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10 Irresistible Updos For Long Hair

Long hair is one of God’s precious gifts; hence they must be specially taken care of. If you are blessed with long hair then you must also have sound knowledge about how to make the best out of your hair. There’s no better way to flaunt your long hair by trying the following updos for long hair.

Find in the following a list of well-researched and experimented styles for long hair; they are sure to enhance your personality with a personalized fashion statement. They will help your long hair look all the more beautiful and maximize the graces of your demeanor.

These updos are very easy to wear and will always make you feel gorgeous and confident about your hair.

10. Zig-Zag Twists


Because of their length and strength, long hair give you the liberty of doing them in any way you want. One of these is a zig-zag updo for your long hair. It reveals the crazy and fun-loving person inside you. Moreover, it looks extremely beautiful as it gives a unique and different look from every angle. You just need to clean and dry your hair, and use a light hold hair spray.

Make a little puff on the front and for the rest of your hear, make thin ponies and arrange them in a zig-zag manner with bobby pins. Among all updos for long hair, this one is rated as one of the best and it takes less than 10 minutes and you are ready to go.

9. The Greek Updo


Shuffling different updos for long hair one would find the Greek Updo as a classic style with a modernized look. If it’s a formal party or marriage or any other formal occasion; this is the updo you need for long hair. All you have to do is to gather hair in a ponytail, leave approximately 1 inch of hair at the perimeter of the ponytail. Then give a twist to every strand and put a hair pin there.

Now perpetuate this process to the back of your head and also to the sides of your head. Now you should take a strand towards the mid of the ponytail and it should be of two inch width. Brush it, twist it, and make it stay there with the help of a hair pin. And here you are with a classy and elegant updo.

8. Braided Darling


You have to make a deep side part, divide it into three partitions. They should be a right side, a top area and a fringe. Secure these sections with the help of pins and let the other hair be loose. Now take the loose hair, make four braids out of them, the fashion of which entirely depends on your liking. Take the right side and create a braid here and coil it over the braid in the nape section.

After this, make a braid out of the top area and fix it with the help of a pin over the second braid. Lastly create a braid at the fringe and make it hand alongside the face; this should be a soft braid. This is a style which can make your beautiful hair look even more beautiful and desirable.

7. The Asian Updo


If it’s a theme party or a costume party or an occasion where you want to look better and different from the rest, this is the updo you want for your beautiful long hair.  Clean and dry your hair and apply a soft hair holding spray. In this updo, you have to create three-strand braids. After creating a side part, divide your hair into four sections: right, left, top and fringe. Secure these sections by pinning them and leave the other hair loose.

Starting in the back, you should make a high ponytail. Now the technique is to braid it into a three-strand braid and later curl loosely in the back of the head. Further make an upward ponytail from the hair on the left side. Do the same on the right side. Now using these two ponytails make a soft and gentle bow.

The top section must be brushed upwards against the face. And here you are with an updo which will make your evening at party or your day at office completely wonderful.

6. Simple Braid for Long Hair


In a hurry? Don’t have the time to think about a number of updos for long hair? This is the updo you need. It doesn’t take much time but also makes your hair look completely worked-on. It is just a recreation of yourself plaited bun. You have to split the low pony in two separate braids.

Ease your hair from them, and then secure them into a soft bun using pins. Here you are with an updo which will cater your need of beautiful hair in shortest possible time.

5. The Cinnamon Curls Updo


First prepare your hair with the usual initials; clean, dry and use a texture spray. Now, on the backside of your head divide your hair in a horizontal manner and ignore the top area for the time being. Now gather your hair in the lower area into a pony tail. Take thin strands from this ponytail and start looping them all over the backside as desired. Now coming to the top section, take its interior base and backcomb it.

Make a deep side part, and let the surface be smooth. You may want to use a light hair-hold spray in order to keep the hair in their place. And now you’re looking into the mirror, and feeling no less than a heart-throb, a diva. Among a plethora of updos for long hair, a lot of people prefer this one.

4. Simple Low Side Bun


If you want to make a simple updo today; this is the updo you exactly need. It’s a simple yet elegant looking updo for long hair with layers. It’s going to make you feel ultra confident about your hair. First, you should dry your hair to give them a low volume look. Second, make a deep side part and isolate the fringe for the time being.

Sweep your hair to a side and tie them into a low pony tail. Now you have to twist and then fold them back against your head. Now, tug on the strands to give a light separation. Lastly, pin your hair in the place to create floral design. Now coming to fringe section, hold it and make it smooth. Next, hold a small portion to twist.

Then wrap it around the other relatively larger strand. Keep them in place with the help of a bobby pin. At the end create a flora bun with the end of fringes.

 3. Middle Three-Strand Braid


In a varied and diverse list of updos for layered long hair, the middle three-strand braid is one of the most elegant. With this updo you can feel as confident and comfortable about long hair as anything. It gives your hair the look as if you have worked on them with special care.

First of all prepare your hair with the initial requirements; cleanse them, dry them and make them smooth. Brush your hair smooth after creating a side part. Next, make a usual three-strand braid. Now set the ends of your hair with the help of a rubber band. Lastly hold this braid and then sweep it across your head. Lastly, keep the ends of the braid in its place using a bobby pin. Do this updo and you’re good to go.

2. The Fish Tail Updo


First you must make crown layers smooth, and then the side back. Start with the back crown section and form a fish tail braid for round face. Continue to do your braid along with taking hair into the braid as you go down the head with your braid. Secure this braid with the help of a couple bobby pins. At the end, make some tendrils fall off gently around the face to give that delicate feminine look which adds to the beauty of your well done hair.

 1. Flared Bun


Are you back home late from office and have to get ready for a party? And your long hair are bothering you? It is not at all an issue. This time saving updo will solve all your problems.  Just focus on the steps below. Cleanse your hair, dry them and use a volumizing mousse for the light hold purpose.

Make a side part, and then sweep your hair over with the help of your fingertips. After this, brush your hair to make them a little smooth. Next, gather your hair in low side ponytail. Now hold the ponytail strand and roll it upwards from the end towards the head. Secure this roll using bobby pins. And you’re done. To add a little spice, use a light hold spray.

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These are the ten easy updos for long hair which will help you look the best wherever you go. They will save your time and provide you with the elegant, classic, funky, simple and other amazing looks depending upon the updo you’ve selected. Just go for the updo your heart tells you to go for. Because that is the updo which will make you distinguished from others. Enjoy your day!

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