11 Best Tips for Makeup For Blue Eyes

Your eyes are the best part of your face and are most noticeable by people. That is the reason every woman is self-conscious about her eye makeup. For every woman there is a different style of makeup which suits only to her beauty. If a makeup matches her facial features, then it can enhance the intensity of the color in her hooded eyes. Hence a right selection and the perfect application of an eye makeup can give you a spectacular and presentable look. If you have blue eyes then by following the tips mentioned below for makeup for blue eyes, your eyes can look stunning. Get ready to add glow in your eyes!!

11. Apply Primer To Enhance Blue Eyes


Primer can enhance the colour around your eyes and make them look bright. It is a great idea for makeup for blue eyes. Primer prevents the eye shadow from fading the whole day. You may combine it with a light turquoise colour to the inner portion of your eye. Your blue eyes are the most important positive feature. Make it look astounding by using a primer!

10. Apply A Pink Blush


A pink blush can brighten up your smile so use an apricot or better pink colour blush and use it on your cheeks. Smile and let your dimples glow!

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9. Ensure Well-Sculpted Eyebrows


Use a pencil and apply it from the inner corner of eye while holding it straight and pluck in the place the pencils are. This will ensure that you do not have a unibrow. To figure out the spot for outer corner, move the pencil diagonally and adjust it accordingly towards the outer corner of eye.  Ensure that arches of your blue eyebrows initiate with your pupil and slowly taper it to the end.

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8. Use A Gold Eye Shadow


To get a gold eye shadow, use Queen Phyllis which has been manufactured by Bare Minerals. It is an important tool as makeup for blue eyes. Just gently brush it on the top eye lid so that colour becomes visible.

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7. Choose Always Bright Shades


For blue eyes, some of the usual colors that look best with the eye shadow are dark green and purple and a light pink colour. For beautiful smoked appearance, apply some silver colour beginning from the bottom of eye lid towards the crease of lid. To choose a perfect eye shadow is a laborious task especially for blue eyes because the shade which you select enhances the blue colour of your eyes and provides them with a marvelous appearance. Try to choose among the colour palette of copper, rust, light peach and dark bronze which can be a flawless choice as Asian eye makeup for blue eyes.

6. The Best Eye Shadow Options


Blue and orange colours are partners to each other so if you use an orange eye shadow then it would be the best colour available for your blue smokey eyes. Experiment with tangerine orange but if you do not like then try out shimmering copper. You will be surprised by the result!! If you desire to choose an orange based shade, then preferably you should opt for black as such eye shadow will enhance your smoky eyed look and give you a dramatic look.

5. Select Dark Eyeliner


For a beautiful gorgeous makeup for blue eyes, a perfect and precise eyeliner selection is immensely important. Your blue eyes will look dull with light eyeliner colors so in order to avoid the light shade of eyeliner, choose up dark colors including blue , charcoal , light brown , and light black eyeliner for blue eyes.

4. Apply Mascara On Lashes


Your makeup will look incomplete if you do not coat lashes by mascara. For blue eyes, dark blue mascara is recommended as compared to regular black as dark blue mascara will intensify your eye colour brilliantly. Remember that to highlight your blue eyes you have to select a blue shade that is less bright and vibrant than your eyes. This will avoid your makeup from hiding your eye colour.

3. Highlight Blueness Of Eyes By Contrast Colors


It might sound weird but surprisingly a contrast of colour can deepen your makeup for blue eyes. Being a cold colour, blue is a colour which can be easily contrasted with warm coloured eye shadows. Browns and coppers are the best options for makeup for blue eyes. You may also use very pale blue colour too. However take care that you do not use a colour that looks brighter than your eyes as this will cause your eyes to look unaesthetic. Purple eye shadows are also favorable with grey and blue eyes.

2. Use Liquid Eyeliner


A liquid eyeliner is easy to use when you close your eyes and stretch the eyelids outwards. You should however be cautious not to apply the liquid eyeliner in too much quantity because it will spoil the natural beauty of your makeup and look artificial. To put a dramatic look in your blue eyes, you may wing your eye liner as well.

1. Color Adjustment In Makeup For Blue Eyes


Use a frosty midnight blue to the outer portion of your eyes and link it with green eye shadow. Now move the colour downwards starting from the outer corner of your eyes while ensuring that the inner corner of the eye remains turquoise. Another method to enhance the eye shadow is to use a crease brush with dark olive green so that the colour becomes less dense as you approach the inner corner of the eye(the presence of a dark colour in the inner corner of an eye can make your blue eyes look smaller).

If you follow these steps for makeup for blue eyes, your eyes will look dramatically beautiful and smoky. Besides, you should also ensure that get enough sleep. Sufficient amount of rest will make your eyes appear brighter in the daytime and you will not have to worry about eye bags or dark circles under the eyes. Secondly, get an eye wash. A prescribed eye wash cleans your eyes and make them look brighter, cleaner as well as healthier and hence look overall pretty.

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