand on it and mark the sweater little bigger than your hand size. Cut out the mitten shapes and sew them like a glove. These special hand warmers look too cute and cozy.

 1.  No Sew Fringed Scarves


Last but not the least we are now able to make some cool fringed scarves for your winters. The hack is a bit tricky but the end result looks cool and professional. No one can doubt that it has been created just sitting at home. You just have to take thick woolen thread with which sweaters are knitted. Take one edge of your scarf and make small holes at half cm distance. Now take the woolen thread of length u want to keep the fringe. Make a loop and pass it through the hole, now take the other end of the thread out of the loop to secure the fringe. Repeat with rest of the holes to complete the border.

The list is not over yet, there are many more interesting and impressive hacks that can be used to create some amazing DIY winter accessories just by sitting at home. You just need some decorative stuff and old winter items that can be reused other than throwing all of them in trash. So show off this winter with these amazing Do It Yourself tricks and create some amazing winter stuff.

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