16 Common Habits That Damage Kidneys

The two small body organs in the abdominal cavity on either side of your spine in the middle of your back are kidneys. However, kidneys are small but they are able to perform life-sustaining roles. They play a vital role in maintaining your health condition by filtering waste and excess fluid from your body. Many of the human beings neglect the importance of these kidneys in our body and in the end, they suffer with kidney diseases.

Kidneys are rightly called as the essential part of human body as they produce hormones, filter blood, absorb minerals, produce urine, eliminate toxins and neutralize acids. Many of us often ignore this important body organ as kidneys have capacity to perform the functions if it works only 20%. Slow and steady, the silent kidneys can be transformed into damaged kidneys, if go unnoticed. It is the ultimate responsibility of every person to take special care of their kidneys at early stages in view to not catch by major kidney diseases. Some of the major diseases are kidney stones and kidney infections. Serious kidney diseases may lead to kidney failure that needs for a kidney transplant. If you want to have a healthy life, you should need to take care of your bean like organ, kidney, with love and care. At times, we ignore basic habits that are responsible to cause severe kidney diseases. This time, you have to be careful before your kidneys come up with an alarming symbol of illness and you rush for a medical treatment.


The main cause of damaged kidneys is inadequate water intake in the human body. As the main function of kidney is to eliminate the metabolic excess urine and to regulate erythrocyte balances. With lesser intake of water, the blood concentrates and the blood flow will remain inadequate. A human body also observes some pain to the kidney sides and may suffer with some drowsiness. If a human body does not take adequate amount of water, it is surely suffering for some silent kidney disease.

Keeping your kidneys hydrated is one of the essential tasks to keep yourself healthy and well.

  • A healthy human body should drink at least 12 glasses of water a day.
  • Want a healthy life, drink plenty of water.


CONSUMING TOO MUCH SALTNo doubt, human body needs to have proper salt intake in meals to meet needs of sodium in body. At times, the excess use of salt in the meals can be a reason for causing kidney problems. With too much salt, the kidneys are forced to excreting the sodium, which in later causing too much stress on kidneys. Excessive use of salt may also raise the blood pressure, which simultaneously affects the functions of kidneys.

In short:

  • Take adequate amount of salt in meals.
  • Research says that 90% of Americans consume too much salt, causing kidney damages.
  • Studies also concluded that excessive consumption of salt increases the amount of urinary protein, ultimately leading to one of the major risk factors that can cause kidney diseases.
  • It should be noted that daily intake of salt should be within 6g per day.


NOT EMPTYING THE BLADDER EARLYDelaying the urge to urinate due to any reasons can cause a severe problem to your kidneys. If you maintain full bladder for a long time, you can suffer with bladder damage. The reason is simple and clear, the longtime urine is maintained in the bladder can cause bacteria breeding in urine. If the urine refluxes back to kidneys, the bacteria can make kidneys infected and you may suffer greatly with kidney infections. Kidney infections can also lead to urinary tract infections to human body.

  • Remember not to delay to go washroom, it is important.
  • Do not ignore the call of nature; it is beneficial for your health.

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