15 Heart Attack Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Heart attacks occur for the first time to everyone who is not aware that his heart is not healthy. To avoid that you must know the first warning signs that can be coped up at home and you will be rescued instead of ending up in Intensive Care Unit. There might be a person in your family who might suffer from a heart disease and should be taken immediately to the hospital whenever he or she feels any sign of the heart attack.

15. Sudden Chest Pain

Sudden Chest PainSudden chest pain occurs almost instantly, as you sit up or stand up. This is like someone is putting pressure or weight on the chest. It is sometimes an intense and sharp pain and is unbearable as well. The chest pain vanishes in two to three minutes. Sometimes the pain is diagnosed wrongly as an acid reflux or digestion problem. You might experience pain in:

  • Left arm.
  • Left side of the chest.
  • Left shoulder.

14. Swollen feet

Swollen feetIf your feet are swollen, there might be a problem of fluid retention in the body. Fluid retention is directly linked with heart problems. It happens when the heart does not pump blood properly and as a result the blood does not filter toxic elements from the tissues. This is also known as edema.

Edema can be treated by:

  • Elevating the legs to a higher level.
  • Dipping the feet in ice cold water.

13. Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breathIf you feel a tight feeling in your chest and with that you experience shortness of breath, you must be certain that you might be having a heart problem. This may happen when you are taking rest or during a physical exercise. You might experience these symptoms during exercise so it is better to take precautions:

  • Take someone along so that he might be able to take timely action when you go out for exercise or jogging.
  • Take a mobile phone with you so that your loved ones can track you.

12. Discomfort in Upper Body Parts

Discomfort in upper body partsThere might be a day when you experience discomfort in your abdomen, or in your shoulders, neck or jaw. This may be a sign that you are preceding towards a heart attack.

“Heart is the most powerful muscle of the body, but this powerful muscle also becomes very weak if you don’t care of it and cause it to work extensively.”

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