20 Life Changing Ways To Use Bobby Pins For More Fantastic Look

It would be difficult to find a women who hasn’t used the life saver bobby pins. Every women tries her best to achieve the “wow” factor and bobby pins are one of the few best beauty tools for a stylish hairdo. Whether the hairdo is a 1970’s hair style or a new 2015 trend bobby pins make their way in every style. It doesn’t include any harmful chemicals or scalp-burning heat yet they manage to keep your hairdo set. Securing your favorite hair style by using bobby pins is indeed the easiest choice of every girl.

Bobby pin (also known as Kirby Grip) is a type of a hairpin made up of plastic or metal. They are used to secure your hair strands and keep them in place. They are usually black in color but now with increase in their usage they are available in various colors. Their original purpose was to stay invisible in the styled hair but now these bobby pins have been made visible by decorating them with ornaments, glitter and beads etc.
Difference between Bobby Pins and Hair Pins
Do you know the difference between a bobby pin and a hair pin?

Well you can know it now! Bobby pins are “U-shaped” clamped together to hold the hair tightly. One side is flat and the other side is grooved whereas hair pins are not closed from either end. They are U-shaped used to hold light hair styles which don’t need a greater hold.
But do you use Bobby Pins correctly?
First thing is to learn how to use bobby pins in a right way. The right way is to keep the wavy side facing downward towards the scalp and the straight side up. The ridges are made to grip hair and lock them stopping them from slipping away.

These inexpensive bobby pins can do wonders to your hair, check out the following 20 surprising ways for using bobby pins.

20. Spray Your Bobby Pin

Spray your bobby pinBobby pins are used for keep hair in place, in order to keep its grip tight on your hair spray it with a dry shampoo or good spray before sliding them in your hair.

19. Triangle Pyramid Style

Triangle pyramid styleTry giving your usual hair style a new look by inserting bobby pins in different designs. Cross hair strands from both sides of the head to the back and insert the first bobby pin horizontally over it. Then slide one bobby pin each, on the left and right side of the head to form a triangle on your hair.

18. Tag Trend

Tag trendMake a hashtag on your hair using 4 bobby pins. Pull some strands of hair to the right side or left side of your head the way you desire. Slide two bobby pin horizontally and then two bobby pins vertically through the former pins.
Carry the hash tag on your hair now!

17. Secret Bobby Pin

Secret bobby pinYou can use a bobby pin secretly to keep your hair strands in place. The simple way is to just twist and turn your hair back to one side and slip a bobby pin in the center of the twist. The twisted hair upper layer will hide the pin and you can enjoy the elegant curl throughout the day.

16. Be The Chevron Girl

Be the Chevron girlWant to pin up your hair bang? Choose the chevron style “V” for it. It’s pretty simple insert one bobby pin diagonally in upward direction as show in the picture below, now complete the chevron “V” shape by inserting another bobby pin diagonally in downward direction.

15. Fix The Bumps In Your Hair

Be the Chevron girlHave you ever felt bumps in your hair right before leaving for the party? Don’t be upset, you don’t need to redo the hairstyle, just slide in bobby pins to fix the bumps or wispy pieces and get to the party in time.

14. Make Your Ponytail Standup

Make your ponytail standupIf you want your pony tail to prop up instead of a frail horse tail, slide in two bobby pins halfway in the hair bobble or elastic facing downwards. Then fluff your ponytail over the pins to hide the pins and give it a neat look.

13. Keep Your Hair Away From Your Face

Keep your hair away from your faceIf you want to stop your hair from falling in your face and enjoy your day instead of running hands through your hair all day long for keeping them away, use bobby pins right behind your ear and secure your hair to the back.

12. Cross Pins

Cross pinsOne more design is to use bobby pins in crisscross style. All you have to do is pick two bobby pins and simply slide in one bobby pin diagonally from above and the second bobby pin from below, forming an “X” shape. You can slide in pins for as many X patterns you want.

11. Secure Your Tiny Braid From Falling

Secure your tiny braid from fallingTake a part of your hair, twist it and make a braid. Now pull it back against the scalp. Slide in one bobby pin on your head through the braid to keep it in place.

10. Hide Your Hair Bobble Or Elastic

Hide your hair bobble or elasticYou can easily hide the elastic band you have tied your ponytail with, using a bobby pin. After you have tied your hair with the hair bobble take a small segment of hair from your pony tail and just wrap it around the elastic or hair bobble. If there are any loose hair ends tuck them in and secure them by sliding a bobby pin into the base of the ponytail.

9. Did You Get A Bob Cut?

Did you get a Bob cutEvery girl would love to get a bob hair cut in summers but never tried it because she didn’t want to cut her hair off. Get creative with your bobby pins by tucking the ends of your long hair up, below the top segments and pin them tightly.
Enjoy your new instant bob look.

8. Secure Your Braid Ends

Secure your braid endsMake a fishtail braid by twisting and turning your hair strands, tie the ends of the braid, making a knot like tying a shoelace. Then slide a bobby pin upward into the knot to keep the braid end secure and bobby pin hidden.

7. Sun Rays Textured Bobby Pins

Sun rays textured bobby pinsSun rays textured bobby pinsPull your hair back tightly and make a smooth pony tail. Use a segment of your pony tail to wrap up your elastic or hair bobble. Now insert bobby pins vertically above the ponytail as shown in image in sun rays pattern.

6. Curled Hair For A Longer Time

curl your hair for longUse a curling rod to curl your hair, after you have released your curled hair from the curling iron, immediately roll that curled strand back and pin it against your scalp. Keep curling you hair, and pin them all up. Now let your hair cool down to the room temperature and then you can take out the pins. This idea will help you in keeping your hair curls last longer instead of getting flat soon.

5. Securing Your Hair Bun

Securing your hair bunYou can also secure your hair bun by adding bobby pins to it. Open the bobby pin ends wide, and slide them into the base of the bun.

4. Easy Updo With Bobby Pins

Easy updo with bobby pinsTease the crown of your head with a teasing brush, then pick a segment of your hair between the head crown and the hair line, secure it by using bobby pins. Again get another segment of your hair from the right front half of your head and wrap it behind your head, secure it with bobby pins again. Repeat this on the left side also, and proceed with these steps until you have secured all the 3 to 4 segments of your hair on ever side. Enjoy your new simple half-up updo.

3. Add Waves To Your Hair

Add waves to your hair

You can also add waves to your front hair by just sliding bobby pins to hold your front hair.

2. Get Funky

Get funky

Add as many bobby pins as you can, to give your hair a funky look.

1. Color Your Bobby Pins

Color your Bobby pins

You can spray or paint your bobby pins to any color you want. Pick seven bobby pins and paint each of them with rainbow colors. Let them dry and slide them in your hair for a chic look.
You can paint the bobby pins and slide them to your hair in any pattern you want like the ones mentioned above chevron, sun rays etc.

Be creative with the bobby pins:

Nail art

Your bobby pins are not just the best tool for your hair but they can be used for nail art too. You can make dots or lines on your round nails by using a bobby pin; definitely making polka dots from a brush is very difficult. Just dab in, its open end in the bottle of the nail color and make polka dots on your nails.

Fake Eyelashes

You can also use a bobby pin for applying glue to your fake eye lashes by using the clean tip of a bobby pin to evenly spread the glue on the base of the false lashes.

Bobby pins will always be a handy tool not just for the above mentioned obvious uses but also few of the not-so-obvious but clever use.

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