17 Best Foods High In Fiber That Boost Health

“Fiber is responsible for well functioning bowel and significantly reduces the chances of getting a heart stroke, many cardiovascular diseases and hypertension that are so common diseases, prevalent in developed countries. This is because foods high in fiber are not being consumed by people and many forego fiber rich foods for fast food or processed foods, which have reduced or no fiber.

Fiber makes digestions easier, lowers cholesterol and normalizes the blood glucose levels. Following are the best foods high in fiber which added to your diet will enhance your lifestyle, make it healthier and increase your lifespan.”

17. Split Peas


Fiber Content Per Cup: 16-17 Grams

Split peas are a common addition to dishes in Middle and Far East. They also have their own dishes and the people there have been long familiar with the fiber and health benefits of the beans. Not only that, but split peas have a healthy dose of protein in them, which supplement the diet when shifting from meat to a more vegetarian diet. All kinds of peas are considered best foods high in fiber and split peas are on the top tier among them.

Split peas are found in variety of foods. They are easily added to stews and soups, which make them protein rich, filling and add a good amount of fiber to otherwise water based food. They are also cooked with a base of onions, tomatoes, chillies and other added lentils into different types of dals which are just as tasty, stomach filling and healthy.

 16. Lentils


Fiber Content Per Cup: 15-16 Grams

Lentils are a staple in all kinds of cuisines. They are cheap, can be cooked easily into many different kinds of dishes, pack a good amount of protein and dietary fiber and can easily be flavoured. Lentils can be made into simple dishes, mashed and added with potatoes, ground into flour and used as substitute for white flour to add more fiber into it and can even be baked into leavened and unleavened breads.

Lentils are easily available around the world; with crops of every type being grown easily with today’s advanced farming techniques. They can also be bought ready and canned from supermarkets but the fresh, uncooked variety are much easier to work with and have more dietary fiber and protein content than their canned counterparts.

“You should avoid supplements that can be added into water or eaten as it is and claiming to have fiber in them, they are actually a health risk because they are devoid of the essential soluble fiber that is naturally present in foods. They are also composed of bleached fiber to increase their shelf life, so avoiding them is the best possible course of action.”

 15. Black Beans


Fiber Content Per Cup: 15-17 Grams

Black beans are among best foods for being foods high in fiber and can be easily made into spicy, savoury dishes. They can be combined with sweet potatoes to make an excellent combination of hot, spicy with an undertone of sweet with the addition of peppers.

They add much needed fiber and proteins to any dish they are part of and make it both satisfying to the stomach and nutritionally balanced. Black beans are packed with complex carbohydrates and proteins and the stomach takes its time digesting them, which keeps hunger at bay for longer time.

Foods high in fiber not only fill the stomach with little calorie count but also cleanse the colon, which leaves the digestive tract clean. They are the best foods to be added into stews to give it volume, flavour and high protein content, which are very much enjoyable in the cold seasons and make it a great food for post workout diets.

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