20 Easy Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

Easy wedding hairstyles for long hair have garnered appreciation from everyone for their flattering look and eye-catching styles. If you are considering an easy up do for gorgeous long hair, do give a try to these wedding hairstyles for long hair.

Spring is in the air as brings us to yet another episode of ever evolving fashion. With the New Year, many trends have emerged among weddings as bridal hairdos and yet many other styles have been repressed by the people. Of course, the hairdo is one of the most important aspects of a bride’s preparations for the big day, and demands a gargantuan amount of attention and thinking.

With the spring season at its full bloom, the easy wedding hairstyles have emerged as the new vogue, popularized celebrities and experts. If you are considering an easy up do for gorgeous long hair, do give these easy wedding hairstyles for long hair a try, see if any of these fits you and more importantly, suits you.

20. Waterfall Braid Wedding Hairstyle For Long Hair


Obviously, the waterfall braid is made to survive. This style has been in the fashion field for much too long for a simple and easy hairstyle. This is probably because of the undeniable elegance of the style, coupled with the fact that it demands less than 10 minutes to complete. Just part your hair into three sections and start crating French braids out of them. Twist these strands now into braids and let them fall to get a waterfall effect.

This hairstyle is particularly made for Blonde women and multiplies their beauty. This style also looks great with gentle wavy hair.

19. The Classic Bun Wedding Hairstyle


This is by far perhaps the simplest of all the easy updos for long hair. It is in glamorous and in vogue and one of the most popular hairstyles for long hair. Perfect if you have textured wavy hair, this bun suits all kinds of faces. Be your true self with this modest look. It reveals the facial features to a primarily elegant look. This choice of hairdo will certainly take peoples breaths away. This is always a choice when you are running out of time, or the hair expert has failed to show up on your special day.

18. Back Swept Wedding Hairstyle


This option in easy wedding hairstyles for long hair goes great with all kinds of faces and is perfect for wedding ceremonies. The hair are swept back from the front area and pinned into a ball in the middle of the back. They are tied softly, this lets the hair hang loose, and thus bring the astonishing glamour to this style.

Wear it to your wedding day and you will certainly earn compliments and praises from the crowd. Beware; the style tends to loosen up after some time which is obviously not permitted for the wedding hairdo. Hold it in place with a holding spray, but go for a product that does not have the additional shiny effect.

17. Half up Half Down Wedding Hairstyle


This easy wedding hairstyle mainly features soft and gentle curls on long hair, with about half the mass pinned up in a ball at the nape of the neck. A little volume at the sides will do you justice as it will keep the face framed impeccably. There is immense glamour to this style, which makes it an exclusive wedding choice for the year.

Do not worry about the curls flying around. Slight displacement of hair does not break the look; instead, it just makes the style more classic. That is probably the main reason why this style is a favorite among outdoor weddings.

The year has marked a new series of wedding hairstyles for long hair, marking the vogue of the New Year. It is all about simplicity and elegance, but most importantly, synchronizing with your costume, and the theme of your special day. You must pay attention to the details, and be careful not to overdo your hair.

16. Side Twisted Chignon


If you are wearing a strapless wedding dress, this style will certainly make a grand combination with your costume. It keeps your neck and back free of hair, while the head is made equally voluminous at the back. Although there is not much framing of the face, the entire head is well balanced. Another improvement would be a twisting slim French braid overlying the chignon. However, the chignon demands hair with no layers or you will lose the flow in the braid and the chignon’s shape.

15. Braided Updo Wedding Hairstyle


If your costume features a silk drape from your head down, this is one of the easy wedding hairstyles for long hair that is the most viable option for you. The braid is slim, and not very prominent, but it does go through the entire updo. Simply take one each groups of hair on both sides of your head and make two braids essentially identical.

Then gather your hair at the nape of your neck and hold them together with the braids keep them uplifted. The shape will appear by itself. Make sure you have had enough practice before the big day if you want a perfected look. Hold it in place with holding spray and bobby pins. Add accessories above the ears if you feel like it.

14. Curly Side Ponytail For Wedding


When it comes to regular curls, there are more than a million different ways you can use them to your advantage rather than just getting rid of them with a straightener. For once, if you have heavy curls, you could straighten them at the roots, tie them in a ponytail and let the curls sit around. This is probably the superb and easy wedding hairstyles for long hairon this list.

If you have your haircut in layers, even better, you can add to the personalized appearance by letting the ponytail rest on either of your shoulders. With a gentle touch of side swept bangs, your hairdo is wedding ready from zero to awesome in less than 2 minutes!

The wedding hairstyles for long hair are quite easy to wear. However, if you think you are not good at deciding, get help. Call an expert if need be, but make sure you get the very best hairstyle which is both in-the-now and imposing on your wedding day.

13. Twisted Low Updo For Long Hair


This easy wedding hairstyle for long hair has been hitting the red carpet and fashion shows as an excellent formal hairstyle, now we see it as a frequent wedding hairstyle. This fanciful hairdo will go well with all kinds of hair colors and textures. A side part at the front and twisting your hair upwards into a long horizontal pack creates this hairstyle which is astonishingly cute and thus appropriate for weddings.

However, maintaining this shape will require a holding spray, and try to shine the hair while you are at it. Hairstyles for long hair like this are best when worn in synchronization with the wedding gown. Look for something that needs a free neck. That is what updos are for after all.

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12. Ballerina Bun Wedding Hairstyle


Ballerina bun hairstyles are the new style in the fashion industry, when it comes to wedding hairdos. This is a simple way to tuck your hair up into a nice bun and keep your neck clear. You could gather them high at your head in an elongated nub and tie off with an elegant comb for a very satisfying effect. When it comes to ballerina buns, there is no saying what kind of faces will the style suit, since there is a lot of variations to the original.  You can always find yourself the perfect one.

11. French Twisted Wedding Hairstyle


The French twist is a perfect updo idea for a bride. It has become one of the most frequent wedding hairstyles for long hair.  You can keep it lose at the fore head and above the ears to create the impression of pronounced. A word of advice: if your face is too elongated, try bringing the twist low; if it’s too round, tie up the twist up top.

Be careful while twisting your sections upwards to keep them in the right direction and secure the ends symmetrically. Styles like this are guaranteed to lighten the mood at your marriage ceremony.

10. Pinned Curls Wedding Hairstyle


This is a new theme much likely to add a dab of creativity to your wedding preparations. A very slight adjustment to the hair at your side can create a cute textured effect which will frame your face impeccably. Take a lock of hair from one side of your forehead.

Twist it into medium sized artificial curls and pin to the head at the apex of each curl to keep them stuck to the rest of your hair at your forehead. Wear this with a side swept ponytail, and it will certainly make a fine addition to your already glamorous hairstyle.

9. Volumized Ponytail For Wedding Hairstyle


This style is remarkable one in the entire list of easy wedding hairstyles for long hair for many women who like to keep their hair in a messy hairdo while keeping the top voluminous in a funky way. It features a ponytail having its root at multiple points one above the other, instead of tying your hair at just one place. Although this style is easy to create, it demands a very fine adjustment.

You must keep the roots symmetrical, or run the risk of an upset hairdo. Curls are more than welcome as they will only minimize the effect of inaccuracy and asymmetry in your preparation, all the while giving your ponytail the look of a half up half down hairdo.

8. Side Bun Hairstyle For Wedding


A simple side bun is also a viable idea. What makes it prominent is the modest simplicity that comes with a style of this genre. It is just perfect for the brides with oval faces, and straight hair. Another point of advantage is that it allows reasonable room for an accessory above your ear. You could wear a flower, or whatever suits you. And there is a ready-made space for a veil if you have one in your dress.

7. Double Twisted Updo For Wedding


The double twisted updo is one of the most popular wedding hairdos for the past few years. It features a perfect symmetry which leaves little capacity for you to place an accessory at either side of your head. A veil should also not be the top priority with a style so voluminous at the head and savvy at the neck.

A side part in the front will break the symmetry; it may bring about much more glamour to your updo then without it. Be sure you use surplus of holding spray to keep wisps from flying out of the setting. It would definitely be a graceful choice in easy wedding hairstyles for long hair.

6. Braided Bun For Wedding


Braided buns are amazing for casual weddings, where you can keep your style messy, just as a braid is supposed to get. This is one of the most obvious easy wedding hairstyles when it comes to outdoors events. Stick to the fishtail braid as it is easy to prepare, mold and it amplifies the texture in your hair.

If you have dense curls, be sure to straighten them up before you do this updo. It is perfect for a veil, or, on outdoor events, for a flower in place to keep the white dressing alive. Side swept bangs are pleasant to combine it with and so are loose wisps at the bun.

5. Wedding Bouffant


Its retro anyone! This easy wedding hairstyle for long hair is just the right one if you want to add a bit of modern day glamour to your wedding event if you think it’s being too vintage. Combine this with a really funky wedding dress and voila! You have the combination that should be making magazine covers!

There is this incredible bounce with the bouffant that makes it magnanimous to look at. One cannot help but appreciate the genius of this updo. On the other side of things, amateurs should stay away from such endeavors. They will probably end up disappointed with their efforts. Try hiring someone to aid you through dressing your hair on the big day. To keep the volume aloft, you need more than sprays to hold your hair. Go for a serum, to run your hair through before the final process.

4. Back-Pulled Wedding Hairstyle


Pulling your hair back does not make it a hairdo. This one demands equal attention as the rest. Firstly, you need to make the hair whimsy to create the effect of being at ease with your hair. If you are thinking about accessories, make a twist with locks on one side of your head to create the perfect frame for it.

Let your shoulders bear some of the burden in order to keep your face framed impeccably with this elegant yet simple hairdo. You also need to pay some attention to the texture. Curls are a no go, and nor are perfectly straight hair. Instead, try a wavy texture and gentle red ombre to make the style even more pleasing.

3. Boho Wedding Bun


This bun at the nape of your neck is another ingenious option if hiding away your lengths is what you intend. Try to keep the braids intact while making the bun, and make sure you hide away the tips of your braids deep in the bun.  Start two braids above each ear, and ensure that you do not leave a single strand of hair lying around.

There is always space for a veil, some drape to go with your dress or any other accessory as you see fit.  This is one of the easy wedding hairstyles and can be prepared in under 5 minutes tops.

2. Side Braid With Loose Curls For Wedding


A fishtail braid to one side is indeed a stylish idea in easy wedding hairstyles for long hair which is sure to compliment your costume on outdoors and casual wedding events. Keep it colorful with accessories and wear a veil if you think the curls are too dull at the back.

Otherwise, the hair do itself has the potential of bringing awes from people if you have really put your back into it. What brings this style to our list is the fact that it is simple and easy to execute. You can be done with it in less than five minutes. It is the nest, if you are under a time restraint, or are freaking out.

1. Braided Chignon For Wedding


Keep your long hair in this astonishing combination of two of the easiest hairstyles out there. The best thing about the braided chignon is that it gives you ample shape for along veil down the back of your dress. The chignon looks particularly well behind the veil cloth, in a slightly obscure setup.

Braided chignons don’t hark much back. They are a recent entry to the field and are made to stay. Astonishingly, the braided chignons have made their way into the category of wedding hairstyles for long hair in less than a year. What the style demands from you is patience and a steady hand, while it returns in heaps.

This list of easy wedding hairstyles for long hair is a guide through the hair fashion for a person with little awareness in the matter. Try these easy wedding hairstyles. At least one of these will certainly do your look and facial aspects justice. Look pretty and feel pretty, after all, it’s your special day!

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