Makeup has a crucial role to play in making you look good. Hairstyles, however, also play a very important role in completing the look.We usually spend so much of our time doing our makeup that by the time we reach to the point of making our hairstyle, we are left with the least bit of time and energy. Therefore we have chosen some ombre hairstyles that will take no more than 5 minutes of your precious time and a few joules of your even more precious energy. Special emphasis has been laid on braid hairstyles since they make you look good with the least amount of hair products and hair accessories.

20. Braid Band Coiffure


This is a must try DIY hairstyle for all those ladies who own naturally wavy hair. Even if you do not have naturally wavy hair, don’t lose heart. You can actualize these beautiful waves by curling your hair with a curling wand. To make this hairdo, make a centre part. Curl all of your hair and brush them once they are curled. When you will brush them, the curls will open up and mimic natural waves in your hair. Then you will pick up a little chunk of your hair from behind your ear and start making a braid.

You will continue the braid upwards and keep going until you reach the other ear. Pin up the braid behind the other ear and hide it with the hair left loose. Spray all over the hairstyle and smoothen a bit with your hands to avoid any flyaway. Within no matter of time, you’ll get one of these amazing braided hairstyles.

 19. The Simple Side Braid


This is just a simple three stranded braid styles jazzed up with a little volume at the top. As you finish off your makeup, start by giving some volume to your hair at the top by either teasing them or adding a bump-it inside. Smoothen it with the comb and pin it up. Then bring all your hair to one side and make a braid. Fasten the braid with an elastic band at the end.

Now we will come towards taking our super simple braid to another level. We can do this by pulling it in opposite directions to create a bigger, more bulky braid and we can add hair accessories or hair ornaments to the braid to make it look more feminine.

 18. Side Fishtail With Bangs Twisted Up


Summers are around the corner. Leaving your hair loose doesn’t seem like a very wise option during summer. A few strands left loose is tolerable but to let them all lose when heading out on a sunny day is just not my thing.This french braid hairstyle is favourable for the summers! To pull it off you will first pin up your bangs. Make a side part. Twist all your bangs outwards and pin them up at the side of your head.

Gather all your hair at one side (wherever you want your braid to be), and make a fishtail out of it. Tie it with an elastic band at the end. To jazz up the look you can add flowers to your braid or wear a floral band.

 17. The Dragon Braid


Dragon braided updo hairstyles are the kind of hairstyle for girls who are going out to play outdoor sports like tennis, basketball or volleyball. To pull it off you need to make two French braids and join them together. First you will make a centre part. Thenyou will make a French braid at one side, keeping it as close to the centre part as possible. Braid it till the end and fasten it with an elastic band.

Continue with another French braid at the other side, again, keeping it as close to the centre part as possible. Continue it till the end and fasten it with an elastic band. Now comes the FUN PART. Join both the braids, securing them together with hairpins added after every few inches,parallel to each other in such a way that it imitates dragon spikes. This is a more edgy version of French braids.

 16. Braided Bun


No matter what occasion it is, you can always sass it up with your braid bun within a few minutes. This long hair braid hairstyle might take some time at first but once you pull it off, it is worth all the hard work. After a few tries, however, you will be able to make it within 5-10 minutes. To make this hairstyle for the first time, you might need a friend or a sister to help you. We will start with making a side part.

On the side with more hair, we will start a side French braid and continue it, going to the opposite side of the head as we reach the crown. Continue the French braid till the nape of the neck and tie with an elastic band. Now make a fishtail braid. This will add more detail to the bun. Cut the band once the braid is complete and rotate it into a formal bun. Secure it with hairpins all around.

 15. French Braid Messy Bun


This is another version of braids for medium length hair made with a side a French braid. To pull it off you will first make a side part. Initiate your side French braid and complete it till the end. Pull the strands of the braid upwards to create that messy look on the top (optional). Now secure the braid along with the loose hair into a bun. Secure it with some hairpins. Pull some hair out of the bun to create a messy bun (optional).

 14. The Neatly Done French Braid


A simple French braid is always a good option when you don’t feel like making hairstyles. It will only take time when you make it for the first time and then after a few tries you can pull it off within a few minutes without even looking into the mirror. Whenever I feel like my hair needs rest from all the straightening, blow drying and curling, I opt for braided updos for long hair or a side fishtail braid. French braids have undeniable benefits. They create some volume at the top of your head, without really having to add products into your hair and without having to tease them. I simply love French braids.

 13. French Braid With A Puff


When Rachel McAdams can wear the hairstyle formally with a red lipstick and undetectable makeup then so can you. To pull it off you will start with leaving some flicks loose in the front. Then add some volume at the top (by teasing or bump-its, whichever way you prefer) and pin it up. Start making French braided prom hairstyles behind the pins. Make sure to pull with a tail comb from the front every time you take a new strand into your braid. This will prevent your puff from being flattened as you continue your braid. Fasten with an elastic band at the end. Smoothen your puff with the flicks left loose at first and cover the pins. Cover your face and spray generously with a firm hold spray.

 12. French Braid Ponytail


Don’t know about you, but this hairstyle looks fantastic to me. It can be made on a casual day or a formal evening. In fact it would just be perfect on a formal evening with some dark lipstick alongside. To pull it off you will make a French braid starting at the top of your head and continue it till a little above the nape of your neck. Secure the braid and the remaining hair with an elastic band making a ponytail. Cover the elastic band with a chunk of your hair and pin it underneath the ponytail.

 11. French Braid Underneath


This a French braid ponytail with the French braid underneath the ponytail. It is pretty much the same hairstyle made with your head and hair upside down. Instead of making the braid from the top of your head, you will start it from the nape of your neck, keeping it really tight. End the braid at the crown of your head and secure it with an elastic hair band. This braid underneath will keep your pony nice and high.

 10. Beyonce Ponytail At The Met Gala 2015


The dress and the hairstyle that Beyonce wore at the Met Gala 2015 gained her a lot of popularity and attention.To pull off this hairstyle you will invert your head. Gather all your hair at the crown of your head and tie them into a ponytail with the help of an elastic band. Cover the elastic band with a chunk of your hair and pin it up underneath. Curl your pony halfway down with a curler and loosen the curls with your fingers. Spray on the curls to make them intact.

 9. Blow Dry For Short Hair


Summers are here. Most of us cut our hair shorter to overcome the heat. However, after the haircut we are confused over what hairstyle to make out of the newly discovered short hair that does not even fit into a ponytail. Not to worry! Blow Dry is here to save your day! To pull off the look side part your hair. Blow dry, combing the layers of your hair upwards and outwards.

 8. Extreme Side Par


Wasted too much time on makeup and now there are only 5 minutes left for hairdo? Not a problem. Make an extreme side part and gather all your hair at one side – the side with more hair. Secure a pin or two at the nape of your neck to keep all the hair at one side throughout the evening (optional). This look is in vogue since a year and a half now and is not going out of fashion anytime sooner.

 7. Side Fishtail Braid With Volume


Side Fishtails are an amazing idea for a casual sunny day and can be pulled off really well on a formal evening with a little volume at the top. To pull off this look you will add some teasing powder at the top of your head and tease your hair generously. More teasing = more volume. Perfect it with a rat tail comb. Make a fishtail braid out of the rest of your hair starting from the nape of your neck. Secure it at the end with an elastic band. Keep the braid at one side for better photos.

 6. Not-So-Ordinary Side French Braid


This side French braid is not an ordinary one and I am not saying that because celebrities are wearing it. I said that because the French braid is not at the side with more hair but at the side with lesser hair. To pull off this look you will first make a side part, more like an extreme side part. Now initiate a French braid on the side with lesser hair. Continue the braid till the back and secure with hairpins. This will keep your hair at one side, nice and secure.

 5. The Sport Braid Ponytail


When going out to play sports. The best option is to make a braid out of your hair! However if you have your hair cut into layers, even braiding them will not keep them in place. I will tell you what will keep them in place!

Make a nice tight and high ponytail then make a braid out of the ponytail. Once done, fasten it with an elastic band. Ace the sport without having to worry about your hair.

 4. Half Up Half Down Hair Bun


Do you see her brown lipstick in the picture? It is in trend. A lot of models are speculated wearing this shade of lipstick lately. This look can be completed by making a half up hair bun at the top of your head. You will start with taking half of your hair and collecting them at the top. Make a simple round bun and secure it in place with some hairpins. Voila! You’re done!

 3. Side Swept Loose Curls


Here we have another side part hairstyle. Side part I repeat is pretty much in vogue. To pull off the hairdo make a side part. Gather all your hair at one side and curl them with a hair curling ceramic rod. Loosen those curls with a rat tail comb. Spray generously to make the curls intact (or if you like soft curls, you may skip this part).

 2. Twisters Tied With Hair Half Down


Here we have a nice and pretty, feminine hairstyle made by leaving half hair loose and securing our twisters at the back. To pull off the look you will take two chunks from parallel sides of the head. Twist them inwards and secure them at the back, on the nape of your neck. This will form a sort of a crown at the back. Finish off with a glossy spray.

 1. The Voluminous Ponytail


This voluminous ponytail, also known as the Kim Kardarshian ponytail, is a classic for formal evenings. To pull off this hairstyle you will first straighten your hair.Leave some hair loose at the front, to make a voluminous puff later on. Now make a ponytail at the crown of your head. Secure two pins beneath the ponytail in a criss-cross manner. Tease your front hair and make a puff at the front, securing it with hairpins. Cover your pony with the front hair of the puff. Spray all over with a glossy spray to add shine.

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20 Easy DIY Hairstyles That Will Not Take You More Than 5 Minutes
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