20 Lazy Girl Hairstyles Tips And TricksThat Can Be Done In A Few Minutes

Hairstyles are of great importance when it comes to girls and their personalities. If you are inspired by your favorite celebrities hairdo and have no idea how to make them in least possible time for yourself then you have landed at the right place. Do you always tie your hair in a simple ponytail because you are too lazy to pick up new style for yourself? If yes, then it’s a time to change your hairstyle and achieve the chic and fabulous hairdos you see in movies, seasons, fashion magazines and celebrities walking on the red carpet in a nick of time.

We have 20 glamorous, elegant and simple hairstyles with simple hair growth tips for you  for your parties, hanging out, movie nights, annual nights and family time. These hairstyles are super easy and less time consuming for all lazy girls.

 20. Ponytails


You are getting late for school and all you can do is to make a ponytail but you don’t want to make the old fashioned one. Here is a different way to make a ponytail and in a fashionable way. Let’s begin! What you need to do take a hair comb and some elastic bands. First, comb your ombre hair so no tangles are left then make a ponytail. Make some room into it and pass the ponytail from that room and tie it with an elastic band. Pull it slightly outward and then repeat this step three times. At the end if you want to apply some hair spray then it’s totally up to you. You are ready within a minute.

 19. A Simple Twist


You have fringes and they won’t hold backplus you don’t want to make some glamorous or attractive hairdos then we have a simple hairstyle for you. It’s a simple twist which you can have in less than a minute. All you need is a hair comb and a cute hair pin. To make a twist you have to follow these steps which are quite easy. Take thefront hair and start twisting your hair upward and keep on adding hair to it till you reach the back of your ear. Pin it with the cute hair pin and it’s done! You can wear this simple twist at your home or if you are going for a walk with someone.

 18. Criss And Cross Ponytails


You have gorgeous layers and you are messing with your beautiful hair because you have to attend some party and you can’t find any hairstyle an easy hairstyle. You are having a difficulty to make those elegant hairstyles for long hair then here is a quick and awesome hairdo just for you. What you will need is a hair comb, elastic bands and hair spray. Bring all your hair to one side, take the bottom hair and cross it from the upper portion. Pull it tight so you won’t get loose ends. Repeat on criss crossing it until you reach the end. Take anelastic band and tie the ponytail. Pull some hair slightly outward so that theycan have a nice look.

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