20 Natural Short Hairstyles For Black Women Over 50

This gallery of interesting and dazzling natural short black hairstyles for women over 50 is an exclusive collection to help out you to change your look, applying even variations on the basic formats of the widely appreciated updos.  

The rich texture of black hair is the real pride of women of color. It is that striking eminence which eases styling even in the grey years when you are over 50. The thickness of your hair is what styling primarily needs and your natural hair are gifted with that. You have varied options in natural short hairstyles for black women over 50; they are incredibly smarter to be worn in simplest sober updos to the trendiest ones.

Thus you can maintain your look with a hint of glam or develop a cool somber accent choosing from the new season’s sizzling hairstyles that are the essence of red carpet enteries and expert stylists’ collections.

 20. Bob Hairstyle For Black Women Over 50


If you want vibrant and healthy looking hairstyle, then it is a coolest choice for you. It is also one of the easiest and self-maintained short hairstyles for black women that have a strong accent of sophistication. It matches well with your mature look. You can create a parting wherever you think it necessary. Just make sure volume and for that use clip-ins. Sheen is used after drying so that natural shine should be achieved. This hairstyle sparkles particularly on round faces.

 19. Bobby Brown Hairstyle


In short black hairstyles for black women, bobby brown is preferred for its uniqueness and singularity. It remains the choice of many black women in the present season. It is actually a two- leveled cut and hair partitioning is must for this shag style. Section your hairs on desired side before starting the hairdo. Use flat ironing to keep that section straight. Proper conditioning and miniaturization is necessary for natural shine so apply Shea Cocoa Leave after done with styling.

A remarkable feature about bobby brown shag styled hairdo is that it is suitable for every type of hairs no matter longer or shorter. However, it comes out to be an extra bonus for ladies with round and soft faces. This hairstyle does not need any proper maintenance, but it is generally advised to cover your hair before going to sleep for long lasting results.

 18. Peacock Priss Hairstyle


There are numerous options in styling for women with shorter hair and few of these styles are exceptionally unique and exotic like red and black hair. Peacock priss is one such amazing hairdo that looks mesmerizingly attractive in very first glance. After washing your hair, gently mold them in circular motion but make it sure your hair should be little wet. Then prepare your hairs to dry naturally or use hair dryer for quick results. Peacock priss is ready! So rock the world with this awesome hairdo. Everyone can have this simple yet impressive style but it best suits to oval shaped rounded faces.

“The best part of your dark hair is that they have natural sleekness and gloss that enhances the grace of every styling option. You can easily opt for all the new trends of the season with your short hair and re-define your look whenever you like. This list of Short hairstyles for black women over 50 makes it pretty easier for you to adapt yourself with transition from long hair with time consuming complex styling to easily-managed short hair.”


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