15 Stylish & Easy Updo Hairstyles For Short Hair

As we kiss spring goodbye and the heat starts to roll in with the summer season, fashion has taken a leap forward as well and many things have changed, especially when it comes to hair. Many women look for easy updo ombre hairstyles for short hair that will not be of too much hassle.

Fear not, for the very same things are given below that will show others your brilliant fashion sense and modern taste. These 10 easy updo hairstyles will leave you looking stylish and chic in no time and will surely turn heads wherever you go.

 15. The Simple Yet Elegant Patsy Easy Hair Updo


Although this easy updo hairstyle is common, it leaves plenty of room to add you own touches and keep it to your taste. It is among old school classic black hairstyles for short hair. It may be common but this hairstyle suits short haired women extremely well and is a quite simple hairstyle to do. Here is how it is done.

 How To Style:

Get hold of 2 inch curling irons or hair rollers, whichever you prefer. Start curling the hair, but don’t curl them too much as it will destroy the natural look it comes with.

-Next, have a good soft strength hair serum at your disposal. Squeeze some onto your palms and massage the serum onto hair with soft, even movements of hands. Use your fingers to gently break any tangles in the hair, this will allow you to make a perfect hair updo. Also use your fingers while applying serum to make the hair in a curly fashion.

-Smoothen out the hair with hands to make a Mohawk and make use of hair pins to keep it in its place.

-Finish of this classic easy updo hairstyle with some hair spray to add sheen and firmness to the whole hairdo.

 What Faces And Hair This Hairdo Goes With

This hairdo suits women with oval faced extremely well. It also compliments women who have moderate and light facial features, not heavy set.

 14. Revamped French


The French roll goes back to the 1940s and remains one of the most classic and traditional of curly hairstyles to date. This is one of the easy updo hairstyles for short hair has stood the test of time because it incorporates a graceful, lively and captivating look in a hairstyle that is irresistible to anyone. Achieving this hairstyles for short hair is not easy, but it is worth every bit of effort you put into it.

Hairstyles are all about what you choose, so don’t back down but choose what you want to look like. There is an extensive variety in easy updo hairstyles and you find many luscious hair ideas that can match well with your personality and whims.

 How To Style:

-With your hands, separate the hair into 3 equal sections in a vertical manner. Even out the middle portion starting from the bottom of neck way up to the brow.

-The side hair portions should be fashioned into flat curls that are positioned in such a manner they come to the middle section.

-As for the rest of the hair that are positioned towards the face, make a hair roll out of them.

-Add finishing touches to the hairdo and then use a moderate strength hair finishing spray to keep the hairdo in its place and keep it in looking fresh for the long run.

 What Faces And Hair This Hairdo Goes With

This hairdo has the advantage that all facial featured women can wear this look and still look smashing. Among hairstyles for short hair, this hairdo goes extremely well for women who have brown or blonde hair. It is not dependant on the facial features of a woman and goes well on all occasions.

 13. The Old School Classic Bun


When discussing easy updo hairstyles for short hair, it becomes impossible not to discuss the classic bun. With many different hairstyles coming in with the change in weather, women have experimented with hairstyles for short hair and have come up with a new look for this classic easy updo braided hairstyles for short hair. A hair bun is simple, leaves enormous room to add personal touches and is fairly easy way. This is how you can rock it.

How To Style:

-Make 2 portions out of the hair, dividing them equally from the middle horizontally.

-With your hands, flatten the hair in front of head and make a ponytail from then and then use the ponytail to make a hair bun. Using hair pins, secure the hairdo in place.

-Even out the hair at the back and make a small ponytail from them and make a ringlet from them.

-Use hair finishing product to keep the hairdo in it place.

 What Faces And Hair This Hairdo Goes With

This hairstyle goes very well with women who have slightly long faces and hair of medium to short length. It can be styled on smooth, non curly hair types as they are manageable and can be styled with ease.

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