10 Most Glamorous Skinny Celebrities

To look skinny and young is the wish of every celebrity, whether they belong to sports, media, film or politics. For that purpose, they immensely care to maintain their physique. Most of the celebrities follow a strict schedule of physical exercises and dietary plans according to the advice of their expensive and elite personal nutritionists and physicians. Let’s check out the list of such skinny celebrities who claim that they do their level best to keep themselves slim and control aging effects on their physique. You won’t like to miss out eminent skinny celebrities who are lanky and bony in their everyday life. You might want to check out our huge list of celebrities without makeup.

10. AnnaLynne McCord

Annalynne McCord

With no belief in dieting and extreme hatred for gym, the famed American actress and model AnnaLynee is naturally pin thin. Her body is toned to suit her looks. Her physique is incredibly lean – a natural body type that is envied by all stars! And the secret of this skinny celebrity is revealed by herself. She says that she had gained a whole series of belly dancing routines of Neena and Venna (Egyptian twins) and since then she and her sister had been on the list of skinny celebrities.

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