15 Home Remedies For A Muscle Strain

Muscle strain is a very common problem; it can happen to anyone anytime. Muscle strain happens when you overwork your muscles. Vigorous exercise without proper stretching can also be the cause of pulled muscles. Muscle strains or pulled muscles are not restricted to a specific area, they can occur on any muscular part of your body.

Muscle strains are rarely serious; they can be treated in the comfort of your own home. A doctor should be consulted if the pain stays for a longer period of time.

15. Clove Oil

Clove OilClove oil works to reduce the inflammation and swelling, it also helps to numb the area of the muscle strain to provide relief from the pain.

Clove oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce redness and swelling. The use of clove oil daily for a few days can help treat your muscle strain. It also increases the flow of blood in the area of the muscle strain, this effectively soothes the strained muscle.

  • Take out a small amount of clove oil and heat it.
  • The amount of oil you use depends upon the area where you need to apply it.
  • Apply the warm oil over the affected area.
  • Massage using gentle hand motions.
  • Do not use rough and fast motions; this can make the inflammation even worse.
  • Leave the oil on the skin.
  • Repeat this process twice daily until changes are seen.

14. Ice

ice cubeIce can help remove swelling and inflammation – which are two common features of a sprained muscle. Ice has proven to be effective for immediate relief. Frozen vegetables that come in small packs can also be applied over the surface of the skin for pain relief. Do not use ice directly on the skin, inflammation can make your skin sensitive and it may not tolerate the ice being applied directly. Ice also helps numb the skin and muscle, providing a temporary relief from the pain. You can also use it for back muscles pain.

  • Use a lot of small ice cubes.
  • Wrap the ice cubes in a piece of cloth.
  • Apply the cloth wrapped in ice over the skin.
  • Keep repeating this process every 20 minutes.
  • Your swelling should be reduced in no time at all.

13. Elevate the Strained Muscle

Elevate the Strained MuscleMuscle strain means two things – muscle fatigue and swelling. These two factors can easily be treated using only one method.

When you elevate your strained muscles two things happen simultaneously, your muscle is provided with lots of rest and the swelling shows a marked decrease. These two things work together to help treat your sprained muscle.

This method might be a problem for areas that cannot be elevated such as the neck or the abdomen without lying down. Other areas such as the legs and arms can be elevated easily. It is really effective in relieving strained calf muscle.

  • Place a chair or ottoman right in front of your sofa or sitting area, if you have a muscle strain in your leg.
  • Elevate your leg by placing it on the chair or ottoman.
  • Make sure that your leg is at a higher level.
  • Use a sling to elevate your arm, if that is the area where you are experiencing muscle strain.
  • Use this method until the inflammation is markedly reduced.

12. Epsom Salt

saltEpsom salt is a miracle ingredient when it comes to muscle strain treatments. It works fast and effectively to heal pulled muscle. You only need to use this method three times a week to notice a huge difference.

Magnesium works to naturally relax the muscles, and it is a component of Epsom salt. Epsom salt helps reduce swelling and inflammation by eliminating the excess fluid from the tissues.

  • Dissolve 1 or 2 cups of Epsom salt in your bath tub filled with warm water.
  • The water should be warm, not hot. Hot water dries out the skin.
  • Soak your body in this bath for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Dry your body completely when you are done with your bath.
  • Repeat this process three times a week for good results.


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