20 Black Updo Hairstyles For Long Hair

Mostly people adore subtle black lengths. Thus, black updo hairstyles for long hair are increasing in their popularity in the showbiz industry, hence becoming also the preferred choice among common people.

“If you are not so keenly into praising the lengths, and are probably looking for an updo to tuck your long black hair safely behind, you should consider these viable black updo hairstyles for long hair options. Updos are viable options for formal events and for prom nights. They go great with party clothes and are much more versatile than the commons styles.”

20. Chignon Updo For Long Black Hair


The fact that chignon takes the number one spot on this list of hairstyles for long hair should not come as a surprise. This style has been all over the red carpet in Hollywood, and people literally adore it. The look ranges from a very regular and formal chignon at the back to the more chick and funky messy chignon, each piece a favorite for a different kind of occasion.

The other good thing about the chignon is that it can be prepared in less than 5 minutes, great for the morning rush hour before you go to work. For black hair, this style has a special elegance in store which, if you are a brunette, is to die for.

19. Wrap Around Braid For Long Black Hair


Since it is the brunette’s updo category, it would be foolish to ignore the wrap around braid, which has set a new standard in the formal category of black updo hairstyles for long hair. There is absolutely no reason why you should ignore it.

Braided hairstyles are sophisticated enough to wear to even the most formal types of workplaces and events, chic enough to wear to your night parties and comfortable enough to get around in the house. It comes in multitudes of varieties, differing in the type of braiding used and the style of wrapping, but the one thing common is that they all are super awesome.

18. Top-Of-The-Head Bun With Braid


Feel like the princess with this glorious black updo hairstyle which will take people’s breaths away. A tight round bun up top already is chic enough, but creating a braid around it is even more astonishing. Better still, this style will go great with all kinds of face shapes.

Just be sure to straighten your hair well before you go for this bun, and don’t forget to use an abundance of shine serum prior to the styling. This give your long black hair the perfect shine and hold to maintain this style, and keep the look afresh for the entire duration of the party.

“Updos are a lifesaver on the common and unfortunate bad hair days when your hair simply refuse to bend to your will and you are under a time check, and cannot afford to wash and dry them. You can try any kind of hairstyle on black hairstyle, and take good advantage of the lengths.”

17. Ballerina Bun for Long Hair


Here is a simpler and more common variety of the bun. The ballerina bun hairstyles is one of the favorite black updo hairstyles for women with round or oval faces. Ballerina Buns hit the red carpet frequently and are no longer received as a surprise hairstyle, but given to their infinite versatility, you can still mold them to your taste and generate a new look that will surprise you peers.

Keep it messy, if you are not up for a formal themed event, and wear it with a strapless dress. The end result will be quite fulfilling and satisfying. Ballerina buns don’t require much in terms of maintenance and can be dealt with relative ease.

16. Twisted Chignon Black Updo Hairstyle


Voila! Here comes again the world famous chignon in yet another derivative form which has been equally popular the past few years as the original. Black updo hairstyles for long hair like this are made to stay in the fashion front for a long period. Twisted chignons are intense; their effect on the entire face is mesmerizing, and you can wear them in a million different ways.

What sets these twisted chignons aside is their capacity for an accessory. You can go for a flower or an exotic clip to go with this wavy hairstyle. Wear a neat twisted chignon with straightened hair to work place or proms, and a messier version to the funk parties.

15. Braided Bun for Long Hair


They just keep getting better and better! The buns have expanded into an entire family of hairstyle, each more sassy than the previous. The braided bun keeps at par with the rest of the braided updos due to its shape and texture, where a basic bun would be flat and pale, the braided bun gives astounding shape and the appearance of a denser hairline.

Wear it at the back of your head for a more glamorous effect, and try to accessorize it with a head band. You should rather dress your hair when they are slightly damp so that they are easier to shape. When it comes to black updo hairstyles, the braided bun may not be the most time savvy, nor may be the most gorgeous look, but it does make the best combination of the two qualities.

14. Top Knot Black Updo Hairstyle


The top knot is more of a jazz look, inspired from the vintage genre. The knot is easy to generate and sits in place with relative ease. After a couple of practice tries, you can do your hair impeccably in five minutes. It goes greatly with square faces. The top knot looks great in combination with side swept bangs and a deep side part.

Women with black hair should certainly wear them in a knot for the formal dinners and you will certainly earn praises for the hair. For a touch of creativity and to liven up the black hairdo, take a small bunch of strands from one side of your head and shade them in a bright gold hair color. This will create an astonishing effect.

“If you are in a tight spot unable to choose from the gargantuan variety, try black updo hairstyles for long hair. Try one of them every now and then, even if you don’t find these updos quite according to your taste, you will certainly enjoy experimenting with them.”

13. Twisted Braids Black Updo Hairstyle


Twisted braids are absolutely astounding in the entire range of black updo hairstyles for long hair. They are an essential skill that every brunette in town should master. Say you get bored wearing your normal array of hairstyles, this updo will bring you’re the perfect improvisation to match your change of moods. Simply twist together two equal

French braids made from your hair and then pack the twist into a bun at the nape of your neck. Need not worry, the style makes itself messy. You will be free of the usual worry to keep the right texture maintained. You can add a touch of creativity by making another braid from where a normal deep side part usually lies, and mix it up with the rest of the updo.

12. Double Bun Updo For Long Hair


If you aren’t a hairstyle geek, this is probably a hairstyle you have never heard of before. The style is rare because of its technical difficulty. What makes it annoying is that it takes hundreds of attempts to master it. However, once you have learned the art, it is a piece of cake. Once done, this hairstyle outshines its counterparts.

The two buns are located asymmetrically, both facing the same side.  Make sure the direction of twisting both are opposite and the two buns are approximately the same size. This double bun looks particularly impressive on brunette hair with a medium texture and gentle waves.

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11. Faux Bob Black Updo Hairstyle


The faux bob is an ideal hairstyle in the list of black updo hairstyles for long hair with intensely curly hair who do not want to try artificial methods of reducing the curls. The faux bob keeps the curls securely packed and manageable. What makes it more appropriate is that the out cropping curls work brilliantly in framing the face. The messiness is bound to show up since it’s the curly hair you are working on.

Furthermore, on work days, where you need the hairstyle to hold for several hours, you will need a holding spray, otherwise, it is bound to ruin itself with the first few hours.

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10. French Twist Curls Updo For Long Hair


Tucking away your curls has never been easier than the French twisted updo. It wouldn’t be an updo for straight hair, but with the curly heads, a simple twist holds the hair up above chin level. It is essentially a basic approach, but the curls add texture. You can wear it to parties, and also works as an appropriate choice for work place environments.

Better still, you don’t have to bother yourself with trouble about products. All it needs is a couple of bobby pins for a solid hold. The voluminous shape helps people with a comparatively round face shape. It minimizes massive jaw lines and brings out the eyes.

9. Indie Side Bun Black Updo Hairstyle


The indie side bun is essentially a hybrid between the bun and the knot. This perky black updo hairstyle for long hair is a viable option for fun days. You can pair it with an accessory or a laced bow. Side swept bangs compliment the style rather well and makes a bombastic combination.

Make your entry to daytime spring or summer parties with this hairstyle and casual dressing, and you will certainly turn heads. On the brighter side of things, indie side buns go well with round faces and with short necks. Simply gather your hair into a high ponytail at one side, and form a bun by densely twisting the hair around themselves. Tie it off with bobby pins.

8. Low Bun Updo For Long Hair


Black updo hairstyles for long hair also include low buns are essential in their own way. They give you a more sophisticated theme to work with. Where a ballerina bun would be too voluminous, and a top-of-the-head bun sometimes becomes annoyingly perky, you need to switch to a more elegant low bun. One of the many advantages of this style is that it is remarkably casual in appearance and in feel.

It can last an entire work day with relative ease. If you are looking for something to go for your daytime party dress, this hairstyle leaves you ample space for a head ribbon or a flower, to decorate your face with. Better still, you can pair it up with small braids and side swept bangs only to bring a more detailed look.

7. Sew-In Weave Hairstyle


This is again a flattering hairdo that can help you adorn your hair with chic style.  The long waves with curls make your appearance attractive and stunning. The best thing about this style is that it does not involve much complicated steps. It is the simplest of black updo hairstyles.

6. Layered Bun Black Updo Hairstyle


Buns don’t run out do they! Talking about black updo hairstyles, you can list as many buns as you like, but neither the versatility nor the dashing looks run out in any measure. The layered bun is another organized way to stack away your lengths safely on your head.

This hairstyle in black updo hairstyles for long hair adds a carefree and casual touch to your sleek layers. As is obvious, the style goes in favor of the more round faces, while women with elongated faces should try to stay away from it. Messy isn’t a bad thing, you can either keep it that way or remedy the situation with a dab of serum.

5. The Pompadour Updo For Long Hair


Although this is not exactly a hairstyle for long hair, it can be adjusted to tuck away the lengths. The pompadour, which was essentially a men’s style found its way to women. You essentially have a raised stack of hair at the forehead. The effect can be achieved by pinning most of the hair from around the forehead at the top of the head.

You can proceed with the continuation of the effect, by pulling the hair upwards rather than backwards. This hairstyle is specifically glamorous as it gives a volumizing effect. If you have lengths hanging free, tie them in a loose messy low bun. This will go with the style and leave you with a breathtaking finished product.

4. Side Updo With Retro Front


This hairstyle is perfect for women with black hair. It doesn’t matter whether you have natural curls or not. You will have to use a curling iron. A large one to be particular is required so that you can capture all the hair from one side of your forehead in one sweep and curl them gently so that it’s a single prominent wave rather than haphazard curls. This is absolutely essential for the retro inspired front.

Once the front is dealt with, bring your hair to the back, only pulling them gently, and tying them up at the nape of your neck. Adjust the tension to create the best poufe at the forehead. You can leave a lasting effect on any kind of event with this hairstyle. Praises will follow.

3. Fringes And A Bun Black Updo Hairstyle


Buns become infinitely more attractive when they are accessorized with improvements and a touch of personalization. You could pair a symmetrical bun with fringes covering the entire forehead. This would become one of the most attractive black updo hairstyles for long hair combinations. You go get a haircut, you must understand that fringes cannot be produced on curly or wavy hair.

Furthermore, you the style is only limited to rarer hair. If you think the style is made for you, consider yourself lucky, because the few times it has made its way to the red carpet, it has left people awestruck and greatly impressed with the sheer beauty.

2. Voluminous Head Curls


Talking about voluminous, this hairstyle sets the bar a bit too high for any other style to match in all the rest of black updo hairstyles for long hair. This style makes no effort to make your long messy curls more manageable. On the contrary, this hairstyle limits head movements or you risk losing the shape. Forget sprays or holding serums, this updo has to hold on its own or not at all.

To bring the frontal area to a manageable level, use an accessory, and leave strands on either side to create an ideal frame for your face. If random strands here and there fall below the chin level, do not try to tuck them back as they only improve the messy look and make it a more realistic approach.

1. Braided Halo Updo For Long Hair


Halos are ideal hairstyles for mildly curly hair if you want to keep them from getting all tangled up and getting dirty. A braided headband makes the look more voluminous. Given that, the halo is a viable option for women with round faces. Talking about black hair, halos may not be the first thing that comes to your mind, but they certainly make good spring hairdos ready to liven up your daytime activities.

There is always space for slight modifications. You could go with a gentle ombre for a more polished look. Bangs ought to do style justice as well. However, be sure to maintain the style. The shape tends to wear off after some time. The best solution is to use bobby pins to keep the braid firmly in place.

Black updo hairstyles for long hair have been there because of popularity as they have grown to be quite admired red carpet entries. Their fame is most likely to grow in the years to come. For all the brunettes out there, it is essential therefore to learn a bunch of updo hairstyles just to spice things up every now and then if not for any other reason.

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