10 Amazing DIY Ideas That Will Keep You Warm In Winter

If the winter breeze outside attacks you with full force, it is time you beat the wind with some warm clothes. If you are out of stock and do not have sufficiently warm clothes to wear, here are a few ideas you can keep yourself warm in winters. These ideas will not only save your time and money, but will also ensure that you do not catch cold in the chilly breeze outside. Look at some of these DIY ideas and apply them at home.

10. House Slippers

House SlippersWearing slippers at all times is essential in winters as cold feet can cause flu and fever. Some of the slippers that we buy from the market are either too thin to keep us warm, or too expensive to afford. Thus, in order to keep yourself warm in the winters, try making your own shoes at home and save your pockets from the burden of buying hefty warm clothes.

Making shoes at home is not a daunting task. You need to cut out soles of your size from soft cardboard paper, or soft but thick cloth. Then choose a warm cloth with your favorite print and cut out two U-shaped pieces of your feet size as in the picture. If you have chosen a cardboard paper for the sole, you need to cover the cardboard with a cloth. Then stick the U-shaped piece on the sole to make a shoe out of it. Adorn your shoes with cute little ribbons and accessories and you are done with your warm and soft shoes for home.

9. Socks From Sweaters

Socks from sweatersDo you have some old sweaters at home which are of no use now? It is time you do not waste your resources and utilize them in the best possible way. One way to use your old sweater is to create socks out of them. You need to start by cutting out your soles from a cardboard paper and then cover them with a piece of your sweater. Now cut the sleeves of your sweaters so that they fit your legs and the feet. Pull the sleeves down to the sole of your foot, attach the sole you had created from the cardboard and sew the two pieces together to create a new sole for your socks. Your cute little socks are ready to wear.

“Keeping yourself warm in the winters is no more a difficult task. There are tons of ideas available for you to make winter clothes yourself at home.”

8. Home-Knitted Slippers

Home-knitted slippersKnitted slippers always look good, no matter what the color and the shape is. They are perfect to be worn in the winters as the wool is famous for ensuring warmth and heat. While the knitted slippers can be bought from the market, it would be extremely cost effective if you make them yourself at home, choosing the colors and the patterns according to your taste and preference. There are a number of tutorials available on the internet which will tell you how to knit your own slippers. Learn a few basic techniques and use your creativity to create fun slippers for yourself. Trust us, this exercise is extremely fun!

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